The annual "Golden Melody Award" of Chinese Music Circle is about to enter the 26th session on June 27. Let's see!

The annual "Golden Melody Award" of the Chinese Music Circle is about to enter its 26th session on June 27, a time of historic significance and a pointer to Chinese musicians. The song host is also very enthusiastic about the music of Kazakhstan Lin celebrates the country/Taiwan language finalists for male and female singers to kick off, The Golden Melody shows also will be brought by Eason Chan 8 minutes, 26 Hong Kong Singers Classic Mandarin Suite.

This year's best Mandarin male singer Eason Chan appeared alone burden singing a number of suites, including Aaron Kwok, the dawn of the four kings of the classic songs, but also to sing their own classic good song "Wedding Blessing", "Thank you Lennon." A singing "Is you too cruel or I am too naïve", a hum Leslie Cheung's "I":" I Am I, is the color of fireworks ." Moving straight to the heart, Let us listen to the opening of Eason Chan, one side to watch the 26th session of the best Golden Melody Award.

once again, the best female singer in Mandarin. Sherry singing "sister-style dance" thermal infection scene atmosphere. Also let a person to lead the hope is Jay Chou is about to offer a song this year announced the special contribution of the Mic Award winner Jiang, Jiang's speech let the scene of the musicians and television before we are deeply moved, Strong 26th session of the performance lineup brings emotional and dynamic performance and speech, Let's take a look at the full winning list and the most touching message from the winners! .

Best Taiwanese female singer:

Li Eizing
Zeng Semmei
Guo Tingyun
Sun Shumei

Best Taiwanese male Singer:

Luo Feng

萧煌 singular live speech: "I can insist on the music has been moved, and everyone has been with me through the life of every corner" at the same time he did not forget to give the prize to the mother of the upcoming birthday.

Best Taiwanese Album:

The stolen Millennium/The spirit of the past
"New Formosa Recreation team, Uncle Zhang"/new Formosa Kang Band
"The Beast"/Sheming
The flower of the Shang/萧煌

萧煌 won two big Taiwanese language awards, on the stage do not forget to say humorously: "Later I can take just won the prize together sit dumbbell movement." 」

Best Album Packaging Award:

Fang/"Paranoid noodles"
Rovenzen, Cai Anteng, Wu Zhiying/Ima Lalu Su What's your name?
Xu Changcho (five-word mouse)/"Fragrant Valley"
Nie Yongjin/"bah"
Nie Yongjin/"The Little Song of the Sonata"
Li Zhongqiang/"Ah-yo, not bad" (USB version)

Best Arranger Award:

Chen Jianjue/〈 Missing person notices 〉﹙ singer: Xu Jiaying ﹚
Lawrence Ku Lawrence ku/〈 moving heart touching Hearts〉﹙ singer: Shun Zi ﹚
Pessi Levanto/〈 Forgotten Time 〉﹙ singer: Joanna Wang ﹚
Buddha jumps over the/〈 to show you 〉﹙ singer: Buddha jumps over the ﹚
Chen Shinhan, Knikong/〈play me bah 〉﹙ singer: Jolin Tsai ﹚

The best arrangement for this award was won by the Buddha jumps the jumping orchestra! For many people who play music, this is the affirmation of the "joint creation", Buddha jumps over the top of the guitar said: "Today is very happy we can take the best arrangement award as a band." "They also said that all the arrangement is in the practice is playing out!" Lead singer Daipeni also thanked the jury for its willingness to give Taiwan Independent Orchestra more opportunities: "I think the attitude of playing music to play a concert has a great surprise, into the army for six years, can be shortlisted is a great affirmation, thanks to our team behind." "

Best composer of the Performance Class award:

Huang Weijun/let's play "playing chord four degrees"/playing chord four degrees ﹙ player: playing four degrees of string ﹚
Mentian/dolphin Island "The Flow"/JENRI Enterprise Co., Ltd. ﹙ Player: Mentian Division ﹚
Xu Chong/A New One "homeland-Xu Chong debut album"/Juvenile Court Enterprise Co., Ltd. ﹙ performers: Xu Chong, Yoran Elyashiv, Justin Wood, Guillermo Romero, Billy Drummond﹚
Peng Fei/night Cats Night Cats "3rd Month of the third month" /11 Audiovisual Co., Ltd. ﹙ players: Peng Fei, Li, Toben chodos, Curtis Ostel, Charles Foldesh, Lionardo Susi, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Indoor Orchestra ﹚
The rest of the life-the pur-dur movie soundtrack/Horn Culture Business Co., Ltd ﹙ performer: pur-dur ﹚

Best Composer Award:

Huang Jian for/〈 missing notices 〉﹙ singer: Xu Jiaying ﹚
Li Ronghao/〈 comedy King 〉﹙ Singer: Li Ronghao ﹚
JJ Lin/〈 you listen to me well 〉﹙ singer: Eason Chan ﹚
Chang/〈 not scattered, not see 〉﹙ singer: Karen Mok ﹚
Welli Ann/〈 Wolf 〉﹙ singer: Verian ﹚

Verian's winning speech: "I remember when I was not out of a record a long time ago, someone told me that there are not a few songs you can listen to." I would like to thank all those who have given me criticism, perhaps your criticism has not achieved you, but your criticism has achieved me. 」

Best Performance Recording Album award:

Play chord four degrees/play chord four degrees (main record person: Xu Yuguang/main mixer: Yujiaren/main female rear system personnel: Jeff Lipton)
Traction of Sea Breeze/WenShui Arts Co., Ltd. (main recording personnel: Wang Jiadong/main mixer: Wang Jiadong/main female post-System staff: Yang)
Stranger/Taiwan Sony Music Entertainment Co., Ltd. (main recording personnel: Chen Joe/main mixer: James farber/, main mother of the post-system personnel: Greg Calbi)
Li Shiyang vs Feng Live Fang Sanlong/Le no break _ piano and percussion impromptu scene; music Non-stop/piano and Percussion/Cola Performing Arts Co., Ltd (main recording personnel: Wu Dongyan/main mixer: Wu Dongyan/main female post-system staff: Wu Dongyan)
Cedar Trails (firry path)/left ear Culture Press (main recording personnel: Wu Dongyan/main mixer personnel: Tang/main mother belt after the system staff: Tang carrier)

Best Vocal Recording Album award:

"The Midnight Theatre"/Joanna Wang
"Dangerous World"/square Datong
"No loose, no see"/Karen Mok
"Glass Polynesian"/Charau. Brazilian tile
"Pooh"/Jolin Tsai

Performance category Best Album Producer Award:

Yujiaren, Huang Weijun/playing string four degrees/playing chord four degrees ﹙ player: playing four degrees of chord ﹚
Daniel Ho/heard the rainbow ballad /Wave Music International Co., Ltd. ﹙ players: Wu Yu, Daniel Ho, Luis Conte﹚
Mentian, Ningzi Tatsu/the flow/Yan Society Enterprise Co., Ltd. ﹙ Player: Mentian Division ﹚
Xu Chong/homeland-Xu Chong debut album/Juvenile Enterprise Co., Ltd. ﹙ performer: Xu Chong Yu ﹚
Peng Fei/Third month 3rd month/11 audio and Video Co., Ltd. ﹙ player: Peng Fei ﹚

Performance Category Best Album award:

Play chord four degrees/play chord four degrees ﹙ performer: play chord four degrees ﹚
The Flow/Yan Society Enterprise Co., ltd ﹙ player: Mentian Division ﹚
homeland-Xu Chong First jazz album/Juvenile Court Co., Ltd ﹙ performer: Xu Chong Yu ﹚
Third month 3rd month/11 audio and Video Co., Ltd. ﹙ player: Peng Fei ﹚
The rest of the life-the ﹙ movie soundtrack/Horn Culture Co., Ltd. Player: pur-dur ﹚

Best Native Language singer Award

Boxing Orchestra/Wild boxing/Universal International Record Co., Ltd.
Schumien Ruby/Ocean forest/Schumien Studio
Wumaokeng Gar/Glass Polynesian/Kok Head Culture Co., ltd

Best Aboriginal Album:

Hosa Tribal Orchestra album of the same name/Zhong
"Wild BOXING"/boxing
Marine Forest "/suming
"Ima Lalu Su What's your name"/inka mbing Yun-li
"Glass Polynesian"/Charau. Brazilian tile

Special Contribution Award--Chen Yang

He has completed many well-known works: Lupin Flowers, the sea of people meet you, accompany the sad person, I stand on the roof of the world, young every day.

What we do not know is that Chen Yang teacher congenital deafness, but do not change his intention to music. He uses one-second of his hearing to create countless good songs.

The ceremony played the film, ushered in the Chen Yang teacher for music dedication life. The film Kin described Chen Yang like an old urchin, holding a relaxed heart, smiled and smiled to finish the thing. Kin said: "Chen Yang Teacher congratulate you, in fact you do not need (this award), you have long been our heart the best." 」

Chen Yang Teacher said: "The prize is a kind of affirmation, has no meaning to me." 」

For these behind-the-scenes heroes, deep root music is not named, the most important thing is to leave something for the world.

Chen Yang to the stage, the whole audience stood up and clapped for him. Chen Yang Teacher Because of age, words bite the word particularly hard, but he still word all forcibly say thanks, more encourage the younger generation of musicians. (Recommended reading: Sylvia and the soundtrack division Chen Yang Talk "read": "Music should not be fancy, is important")

Special Contribution Award--Jiang

In early 2015 Jiang announced the Mic, the Chinese music scene caused an uproar.

The Golden Melody Award awards to our hearts forever days. Jiang under the stage to weep, on the stage does not change the humour. She smiled and said to Jay Chou: "Thank you, that song makes me earn a lot of money." 」

Jiang said: "This year is a very important year in my life, I from the first Golden Melody Award to the present, very grateful can always be affirmed." Each year's award ceremony for those of us who hardly go out of the house, is a party, party for more than 20 years, enough for me to savor my life. Taiwanese song is My Life, can help Taiwanese to do a little bit of power, but also my pleasure. It's been years since I've said how hard I've worked and how hard I've been. Because every musician is trying, God is very good to me, he bless me far more than I pay. I'm not hard, I'm really lucky. This awards for my singing career to draw a perfect period, I hold it very moved, feel that I sang sing a lifetime, are worth it. I will continue to cheer for all musicians in front of the TV, thank you for giving me the applause, I am Jiang, I will always remember you. "

This day, the Golden Melody Award also invited to the Jiang performing career the biggest benefactor-Huang Yichong. Huang Yichong said: "You say the prize is lucky, this is not honest." Ladies and gentlemen, there is no luck in this world, and luck must be related to the hard work of turtle fur. If your friend has a turtle, please pay attention to him, he will have one thing to succeed in the future. 」

Huang Yichong sarcasm Jiang turtle hair, in fact, that she is serious. He said: "I am very difficult to admire people, but I admire Jianghui, why Jiang let people moved?" Because she has suffered, I do TV for 45 years, I have seen how many people, she is not lucky, she is entirely on her own. 」

The reason why Jiang is moved is because of her true. We hope that the good songs of Jiang will never be out of our lives forever.

Best Guest Language singer Award

Huanglianyu/Folk song a road/two buildings music Studio
Huang/Skylight. Day/Cut Music Film Co., Ltd.
Huang Peshu/Road Curved/Three Sichuan Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Mischa/in road/three Sichuan Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Chu Juayi/time Mark/Leo Creative Co., ltd

Best Guest Language Album:

A road of folk song/Huanglianyu
Skylight Day "/Huang Jay
"There is a curved road"/Huang Peshu
"On the Road"/Mischa
"The mark of Time"/Chu Juayi

Best Music Video Award:

In the world of Uncertainty (Director: Huang Zhenping)
"Self-portrait ft. Peace of Mind Asia" (Director: Berne)
〈play Me Bah (Director: Chen Yiren)
What's different? (Director: Houdijan)
Hastily (Director: Deng Yong Star)

Best Orchestra:

Buddha jumps over the jump
MP Magic Power

Best Newcomer Award

Fu Jiaoyi/good morning, Hard city/Rolling Stone International Music Co., Ltd.
Sun Shengxi/girls Sun Shengxi 1st Creative album/Rolling Stone International Music Co., Ltd.
Chenhuiting/21 G/Taiwan Sony Music Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Wang/teen Vera/Fruit Core Co., ltd
BOXING Orchestra/boxing/Universal International Record Co., Ltd.

Best Vocal Combination Award:

New Formosa Kang Band
Urchin MJ116
Say it slowly.

Best Lyricist Award:

Hush/〈 Missing person notices 〉﹙ singer: Xu Jiaying ﹚
Huang Weiwen/〈 comedy King 〉﹙ Singer: Li Ronghao ﹚
Lin Xi/〈 you listen to me well 〉﹙ singer: Eason Chan ﹚
Li Yu male/〈 not scattered, not see 〉﹙ singer: Karen Mok ﹚
Lin Xi/〈 everything OK 〉﹙ singer: Karen Mok ﹚

Best Annual Song:

Island Skylight Rock version 〉/fire extinguisher
〈play i pooh/Jolin Tsai
To love 〉/Jacky Cheung for the rest of his life
"Missing persons advertisement 〉/Xu Jiaying
Paranoid Face/Sherry

The scene of the island Skylight 〉,318 student movement was vividly remembered as the Golden Melody Award. They said that the skylight of the island belonged to the Taiwanese, and this was a victory for the Taiwanese people.

"This song is dedicated to everyone who has worked hard during the student movement, hoping that this song will accompany the Taiwanese to greet the island's skylight." 」

"This song belongs to the Sun-flower student movement, who pays for the labor and Sweat of this campaign, thank you, God bless Taiwan." 」

"The last verse of this song is recorded on the scene, it is everyone's voice, there are many people who silently pay for this piece of land." This democratic movement continues to maintain such enthusiasm and love that Taiwan can become a better country. 」

The fire extinguisher gave this song to Taiwanese, those who toiled in life, those who sang enthusiastically, and each of the moving and determined faces in the student movement. (Recommended reading: written after the Sun-Flower movement: The next step for the younger generation, the end is the beginning )

Best Single Producer Award:

JJ Lin/〈 you listen to me well 〉﹙ singer: Eason Chan ﹚
Stefanie Sun/〈 Kepler 〉﹙ singer: Stefanie Sun ﹚
Xiao an/〈 high play 〉﹙ singer: Ai Yiliang ﹚
Xiao An/〈 Lip language singer: Jolin Tsai ﹚
Chen Shinhan/〈play i pooh 〉﹙ singer: Jolin Tsai ﹚

Best Album Producer Award:

Huanglianyu/"Folk Song a Path" ﹙ Singer: Huanglianyu ﹚
Joanna Wang, Pessi levanto/, ﹙ singer of the Midnight Theatre: Joanna Wang ﹚
Chen Jianjue/"Still want to Believe in love, bastards" ﹙ Singer: Wei ﹚
Jay Chou/"Ah yo, good Oh" ﹙ Singer: Jay Chou ﹚
Barren well Zhuang Ichiro/"Do not scatter, see" ﹙ Singer: Karen Mok ﹚

The wild well strong one Lang Award acceptance speech: "Thanks my parents to support me to make the music, specially thanks Karen (Karen Mok), you let me have a chance, take an album The journey, Thanks, really is great." 」

Best Mandarin Male Singer:

Eason Chan
Yang Peian
Square Datong

Announced the award, Eason Chan and the next to the contest with the male singers tightly hug, good music on the road to each other. After the stage, Eason held the trophy tightly, he could not help laughing, several times speechless. "Win the Golden Melody Award, it is really very happy!" 」

"The Golden Melody Award is really very happy, the first time I personally come to receive the prize, thank all the musicians who have helped me to pay for this album." the whole concept of the album, Why should Rise and shine? Is the hope that can bring to all the people on this earth, if they have heard, hope that they every morning with a very cheerful mood to face the day, in fact, it is so simple. "

Eason was excited a little incoherent, but the feelings are very real. See his smile will be raised to the mouth, he said he will be happy because of the affirmation for a long time. "I want to thank my father, my mother, all my family, thank you all the jury friends, you have worked hard." Competition is fierce, it must be difficult to choose. This award, I will be happy for a long time, thank you, the future, I will be the possibility of each song to carry it forward as far as possible. OK, I continue to work hard for all Chinese music musicians to cheer. I love you in Taiwan. "

Best Mandarin Female Singer:

Xu Jiaying
Karen Mok

Shortlisted 12 times, has been all the minds of the Queen's sister stage, found herself or because of the prize and hands and feet trembling: "In fact, I have always felt able to stand on the stage is the happiest, but also the most happy." So every time the album, every performance, I hope I can break through, can be more challenging, so I am very happy, very happy to do this thing. Thank you for giving me encouragement and support. 」

"Thanks to the record company, you are lucky to have signed two very powerful singers one at a time, one is a-Mei, the other is Amit. If can, hope can break two elder sister's record! Finally, want to like music, like singing, like the performance of the people say, do not give up, come on, you have what, on the show to everyone to see, March forward! 」

Best Mandarin Album:

"Missing Persons"/Xu Jiaying
"Wake Up Dreaming"/Jacky Cheung
Meters Flash "/Eason Chan
"Alas, good Oh"/Jay Chou
"No loose, no see"/Karen Mok
"Pooh"/Jolin Tsai

"I convinced the judges that I could do the best album," said Tsai, speaking of our hearts. See her walk such a long way, this road is not easy, there are too much slander, too much contempt, too much "I do not believe you can", but she came, standing on stage, a small person, a huge light.

"I really didn't think the mainstream album would be the best album, especially a lot of dance music," he said. Then I have all the team behind the scenes this time really gave me a lot of space, each one exhausted his greatest strength to create this album, so that everyone heard very cool, have fun. And then convinced the judges, I can also do the best album, I would like to thank the entire album inside every producer. 」

"Every producer is a kind of learning for me, thank you for presenting my ideas." Thank you to my record company, thank you so much value me, I hope I did not let everyone down. Thank you for letting me be myself, when I was myself, I was really happy and blooming. I won, yes! "

Jury Award:

From lack