Naked is comfortable, naked is a pain in the face of itself, followed by the stories of the girls' opening up their own bodies, quietly whispered in the sweet-beauty and itching of women.


end of the spring of the spring of the century, the woman's body was in the cold and soft breasts of the girl's body, and suddenly remembered the rain that he had just begun in the spring of the spring of 37 years ago."

When you go through more than half of China to sleep, the woman's body is the dogmus of capitalism and patriarchy. "Sleep. You sleep with your sleep. It's nothing but the force of the flesh. It's the flowability of this flower. It's the spring of this flower that made us miss our life again"

The woman's body wraps the pain, the memory of love, the days of the pain, the pure fantasy. Women in August, we collected traces of the body together with the Photographic notes .These stories may be bitter, the wounds of the depression, the direct view of their vulnerability, and the lack of perfection; the story may have a strong feeling that the lover fades away from the shield and is unprepared for the arms.Every share creates a complex group of women: good, good, perseverance, and soft.

This is a great story, because there's your story.

A lot of women are hostile toward their bodies, but you have to know that the only thing that women have to do is to be able to enjoy it only when you are a woman.
I am learning too.

— — Reader T

I never had a thorough observation of myself for 30 years, but my life was not a rule. But my life was no rule, because the cold and warm of the world was no rule; I woke up in the morning to look closely and look closely at the wounds of the pain.

Until his appearance, he saw the most real himself from his perspective, and I was arrogance when I was helpless, strong, and always waiting, waiting for the real presence of the fantasy.

Because of you, you understand what is truly bold and brave to love, to hate, to be brave, not to be shy, to be bold and unfamiliar, and to take bold steps to pursue that glaring star.There is no need to walk away from the grey area, because I and you have ... black and white.

Thank you for allowing me to see a thorough and unreserved __.

Women, please believe you are unique.
Just The Way You Are.

— — Reader Rebacca

boyfriend said, " I hope that if I become a photographer or someone else in the future, I don't want to take nude photos.

But I think we're the closest to ourselves, the hug of our own time
the luxury of concealding
we call the "demerits".
We can only accept what
call a weakness, and it's part of
You are simply hiding, or even ignoring,
of your own
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as I have recently started to like my humpback,
big eyes, my tangerine organization,
though not so much liked, but this is still a continuation of my
to walk around the world.

— — Reader Sherry

The naked self is made up of countless past, abandoned, and left behind.I picked up the debris left behind by the people I left in my heart, and I kept on living.Then I learned how to be angry, sad, lonely, joyful, excited, afraid and happy.I learned to work on everything and every emotion, and to study life, not to survive.The phrase “ On ne vit qu' une fois ”, which I stab, is a reminder that life is only once in life and cannot be rearrived at once.And that flower is the proof that I'm blooming.

— — Reader P.D

Searching for a woman's trajectory and ideas: Because of the accumulation of experience from an early age, I hate the patriarchal system, the most basic oppressive formula = male, female, or vise, or vise.So, to prove that both men and women can (or neither can) I begin to retrain, trying to use the "women of Yanggang" to resist paternal authority with the mentality of an "old woman", which is my body politico-political.

At this point, of course, I have encountered obstacles, regardless of whether a boy or a girl friend's understanding, persuadation, challenge, or flippin '.At this point, people would call me "brother," I don't care. I think I'm a girl, but I can be called a "brother".

I was working out for a while, I fell into the social "sexy", "fit" category, and began to contact more "male gaze" and sporadic sexual harassment, and let me be more aware of what I read in the literature, even though I was close to Yang just as a woman, and broke some of the preservative film, but in fact, I could not escape from patriarchal power.Even praising each other makes me resent. For example, I wonder why I can't call my "sister" properly, and ask the elder sister to damage my masculinable character?Couldn't the sister be a representative of Yang Gang?When someone said that I was so skinny and sexy, I had a lot of pulling at the same time: Did I deepen my patriarchal image of patriarchal and capitalist admiration?Of course, there are times when they are aware of their struggle to enjoy a lot of women's bonuses.

I started to reflect on why I oppose patriarchal tactics as a way of making myself a feminization and feminization. Should I despise myself as the greatest salute for women?Should we even embrace my female character?

When I read Ho Chun-jui's teacher, I looked at how scared I was, I was shy about my body, but the men didn't, they were free to talk about sex (even showing off), nudity, and urine, but the women were covered in obscibility and embarrassed by the fact.

Because women are seen to be losing money, men see that women are naked, and in the theory of compensation, I have been given the price of death, and I have been convinced by this theory to become a good woman who wants to revolt.

Is naked, compensable?

Why do I not feel comfortable looking at my bare skin?Will you start embracing naked bodies? Will you find yourself more?

— — Reader E

There is nothing you can do about it, and you want to move along with the silence of the world. If you have a waiting wait, you look forward to a tragic death.Who wants to try my bewilderness, it's very sweet, it's so hot; who wants to see my heartbreak, it's very amusing, it's very dirty.
I am a regular girl, wanna-share, living with depression.

— — Reader M.H.

This was taken when I was 18 years old, and the redness was seen by my lover, ashamed of himself, but I know “ I'm perfect in your eyes, imperfections makes me perfect. ” Accepting all of your own to be the best of yourself .

— — Reader H

Accepting all of your own is the best you can do.In the words of reader H. I would like to thank all the people who have given us an ulterior motive, so that we can look at the strength of our bodies and make it a wonderful thing to do.

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