Zhou Junxun teacher thinks "go all out is the victory", this time he also talks about these "victories", wants to belong to the way behind to watch his noble.

Winning is not a person's glory: the victory to the people I have forgotten all the way

Zhou Junxun the countless trophies and champions that he had won, he said he was content and did not covet more victories, but instead attributed the coronation to those who watched over him: "My victories are mostly due to good luck, and of course I work hard, and I try my best to fight it." But come to this step, there are too many people silently help me, this is my luck, so I am now very active to give back the strength of their own. 」

Zhou Junxun teacher said his family was poor, the environment is not well-off, so his resources are less, go now because of the elders silently help, those people he did not know, they are very silent to pay.

"Win" in the heart of Zhou Junxun teacher, not a person's brilliance, but the process of life those who do not have the glory of luxury. So Zhou Junxun Teacher also began such a pay fire, to promote the development of the go world, secretly help those children, he said the opening classes may be more money, but here is a dream, you can feel their goals and dreams in advance. (Recommended reading: Small production interview: What kind of person do you want to be?) Dream, we interpret it in a different way.

"I came here today because there were so many people who helped me along the way," he said. "is also the Wei Xuan often hangs in the mouth the word, one is an entrepreneur, one is a chess, they in each luminous, all learn to put the light on other people, the dialogue is full of gratitude, good also thanks, bad also thanks, perhaps this is the real winner.

The "Way" of Weiqi: The selfless gratitude of predecessors, the nurturing of the reserve of No regrets

Zhou Junxun Teacher for the younger generation is also a careful promotion, even if his world champion title can let him charge a considerable course fees, even classes, but he chose to give back, the only female disciples did not charge tuition fees. At the Haifeng Institute of Teaching and inheritance to help the children who want to learn. Wei Xuan heard this is very generously, she said: "We that time is this, and even elite classes, because the next good, is not charged any tuition." "

The teacher said that he would be so very big side influenced by Lin Hai teacher, he talked about the success of Lin Hai teacher after the Taiwan go World silent pay. When he began to contact more people because of the championship, he knew Lin Hai teacher how to work quietly in the Go field, through the third party to help people do not ask for return.

In such a world you may be hard to believe that there is such a game, someone really look at your efforts to pay you, he is good for you, is not seeking return. So I have a further understanding of the "Tao" of Weiqi, looking at Wei Xuan Red eye socket, I think she also for such selfless deeply moved, in the woman fan party, many times she mentioned the way to help her people, also always true temperament can not help but moved tears. I think it is because the road is very long, not easy, so we deeply put the hands of these people are firmly engraved into the heart, just like Zhou Junxun teacher thanks to the selfless predecessors, as well as his nurturing descendants of no regrets.

I have a lot of things, but I still get scared.

In fact, choosing goodness and helping people does not mean how rich Zhou Junxun teachers are, he also has family pressure, but he thinks he can help others, for example, last year's Kaohsiung gas explosion, now he decided to hold a "fund-raising guide chess", the event in advance by many friends questioned: "Do you want to red", " No one's going to thank you for doing this. "Such a murmur does not prevent him from executing, a 300,000 of the activities at the expense of the Zhou Junxun teacher is very successful, even if the process has the coldness, even from the side of friends. (Recommended reading: maturity is not sophistication, but no matter how bad the world is, you still believe in goodness )

Zhou Junxun The relationship between friends: "Because of this thing, also can let me learn a lesson, know that we may not be so the same, can not say that he is bad, but we are different people." 」

Wei Xuan curiously asked: "Go circle so small, may encounter every day, in addition to chess you have to face people, how to face the complex between the human nature of the plot?" 」

He replied: "It is difficult to face, is always remind yourself one thing:" Everyone is different. "This has something to do with the birthmark on my face, I grew up to be a very inferiority, afraid of facing the public people, to now people call me chess, maybe I have a lot of things, but I still will be afraid." 」

I haven't graduated from this class for 35 years.

Zhou Junxun "fear" and then said: "I will take the MRT every day, a wide range of different strangers on the MRT, his first understanding of my face is the birthmark, most of the emotional response is disgust, fear, I am in the face of this mood every day, so I have to debug themselves, tell themselves:" Don't be afraid of those who hate you, because they just never see me. 』」

Zhou Junxun a lesson in the teacher's life, he said that if he walked on the road to see such a person, perhaps also so resistant. Zhou Junxun not blame anyone hostile to him, the birthmark from birth followed him, 35 years, since the realization of their "different", he daily handling his emotions, debugging others fear of their own. (same field Gayon: Lee Kai-fu: I repaired the death credits, taught me to reflect on the meaning of Living )

Zhou Junxun said: "I put the life of" different "friends, as the first time to see his birthmark stranger. Because they have not seen such kindness, so they will fear, because they have not seen me, so they will be afraid. 」

The birthmark on the teacher's face may be a topic for us, Zhou Junxun. An issue is that we read this article on the irrelevant one thing, this thing, his life together, he still daily MRT, every day to accept the child pointed to his face to his mother said: "Mom, you see that person is very terrible." 」

All the pain of life at the age of five

Zhou Junxun teacher talk about kindergarten first day of school, he said: "There are moment, like through the life of all the pain." 」

Zhou Junxun first entered the kindergarten gate at the age of five, his embrace is full of anticipation and excitement to meet new friends, see his children appeared three kinds of reaction, one is crying, two is screaming, three is pulling the mother's hand said: "Good horror, how can he come to school?" "The children were scared to tears, and he was scared to tears by the life," he said.

"How can you come to school?" "That road, the five-year-old Zhou Junxun walk very long." He never went to school, so dad took out Weiqi, let Zhou Junxun began to contact Weiqi. The original Zhou Junxun teacher's mother is not let him touch chess, because the father took go strictly Force Zhou Junxun sister, perhaps this is a fate, sister how all learn bad chess, in his hand but play very skillful.

The birthmark is the lesson that God gave me, I have enough.

Zhou Junxun said the birthmark brought a strange bonus to his life, like to say that the first time to go to the game when the seven-year-old, the rest of the children are playing, because the birthmark afraid of contact with people, and no one actively find him to play, so he is a person sitting in position, put their own chess. The birthmark has acquired his ability to be alone and dedicated, as well as the subject of life that he constantly needs to deal with. Zhou Junxun The teacher went on to say, oneself also can have a bad idea in the heart: "Do not say as a child, now all still can have." For example, just said that the MRT, met the children looked at me, I smiled at him, he stared at me, and she said to her mother: "That Uncle good horror", this time the mind will appear painful thoughts. "(Extended reading: when there is too much hate bullying in the world, let's practice speaking the language of Love )

Pain and other people's vision is not because of "chess" identity and change, in front of many strangers, he face the eyes of fear every day, Zhou Junxun teacher said: "The greatest pain is not present, is not to stop, but this is the God to my homework." 」

Zhou Junxun teacher smiled and said that these days in the experience of the pain, we are very heartbroken, he still smiled. The face of life is not beautiful not clean, I think he is more than our resolute courage too much.

"Birthmark" also constantly remind him "do not go to a bad place." Zhou Junxun teacher joked: "I even walk on the road running a red light, others know it is me." So I will be more cautious in doing anything, not easy to make mistakes. In addition, it also reminds me that a lot of people in the silent help me, it is wary of me, I have enough. Although I use medical beauty technology to take away I will be better and happier, but because of it, I have today's all this, keep it, remind me to be thankful, try to give back. "

Not to be greedy: life, sometimes 50 points is enough

Finally, Zhou Junxun teacher also shared with us to the Tang Dynasty left the "go ten tactic", I repeat, like a continuous chewing life flavor.

A shall not be greedy for victory. (When you have won, you must be conservative)
Two The boundary should be slow. (into the range of opponents, to many calculations, slowly and near, not impatient)
Three Attack me. (to attack others and also to watch over yourself)
Four Abandon the son to the race. (to know how to give up and be willing, and to pre-empt)
Five A small house is big. (Do not waste in a small place to win, because go to win or lose is the size of the land to be judged, so the same number of hands to be used to occupy a larger area)
Six Every danger must be abandoned. (When you are in danger, you should give up when you give up)
Seven Be careful not to light speed. (Be careful, before you think twice, do not blindly.)
Eight The motion must be corresponding. (People with high strength in chess will not only see one step in the chessboard, there will be a bigger picture, each step is consistent with the cause and effect)
Nine He is strong in his own self-preservation. (The other side should protect themselves when they are strong)
Ten Potential solitary take and. (to other people's sites, you are a minority, to find ways to take "and" in a disadvantageous state, careful to deal with peace, not to start a fierce war)

Go ten tactic in the teacher favorite " no greed wins ", as he is now doing, these things may be very hard, not pleasing, but he is not to covet victory, expand their interests, but pay attention to feedback. "I've been very well, don't want to get more. "Not greedy, is Zhou Junxun teacher mind on the idea, not pride victory, but also his strength of character,

Zhou Junxun teacher and Wei Xuan agree "life like chess, chess such as life", how do you care, how to, how not greedy, how not arrogant. Go ten tactic to take the son of life, a step in a retreat may be more calmly and properly. "Life Ah, sometimes take 50 points is enough" I am in Zhou Junxun teacher get such imperfect beautiful, Zhou Junxun teacher's story is not far away, that is his daily life in practice. (same field Gayon: contentment, is the real life Victory group )

I appreciate the experience of his life every day to repeat the pain of one day, because this day will be my life can not erase the day, I want to deep remember his pain of beauty, his every step of the solid, he treated the strength of life and freely. The birthmark on the teacher's face is a beautiful butterfly in my eyes, it dances with kindness, I want to believe that God touches his face and makes him come to the world to teach us something.

I am thankful that I can sit in front of such a beautiful person and participate in his story. I'm listening to the recording and writing a life course I've never experienced, I would like to give you listen to his voice, it is a summer clear shallow creek, sometimes cheerful laugh, sometimes safe to say a very painful very heavy life, gently Qiao Qiao's wipe the sting, but let a person end up steadfast.