An explosion was reported in the Baxian Paradise in Taipei City. Due to the shortage of ambulance and the scene, let us care about the accident and prayers the injured person.

There was an explosion in Taipei's Baxian Park this evening. Because the scene of the Rainbow Party on the stage of dust explosion, the scene of more than 200 people were affected, due to on-site ambulance shortage, scene chaos, people have to get up to help the wounded, in the accident scene to help self-help, on-site stretcher shortage, swimming laps, carts are used to save lives. The new Bei Fire Bureau immediately start a large number of injury and illness mechanism, will be more than 40% of the body burns burn the wounded, sent to freshwater horse-kai, Linkou Chang Gung and other hospitals to save medicine.

(Photo source:UDN Real Time news )

Baxian Park held colorful party activities, hoping to give the people never experience the color feast, but also become the main cause of the accident, this time caused by the dust explosion is suspended in the closed space of combustible dust particles fast burning. Taiwan in recent years popular in the road run, party a large number of color powder, but firefighters said that this kind of color powder in the air mixed evenly, from the fire near and other conditions, does not necessarily need an open flame, can make it burning, very easy to cause dust explosion.

Early accidents occurred, there are netizens in the network text: "The ambulance is not enough!" I do not know how many wounded, hands are still shaking! 」

Many people in the scene described the scene of chaos, but also constantly reported to the outside world peace: "I'm fine, the scene is very confusing, first to help!" 」

There are also people begging people to see an ambulance on the way, and to tell everyone about the current ambulance traffic jam: "The current ambulance route is concentrated in eight-kuantu bridge-fresh water direction, eight Li-kwan-Yin Shan Tunnel-Taipei (64 Express Road)"

On the Internet, there are still pictures of the fire and the injuries. At the same time, our silent prayer of the injured people can be safely through, after the emergency medical treatment and good physical care and spiritual care. We can see from the Internet constantly updated real-time news of the people's self-help assistance, the swimming circle became the equipment to save people, minor injuries to help seriously injured people. The good of the people of Taiwan is more warm in times of distress.

At this time also share the woman fan author Hai Tai Bear once mentioned in the article after the disaster, to bear in mind the five words,"Ann, Static, energy, department, Hope"

  1. Find an "Ann" place: At home, or where you can feel safe and warm.
  2. First let your mood flat "static" down: You can try not to slide the phone, deep breathing, or draw a picture.
  3. Increase self-efficacy "ability": think about the way to protect yourself and regain your sense of security and control.
  4. Establishing a "department" with important people: supporting each other and talking about the event itself is also a soothing emotion, but minimizing the sharing of bloody exposures. Because you never know what the effects of these images are on each other.
  5. Then, continue to hope for Taiwan and the future: try to care about the survivors ' healing and change, or see more warm events, news, and calm their faith in the world.