At the corner of the sofa, the music of the room full of music cannot be filled with your loneliness.At this time, a glass of wine, warm and cold, can make you seem like a person tightly embraced by someone ...

But when you're standing in front of a red wine cabinet, you will always be unable to make a decision. I don't know which one of you is to spend the night with you, Mr. Mr. Elton. Right .

So today we would like to recommend a website that tells you what you should drink now!It's not only going to make you suitable for the music you're listening to, but if you don't have a CD on hand, it's going to give you a piece of music that you can play directly. is a website created by Hannah Donovan , Lindsay Eyink , and Matthew Ogle .In modern society, people have been busy all day, but they have nothing to do with the helplessness of the music of the night. So their slogan “ Never listen to music alone. ” (Don't listen to music alone) shows their determination to change the status quo!

Gaoya's simple home page, which makes people feel sad.

At I ’ M LISTENING TO (I'm listening), typing any singer or musician who you love, and then pressing WHAT SHOULD I DRINK (what I should drink), you can get the results!I'm looking forward!

The result of typing MAROON 5 (Magic Red) is … …

10 oz. with 10 oz. The bone-picking tea, plus 8 oz. The soda water is mixed together with the cup displayed on the web page. Finally, the cup and mouth of the cup will be decorated with a little sugar, so it will be finished!

Drinking it out like the magic rock of the magic red.

The result of typing MOZART (Mozart) is that … …

is truly an immortal Classical family, and can spend the entire night with his music by simply having a glass of red wine.

Music without borders and alcohol is of course borderless. There is no need to fear no domestic singers.The type of Shaw's words … …

Moonshine refers to the brewing of American breweries in the early part of the United States, which is made by 100 % of corn.

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Tonight, womany to recommend you, let hear what you can drink!

Time to enjoy one person and music
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