Kangyong for the first time to talk about the journey of the Ark, this road is very lonely, when others regard it as "out of the closet mentor", the period he had to face more contradictions.

The camera before the Kangyong cry, that we always remember the words witty, always with small s presumptuous, always with the criticism, always to talk about their own gender identity Kangyong cry, almost is our impression of the first time, he frankly his fragile.

Looking around, showbiz out of the Ark this road, was so lonely. As a man who goes ahead, he will not be the only one to bear.

2001 Years Li Ao's a sharp "why don't you get married?" Are you gay or not? That day, he came out of the closet and didn't even feel he had to live in a closet. Also from that day onwards, Kangyong besides is the Kangyong, also became the artist friend's "The Ark Teacher".

Should not be out of the closet, should let the fans or fans who love me know that I have hidden myself, I actually not you know that I?

I actually have the person I love, but I am not allowed to say it?

"Showbiz, as long as someone come up with the Ark, will ask me first." A lot of stars are not so familiar with me, they will secretly pass through friends, around the ground to send text messages ... The other side said that after 10 minutes to come out of the closet, to consult my opinion. 」

"I will say to him, standing in a lonely position, I very much hope that many people accompany me." I really want a lot of people to accompany me, do not mention this topic every time, can only show me a person is alive, we have to give those parents look, you out of the Ark will not die, not every person out of the cabinet by the society forced to the dark corner, no way to go. 」

"But I stand in a rational position, I will tell them, if you are my brother, I will say to you not to do so, or we wait six months, you calm down, we discuss this matter." 」

Kangyong to walk in front of the loneliness and contradictions, loneliness is because this road looked back, not a few people, the contradiction is because everyone believed he lived well, so put too much hard to swallow. He knew he proved that no longer just kangyong live very well, is not a person out of the closet should be forced to the desperate. When I look at the screen, my nose is too sour to myself, there are too many times when you understand life, not just to live for yourself.

"The only thing I can do is to prove to those worried mom and dad that we are not monsters and that we can live here very well." 」

Maybe we always put too much "for granted" on Kangyong, he should be strong and courageous; out of the closet is certainly perfunctory, have to, and ignore in the social atmosphere has not been free, in the opposition still pointing to the comrades nose lambaste "destruction of the Family" premise, "out of the closet" never so fast as.

Let's talk about coming out of the closet, not just out of the closet that day, but after that day. the back of the ark may mean facing the accusations of relatives and friends, the long struggle, the deprivation of job opportunities, the disintegration of a family and life, or even a long period of self questioning and struggle. (Recommended reading: as a comrade out of the closet, my childhood is the most need is bullying )

The person who can get out of the closet is very good, the person who does not want to go out is also very good, and this is the society should really face. I even think that when the word "out" still exists, it means that we always believe that comrades must explain something to the public and have to affix the label "Out of the closet" to the body, "Sorry, it can't meet the expectations of" men love women "in your eyes. 」

But love, in the final analysis, why explain it? After all, love is the two people who love each other, no other. When one day the word "out" is no longer a fuss, perhaps it's time for us to truly believe that "love is never the same". You don't need to be brave, you don't need to be strong, you can love without a grudge.

Before that, we had to Hum Jolin Tsai 's song, with their own thoughts, secretly pray that the world less understanding of love and mutual criticism, more frankly embrace their opportunities.