From the Prince to see life, feel their existence, to become a person in the life of the rose, to keep and be fed, to learn to laugh and parting.

If you love a flower blooming in the vastness of a star, then you will be satisfied when you look up at the stars.

"The Little Prince"

"Si tu aimes une fleur qui se trouve dans un etoile, c ' est doux, la nuit, de regarder le ciel."

After learning French and looking at the little prince, I almost fell into tears when I saw the words. Love a flower and love a person may only because of a willful reason. At the same time, we have two kinds of space-time, one is "I", one is "we". A moment in the eye, to see a certain kind of constant as the universe of the long.

Looking at the little prince again, I found that the little prince is talking about "relationship". Relationship with oneself, relationship with friend, relationship with lover, relationship with everything, and the universe. From the beginning of a relationship, we make it possible to feel our presence, how much we would like to be the flowers of some people in the stars, how fortunate we are to be able to leave a small and huge imprint in the universe. (Recommended reading: Every relationship is a practice! Seven love exercises to embrace happiness )

I always feel like the "Little Prince" People, the heart should be sentimental and gentle, to see the little prince left us with the life of six relationship exercises.

01. Relationship with oneself: Everyone has their own lonely subject

"We are all alone in the desert," said the serpent, "We are also alone in the crowd." "" On est un peu seul dans le désert ... On est seul aussi chez les hommes, dit le Serpent. "

The little Prince said so when he talked to the snake.

Loneliness and where you are, who has nothing to do with, loneliness is a psychological state. People are social animals, but each person is born in the singular, from the moment of birth, we must learn to live with themselves, not spared.

Perhaps the way to lift loneliness is not to flee, not to shove yourself into the crowd, but learn to face, accept oneself feel lonely this thing, put down you because feel lonely and to own attack and deny, tell oneself: "Not because you are a bad person so you are lonely, but everyone has their own loneliness to face." 」

Everyone has a reason not to be alone, that is, from the beginning of the sense of loneliness, you can not love to be alone, but at least you can not be afraid of falling alone. (Recommended reading: Do you have me time today?) )

02. Relationship with yourself: you don't need to become an adult you don't like.

"It's a sad thing to forget a friend, not everyone has a friend," he said. I may become like other adults, with the exception of numbers and interests, which are indifferent. "C ' est triste d ' oublier un ami." Tout Le monde n ' a pas eu un ami. Et je puis devenir comme les grandes personnes qui ne s ' intéressent plus qu ' aux chiffres. '

When the little prince left B612, he met the King, the Vain Man, the drunkard, the businessman, the lamp-man, and the geographer, who met Bandao and merchants on Earth. The king, on a small planet, felt that he ruled everything; a vain man is only willing to be labelled with a positive adjective; a drunkard drinks to forget the stigma of love, a businessman who sees the stars as his possessions but never does anything for the stars; geographers know the world on paper and never start ... The young prince's adult is always ridiculous, but how much like our daily life.

The days are very long, once vowed never to become adults of the children, crying and crying between suddenly become adults. Then the heart of the important order to shuffle, and then some adhere to be forgotten, the process of socialization is not pleasant, often accompanied by the disappearance of their own childhood, forget how they once hated such an adult.

But knowing that you have the ability to choose what kind of adult you are is also an exercise in your relationship. You never need to grow up to become an adult you don't like. (Recommended reading: write a letter to yourself after 20 years of age: Be the one you admire )

03. Relationships with loved ones: starting with a willingness to be in captivity and being fed

"To me, you're just a little boy, like all the other little boys." I don't need you, and you don't need me. To you, I'm just a fox, just like the other thousands foxes. But if you tame me, we'll need each other. To me, you are the unique existence of the universe, and to you I am a unique presence in the world. "Tu n ' es encore pour moi qu ' un petit garçon, tout semblableàcent mille the petits. Et je n ' ai pas besoin de toi. Et tu n ' as pas besoin de moi non plus. Je ne suis pour toi qu ' un renard semblableàcent mille. Mais, si tu m ' apprivoises, nous aurons besoin l ' un de l ' autre. Tu Seras pour moi unique au monde. Je Serai pour toi unique au monde. "

In the little prince to learn the word apprivoiser, think that the word is so beautiful. The relationship between people, in fact, are also willing to keep and be fed, since two people have a unique connection and significance, an ordinary person began to become with any one in the world is not the same.

We all like to keep, feeding is like the umbilical cord connected, you are no longer just a person, learn to breathe the same air, to see the same human scenery. We like to keep, but we often forget that there is responsibility behind the breeding. The Fox reminds the little Prince "always be responsible for the objects you keep, you are responsible for your roses ..."

We are like foxes, because they were once fed, and when they saw the wheat fields, they thought of the little prince's golden hair. The people who are being kept, are risking their tears to put their world gently into another person's heart. (same field Gayon: little Prince, don't keep a fox that doesn't belong to you )

04. Relationship with lover: Because he is your rose

"You are beautiful, but you are so hollow." The little Prince said to the other roses. No one is willing to die for you. Of course a passer-by may think you and my roses are the same, but for me, my rose is more important than you, because he is my watering, because he is my rose. "" Vousêtes Belles, mais vousêtes vides, leur dit-il. On ne peut pas mourir pour vous. Bien sûr, MA Roseàmoi, un passant ordinaire croirait ' elle qu vous. Maisàelle seule elle est plus importante que vous toutes, puisque c ' est elle que j ' ai arrosée. Puisque c ' est ma rose.

The little prince was sad to discover that there are many roses like B612 planet on Earth, so the pride of the rose makes no sense, the little Prince cries on the grass. How similar the situation is, when the relationship to a certain moment, you suddenly find that the person you love is not really special, he can be replaced, he may be forgotten, so you suddenly find yourself walking to a relationship rupture.

The Fox then told the Prince a secret, "the time you spend on a rose makes your rose so important." "The person you love may not be unique, but what is truly irreplaceable is the time you are willing to spend on him, the time you are willing to leave each other."

A relationship, should not only blindly infatuated, not only because you are so special so I love you, and it is your good and bad I know that we are not special, but we are still willing to walk with each other a long way, because we are each other's roses. (Recommended reading: I did not hesitate to love you!) Reread "The Little prince" put down the rose of watering

05. The relationship with the world: "Heart" to find the reason you smile

When you look up at night in the sky, because I live on one of the stars, because I smile at you on that planet, for you, just like the whole starry sky laughs for you, you have the whole sky that smiles for you.

"The Little Prince"

"Quand tu regarderas le ciel, la nuit, puisque j ' habiterai dans l ' une d ' elles, puisque je rirai dans l ' une d ' elles, alors Ce sera pour toi comme si riaient toutes. "

The little Prince said to the pilot. The vast universe, there is always a reason for your smile, in order to find, we have the driving force to start, we believe that we are not only live alone in the world, our existence has some kind of inevitable encounter, and life, is in the constant search between the discovery of meaning.

"What is really important is invisible to the eye, and it has to be felt with heart." "The Little Prince thought of the Fox, so he told the pilot the words." The stars are beautiful, because there is a flower that people can't see, and the desert is beautiful, because there is something that can't be said to shine.

Life is probably more simple than we think, close your eyes to find the reason for your smile, to go a long way, to love and to hurt, to pain and to confusion, you will be someone else's life flashing light of the beautiful existence.

06. Relationship with the world: when you are apart, learn to say goodbye

"It's too far, I can't drag this body forward, it's too heavy." But it's like the old bark peeling off, we shouldn't be sad for old bark ... "" C ' est trop loin,je ne peux pas emporter ce corps là. C ' est trop lourd. Mais ce sera comme une vieilleécorce abandonnée,ce n ' est pas triste les vieillesécorces ... "

We talk about life, talk about love, and talk about death. Small Wang Zixian eyes, thinking of the fox, thinking of the rose, thinking of the stars, thinking of the pilot, finally gently like a tree fell to the ground. His consciousness left too heavy a body and went to a more free place.

"If one day you pass this desert, I beg you, do not rush away, wait for a moment under the stars!" If you meet a child who walks in front of you, has a blonde hair and keeps ignoring questions, you know who he is. At that time, please write to tell me, he came back, do not let me so sad ... " the Little Prince's departure is very light, in the pilot's heart left a deep imprint." The last page of the Little Prince, the pilot again painted the same scenery, but there is no little prince. The little Prince disappeared from the African desert, became the pilot's heart of the most beautiful and desolate scenery. (Recommended reading: You owe your life a few goodbyes?) )

Life, from the moment of birth, is to go to the dead inside. One day we're all destined to leave this world, but we can decide in what way to say goodbye to the world, we can decide to think about who to walk with a smile on our heart, we can believe that someone will remember us as the little prince, it does not take us to the world through the long or short adventures.

The story of the Little Prince is about relationships, and it becomes our story over and over again.

The days are long, walking in the road to become adults, walking in the way of breeding and being fed, walking in learning to be alone and love the road, we are not as lonely as they thought. When we worry about whether the B612 rose will be eaten by the lamb, perhaps the little prince is also watching us smile in the distant sky.

Now experience the beauty of reading the little Prince