The shooting was completed in 2013 and was only released in cinemas in 2015.One of the "comfort women" documentaries, " of of the grandma", was finally able to be heard by the "comfort " of the "comfort women" of 8/14, but not yet .(Manger, sometimes, dance sometimes: Deserred pronouns: comfort women's tenderness, tenderness )

Hear the sounds of history

" The injured reed does not break, he does not blow the mash of the lights, and he misfires the axioms."

The comfort women have gradually been taken seriously by the issue of the class.The comfort women were women who were abducted, conscripting, forced to provide sexual services to Japanese soldiers during the Second World War, many of whom were forced or tricked into sexual slavery."Apart from the definition, there are more important things that we can understand."

comfort women, not just the three words in the history books, are the victims of the times, and it is a tragic song that underprivileged women could not sing loudly in the middle of the night, but only in the middle of the night.Today, let's look at the story of the people who tell their stories through the "Song of the Reeds", and hear the voices of those who have never been of great concern.What is the argument? Fine tuning for the reverse class?Street voices: history should conform to local identity )

Exposing real sounds is actually a cost: when we decided to sing the history of history, were we to spread justice for the people in history, or to tear them apart by the wounds of the scab?Wu Hsiu-ching's director has taken a lot of hard work from the decision to shoot her, " We were rejected by Grandma Wu, she was cursed by the grandma, and she even ran away from her grandma's escape!His grandmother's resistance made him even more aware that, even in his later years, her grandmother was still struggling with the "comfort women" history, and once asked him to step back.Chief Executive Officer of the Women's Aid Association, Kang Shuhua and Hung Su-chun, gave him encouragement and strength, and the enthusiasm and ideals of "doing the right thing" hoped that the life story of the grandmother would be seen.

Grandmother's Ungrateful: A Friend Like Family

From 1992, the women's relief fund has come to the present day, regardless of whether it is the path to the day, the physical and mental workshops of the recovery, the grandma's dream program, the group outing, the women's associations, the women's associations, and the women's associations.What I saw in the film was the deepest point of contact, except for the family. What I saw was the sisterhood of love. What I saw was a window of window where you could talk about healing and healing.

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The nuns play with each other at the heart workshop game, a mini concert at dinner parties, and you sing and dance with him.Here, there is no racial or age barrier, and there is no stereotypical view of society. They live in the present and enjoy the present women.

When you have love in your heart, you have the ability to love.

War, challenges are humanity.Our grandma is a victim of a fragile human nature.From being trafficked from being trafficked, sexually assaulted, threatened, to be viewed, discussed, and discussed.I've seen the world of the world, and I've seen how many things I've done in life, and how many grievances can only be swallowed in the stomach. Tears can only be contained in the eyes.At the company of the Women's Aid Association, Grandma had a group of friends like family, a group of friends who were not in front of their fake friends.

As for the workshop, the nuns were actually not willing to do so. On the one hand, they were not sure about the purpose of the workshop, but on the other hand, they felt mistrust of the "this group" to meet.Even the most child-hearted Hsiu-ma, who came to the workshop, did not want to talk to others.The volunteers of Teacher Suzhen and the Women's Association have shared the feelings of their grandmothers with their empathy, and gradually moved their grandmothers.

Because when you keep on giving love, love actually feeds back on you.

though she occasionally sees a bitterness in her smile, you can still fully appreciate the sense of belonging to the group and the unreserved and warm smile that the grandmother has.I can see that after the grandmother's suffering, she still has love, and she is willing to believe in the beauty of human nature.I see a group of women who are in the doldrums, and I have another possibility to take life out of life.

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Girl in my heart: I still live in the most purest and painful times of my life.

The physical and psychological workshops are a process of healing, hoping that the children will be able to face their pain and continue their journey to life after they have been put aside, and that they will be able to save their lives in full life. (For your heal: Li Xinjie: "We can't avoid the wound, but let the wound take a flower" )

In addition to the body curriculum, the course of treatment also appears to be a very common occurrence.What's amazing is that, be it the proportion of decorations, or the dream of painting, it is very bold in color or material choice, and the main character in the grandma's chart is always a young girl.

I always live in my mind forever as a teenager, despite old age

their hearts, besides representing the old lady, the young lady is not old-hearted. The deeper meaning is that their hearts still remain in the age of girls, and that they are being exploited and bullied.

The happy memory of my grandma still stuck before he was taken by the Japanese police: " When I was the happiest, I was a student.I originally wanted to be a teacher after graduating from high school, and then continued to read it, but my dreams were shattered."Grandma's picture is a female student who has short hair, wore a dress, and polished a red nail polish," she said.

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What impressed me most was the lesson of "talking to you most people.""I am most grateful to you, Grandma," he said, "I am most grateful to you."When it comes to Grandma, the eyes of the little peach are full of laughter.

The peach was indecisive, and Teacher Chen asked a word he said.At first, the little walnut was unable to complete the course, saying that tears would always fall, and he didn't know what to say to Grandma.Brave, it is necessary to practice.In the case of Teacher Suzhen, I have seen the efforts of the peach, and there are more and more of them.As soon as the mother left, the stepmother often scoldled, and the little peach was the child of Grandma Wu.If you don't have a mother's milk, you don't have a grandma now.The greatest regret in my heart is that after coming back from the Southeast Asia, you can't see the last of your grandma, even without the opportunity of her grandma to smell her.Speaking of which, the tears of the peach's tears fall out of the ground.

"You think if Grandma is still there, what would he say to you?""

"Han Sun Tsai!""

Like memories of a cuddy dialogue, the repeated repeated repetition of the old lady's name "Han Sun-tsai" seems to be listening to everyone, as if she was saying it to herself.

The phrase, "Sun Tzu", had my tears burst.Whether you're five or 50, you're always a little girl and a little boy in your parents' hearts.Whether we're 60, 70, even 90, when we recall our grandparents, we would always be on his feet, listening to their stories of young times, and having the "Sun" of sugar eating.

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When the walnut bravely finished talking to your grandmother, she made a fine little flower blue: " This is a gift to me, Grandma, because I'm so happy, so I have to give him a lot of flowers!"I think I saw the short hair cut, the red nail polish, and the young lady who had taken the wild flowers off the road from school to give it to the grandparents."

No one should be punished. You deserve real happiness.

When you look at the silence of your grandmother, my mind suddenly pops up in May of May, and you're not really happy. >:

" You're not really happy, your smile is just the protection you wear."

Dear Grandma: You just quietly tolerate your mistakes, and you dare not let go of your hand yesterday.When the world laughs, you also laugh; when the world cries, you cry, because you know it's a game of survival.For a lifetime, like being punished, the crucifixion of the "comfort women", the bracelet, is shackles, and the pace of the grandma, as if there was no way to get a breath of relief or relief before death, was a sign of the "comfort women".

But you deserve real happiness!The society has labeled you a label that does not belong to you.When the whole world blamed you, I couldn't see you. After life and death, it was not easy to return to your loved ones, and the uncle used a sentence: "We don't have a bitch like you" evicted from the house.The courage to marry and the love of the family and the desire to be happy finally came to be abandoned by her husband and her husband.A series of experiences that make you even begin to believe that you are not worthy of love.

But my dear Grandma, this is not your fault!You are still the young girl with a good heart, and you are the young girl who, with love and destiny, forgets to forgive her own fate.(Everyone deserves to be loved: "Each type of defect is worth beloved by a degenerative man"

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old naughty of the Tarotic family, Shen-Argentina, is always full of vitality, and uses pure body language and pastime to entertaining people.Even so, when Grandma was alone, she still had a flickering of her eyes from time to time.The first time she felt the tranquility of her mother was the day that the church was baptiated: the mouth of the mouth was a little more sure of the unconscious smile and the look of her eyes.In a very late stage of life, Shen-China's grandmother had a way of trying to take part in church activities.The church's concern and faith in the faith allow the grandmother to truly lay down her pain and open a new life under the leadership of the Lord.

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my mind, Shen-Argentina's bapper footage of the mother was always in my mind, being devout as a Christian, standing in front of the church, embracing the warmth of a warm embrace and blessings.Grandma had the calm and happiness she had long had.

In the Grandma's Dream Project, you will find that your grandmother's dream is simple: you want to wear a beautiful wedding dress, you want to be a postman, want to be a flight attendant, want to read, and want to record a song.We are learning to be a very small thing, but bearing the regrets that it is not possible to complete dreams when they are young.

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Grandma, I'm sorry I didn't have time to let you hear it.

Every day that Grandma has a claim for the day is like a race against time.There are only a little peach and a flower, Grandma, who is now the 58-bit "comfort woman" of the comfort women.

In 2005, the verdict against the Japanese lawsuit was lost, and until today, the justice of the grandmother has been slow.A lot of people are very good. Why is it so hot for the comfort women in Japan to support the comfort women in the comfort women of the United States in Japan?

"We should begging for forgiveness while we can forgive our people.""

the face of the "comfort women" of the "comfort women", the people of Chai Yang and the Women's Aid Society feel that they are so sorry, but there is no way to let them have the respect and apologies that they should have 70 years ago in the limited time.

wish of the mother and the mother of Shen was that she wanted to live a long time, even if she was in bed, and she wanted to hear an apology from the Japanese government.

We do not want to incite racial hatred, nor do we need money.What we want is that the history of comfort women has been restored in real time.The comfort women are truly not just the three words of history textbooks.When we argue about "voluntary" or "compelled", we only look at comfort women from the perspective of the victims.In fact, comfort women are also human rights issues and women's rights.This is not just the story of 70 years ago, but sexual violence, sexual exploitation still exist in other parts of the world.

I'm sorry, Grandma, because of the neglect of the comfort women issue, you have no way to hear an apology that belongs to you in the lifetime of life.But thank you very much for being a model of gender violence in Taiwan, so that this story can be sung.(Sexual violence stops: "She should shut up and let us rape us" < India's daughters > documentaries to uncover the India round of violence )

I forgive you and I forgive myself

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In the snitch of Grandma Hsiu-mei, Su Zhen recouns the story of a woman who has been in the workshop with her.

There are two chairs, two with different colors of cloth.The teacher said, "Now, if you treat these two pieces as two people, what do you want to say to them?""

I forgive you, "she said," I forgive you, " and she used a chair as a bully in the war.Because I know that every one of them is in war."

Then you turn to another chair: "This is when I was young," he introduced to you, and said, " I forgive you too.I know you don't want and feel wrongfully, and I know you didn't mean to be deceived, so I forgive you."

I think when you have the courage to forgive yourself, embrace yourself, and represent you as a stronger person.

Hsiu-ma's mind has a good flower called a good flower (picture source: source )

first film, the mother of Lotus, with the help of her daughter, slowly walked into the front of the conference room.After you wave your hand, sit down with everyone and listen to Mr. Xianjing director and Shuhua CEO to thank you.Grandma Wu is a classic and gentle grandmother, and is one of the last surviving "comfort women" in Taiwan.

fact, the woman was actually wearing a mask and was unwilling to disclose his true identity.In other people's eyes and whisper, the old lady is a misgivings, and she does not talk about her past when she is a comfort woman.When she was in Japan, she was willing to put her own photo in the comfort women memorial, and let her own stories be seen.

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What I see is a loving Grandma, a grandmother who is still gently after the pain.After listening to his story, your tears would be a pity for you, Grandma, who is so fond of her.

The most important thing in history is that people disappear, but they don't.Just like the comfort women are not only the three words in the history textbook, they are real people, but they are quietly enduring the stories of the times, and then wait for one day to be sung.We should all have a sense of mission, a sense of mission for the comfort women to return justice and avoid sexual violence and sexual exploitation.We all came together, and we learned from the strength of our grandma that there was another kind of respect that was very respectful to life.

If you care about this issue as much as I do, please share this article and let Grandma be more remembered!

If you feel the same as me, recommend that you bring your friend to a movie theater to support the < reeds, > and let us listen to the old lady to sing the song that she has cured.

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