The modern dance of one of the most brilliant artists of the 20th century, Martha Graham, has said that dance is the second language of the soul.

Perhaps it is a new beginners who have never been in contact with dance, or you once loved dance but gradually moved away from the center of life.It's okay, it's never too late! Continuation of the July theme of the theme "Body Language": Following the life of a choreographer, a professional physiotherapist, she begins in 7/28, bringing in the most colorful Lumi Dance School in the North, and feeling the most genuine happiness in the body following the wobble of the music.(Sibling: Music, Better faith in the world )

Dance, is the second language of the soul communication, and maybe we all forget to feel the body in a timely way.This summer, let us work with vibrant music, and dance to the most beautiful of the soul, and dance.(Extended Read: Wake the song for the tumult soul )

There are four lessons, each class is different, and it is in the spirit of our pluralism!Each class begins with an experienced street dance teacher who begins to learn a different style of street dancing from a beginner's most basic dance step.Every lesson also makes it possible for people who have already had dancing experience to develop a new stage of dance.

In order to ensure that the course is really a girl for each of the different experiences, the women team is also sending members of different teams to experience the lessons first before the class is opened.Though busy and hot, in a short 40-minute experience, Tanya, the engineer with no dancing experience, led by the soft-led, experienced designer, Alumi, who is also the founder of Lumi Dance School the co-founder Tanya, who has a few years of warm-dancing experience.(Same file recommendation: Laughter is the most extensive massage

Yes, the body still has a bit of rigidity and is not accustomed to the rhythm.Yes, quite a few times have been slow for several times, and I haven't kept up with it.But really, after 15 minutes of irritability, will you find who cares? Happy, you're the most beautiful!After dancing and dancing full of sweat and returning to work, I suddenly realized that I was feeling relaxed and relaxed, and in busy work, I still remember smiling.

Hopeful to make it feel the most primitive and happiest in the body.