Reading poetry is like a process of digesting sadness, leaving some monologue for life, longing for you to leave a period of time for yourself, the confusion of parting reality, the woman fans only read poems for you.

I love you just because the time flies
Never stop and never look back
To weave a gorgeous face.
Without a hint of fading sorrow

I love you just because you're gone
No more memories to come
To raise a layer of crusted heart.
In the night of No stars and no moon

One layer is a struggle
One layer is a kind of metamorphosis
And in the pain of looking back
Kingston shows up with you and me for the Year of China

--HSI, the song for you

In the name of the poem 〉〉 I love you only because you are my youth the most beautiful miniature

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The angel tried to find himself. They don't believe in profundity.
Although they have a full range of diving equipment.
So easy to fall asleep.
They wash a bath when someone asks
For an example of "complete redemption."
The Phantom of My Flesh
The difference between us and angels is
We have different boiling points.
They evaporate easily.
And more inclined to love.
And even though we're so transparent,
is inspired by all kinds of evil side
Wake up with a big sadness.
And on the continuous fork of the story feeder
Lost our only sheep.

--Xiayu, very slow and sweet death.

We often wake up with great sadness, because we are not as innocent as the angel, "sleep well" in the heart of the head with sadness to sleep, wake up to deceive themselves , but only to the unhappy buried in the heart deeper. Sometimes face those wounds, embrace their weakness, may find that life has not been scarce.

In the name of the poem 〉〉 with you to face the wound's fragility

Those tears that break up in the morning
After getting up, the first kiss is green as a stalk.
to a dirty mirror.
Put your earrings back on.
Leave a sentence on the wall:
"The melancholy bottom of the heart of the secret happiness." 」
We missed the April micro-ice of seawater and
The time spent in vain to meet
The Bronze shop we missed flashed a cat's face at noon.
A guidebook called "The Lonely Planet."
Some ships left the port. Some people never appear again.
A Greek blue plus some Turkish green.
A sealed music and dye in a water bottle. and ruins.
"You are my most complete ruin."

--Xiayu, leave a sentence on the wall

Those tears break up in the morning, hope it is not just memory of the stem, but let us all become better people

〉〉 tears in the name of poetry make us better people

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Watch me, I'll be in your eyes
Kiss me, I'll be on your tongue
Hold me tight and I'll breathe in your palm
Forget me, I will always be in your heart

--Excerpts from Hong-hung, wherever I am

In the name of the poem 〉〉 the best do not need to remember

When you're old and your hair is frost and sleepy
Opened the book while napping on the fireside.
Slowly read your dreams, your eyes in the past
Deep feeling and soft fundus attachment
How many people are attached to your face
Loving you from the beauty of hypocrisy or truth
But only one person loves your pure soul.
Love the vicissitudes of your old age
And you're bending over the Xiang fire
With a touch of sadness to tell love how to escape
Escape thousands of peaks layering
And hid his face in the mighty Starry night.

When you're old, William Butler.

How many people are attached to your face, but only one person to love is your pure soul.

In the name of poetry 〉〉 hand 61, real world miracle old couple