Official media pointed to the Chinese government's arrest act is "maintenance of order", the era of dissidents have what problems? We'll give you the Wang Yu and their stories in words.

"Someone pried the door, and I looked out from the cat's eye, dark, and saw nothing." The occasional voice whispered, but not clear, my husband and son of the phone are in no answer to the state, how are they now? What's the matter with me, why frighten the child? Do these chicken-rat thefts! No face! 」

This is the last message that Wang Yu, a Chinese activist lawyer, left before she disappeared.

July 9 3 o'clock in the morning, Wang Yu family suddenly was cut off, broken nets, more than 30 police officers then broke into the Wang Yu home, at the same time, Wang Yu and himself just sent to the capital airport, not boarding the husband and son lost contact. Not only Wang Yu himself, a family of three has been audio-free.

Wang Yu as the first activist lawyer to be arrested in China's clearing operations these days, the sound was hidden in the media, and Chinese state media have set the mass arrests to "crack down on the major criminal groups", and say more than 100 lawyers and political campaigners who continue to be arrested have "seriously disrupted social order". (Extended reading: against the Chinese government illegally arrested!) Women in solidarity with the Chinese people )

"The appropriate feeling marvel, the timely parrot, extremely ordinary and willing to ordinary-Wang Yu These times dissidents cannot toeing to this value, let us use the words, those who are regarded as" noise "of the story back to them.

The bravest female lawyer in China

Wang Yu, graduated from the legal profession of China University of Law and Politics in 1994. 2004 began his career as a lawyer in Beijing, and in 2006 he established a law firm in partnership with two lawyers. and May 4, 2008, this day completely changed her life, Wang Yu never thought of a dispute, will let her on trumped-up charges to prison, but also let her from the thorns full of rights lawyers road.

At that time, Wang Yu in Tianjin West station ticket wicket and railway staff dispute, but was beaten, for this Wang Yu to Tianjin railway station police station, and asked for medical treatment, but the police to protect the railway staff, Wang Yu request ignored. Wang Yu to the police station misconduct, then to the Tianjin Railway Public Security Department Railway Police Inspectorate department complaints. Due to Wang Yu's rights complaints, Tianjin West railway station began to her crazy revenge.

In Wang Yu complaints against police misconduct seven months later, Wang Yu was the police from home to Tianjin, in the name is "Resolution of complaints", but in the second day of her detention, the reason is Wang Yu suspected of "intentional injury crime." Malfeasance police station King Woo down railway staff three people, and to a man was deaf and serious, one minor. Finally, in the forgery of evidence and judicial retaliation against procedural justice, the Wang Yu, who was beaten, was sentenced to 2.5 in return for "the crime of negligent wounding", which was not freed until June 2011.

"I have been wrongly convicted, being wronged may be such empathy or empathy, and I feel that if I can fight for it, I must help them get innocent, or they can reduce the pain of being held in captivity, and they will be able to protect their reputation from this official repression. "Wang Yu had said so in his interview.

Because of the Tianjin Railway public security retaliation framed, Wang Yu realized that the individual in front of the public power of small and vulnerable, she gave up the business lawyer's career, instead of looking at the public welfare Rights case, committed to China's vulnerable groups and dissidents to provide legal services.

She has agent Van Mugen case, Cao Smooth case, Iliham case, feminist five sisters one litingting case, "butcher" Butcher case and a number of Falun Gong cases, and had participated in the 2014 "build the Sanjiang" case, never afraid to resist the arrogance of the authorities of her, known as "China's bravest female lawyer." (same field :"Female leadership column" Don't be afraid to be the light because the world is dark. )

On the road of protecting the blood and tears

Wang Yu This "brave" name, never simple, but trample on blood and tears. Search her all the way from the struggle, let me think of Yu Qiuyu "Borrow My Life," the passage of the book: "There are always some regardless of the season, loser people, it is their disregard for time, leaving a time of dignity." "Because of the unreasonable rights lawyers, so that all kinds of human tolerance to the achievement of the dignity of time."

In China, as an activist lawyer, we must first confront the harsh judicial environment directly. Although the Chinese Constitution clearly stipulates that citizens have freedom of belief, thought and expression, the reality is that the government and the judiciary often turn a blind eye to the unconstitutional means of stabilizing the regime.

"I think the judiciary is very confusing, there is no unified management, or supervision ah." As law enforcement agencies, not only do not enforce the law, but also very serious violations. As I know, there are a number of areas where the local Justice bureau explicitly tells local lawyers not to take Falun Gong cases or you can take the case, but you have to do a guilty plea; the public security organs may set up obstacles for you during the meeting. There is also, for example, the Procuratorate, it does not want to give you a marking, it has been dragged. "There is no concept of the rule of law, it is Wang Yu for China's judicial annotation."

In the process of participation in the rights, more will be from the public power of various aspects of repression. In the process of helping the parties to defend their rights, Wang Yu has been illegally restricted personal freedom, caught, beaten, dragged out of court and disqualified from the defender. Before the mass arrests, the public authorities had made every effort to try to make dissent sound disappear.

In addition to the lack of the rule of law, this should be the gatekeeper role of the "Four power" media has often become the official disguise of the powder cake and the mouthpiece of the repression of dissent. the Chinese government controls all media, broadcasts only so-called "politically correct" news, and transmits the discourses that government agencies want people to believe. In the network space that is not easy to be regulated, then apply self-censorship, delete "bad information", block dissent website or related platform, and put the network commentator commonly known as "Five Cents" to guide public opinion. (Recommended reading: This era, we need more to speak the truth of the media: Female media new Imagination VICE)

Chinese Communist Party media Xinhua News has issued a dispatch attack Wang Yu, and use her past injustice make a fuss, to its smear report. After that, other media with official matchmaking have also played the same lambasting Wang Yu banner.

Things from a no signed article "female lawyer hit Deaf sentenced, refused to enforce the verdict is still around rejoined" began, after the People's Daily, CCTV, global network, and other community sites, public security micro-blog and other media have reproduced. In addition to the full text of the original Wang Yu back to the injustice of the objective facts, but also commented that she is "open mouth rule of law, human rights, justice, everywhere playing" rights "banner active carefree".

Several of the official media to discredit Wang Yu, all sorts of words like the posters during the Cultural Revolution. Let's see how the Chinese government is so concerned about the appearance of dissenting voices in the media, because the real China has too many dark sides to cover up, the Chinese government shows that "China" is often only a few "modern window", but less than 15% of the total population living conditions, and comprehensive real Chinese society is too far away.

Nevertheless, Wang Yu has never given up the integrity and persistence of being a lawyer, and even in the face of the Communist Party's mass attack on her injustice, she responded with only three words: "Not afraid".

"My strength is weak, but even if I am weak, I hope I can play a little role in human rights and freedom of speech." "Wang Yu once said so.

All wounds are kept in the temperature, all the temperature is involved in pain, all the pain is called to heal, all healing are retained reluctantly.

From the Isle of Beauty to the skylight of the island, Taiwan is going through all kinds of turmoil, and according to Chinese political writer Yu Jie, China is just about to enter the "Formosa Era", from this mass arrests, let us see the Wang Yu such as the use of wounds to exchange human rights dissidents, is the noise of the times, the pain of the Times, It is a weak but firm sense of the Times.

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