Ann (Yang Shu-ling), who has been in the advertising industry for more than twenty years, is currently the general manager of the Media Group, the first mass media group in Taiwan.The first one saw her, and she was deeply attracted by her passion, energy, and confidence.

When we asked her to describe herself in three adjectives, she said, "It's too hard to describe me with only three adjectives. The more I think about diligence, passion and openness, the more rigorousness, efficiency, pragmatism, daring, and the simplicity of the advertising media industry."

Unlimited people may have more opportunities

Universities are psychological, and when the advertising industry was underdeveloped 30 years ago, Ann wanted to enter the popular trading company.In high school, he even wanted to be a lawyer, accountant, physician, biologist and other professions. He also had a Japanese tour guide because of his interest in Japanese.Because she believed, "As long as you invest, it's possible to do anything."

After graduation, the school professor introduced a career in the range of students, starting on a half-day walk on Wednesdays, and thus entering the future advertising career.As a result of the rigorous approach to efficiency, and a conscientious and responsible attitude, it quickly became a leader in leading a dozen employees.

followed by Tsinghua, Mac, Ideology, Aad, and I was a company of David.Ann laughs at the fact that she has never had a career plan, and she doesn't have a special plan to do what she has to do." I just love to learn, and I like to try all kinds of new ideas. I believe that as long as we try hard, we will not be able to do things that we cannot do!Ann showed a sense of humility, saying, "You don't have to reserve power, do better things, people have unlimited possibilities, there are more opportunities tomorrow."She emphasizes that when she works, she doesn't want to be selfish, but only seven-eight-eight, and that's what you do.When you meet, you make a decision very quickly. First think about everything, and think about it as much as you can. Then you can do everything you can to do it whenever you have the opportunity to do it.


At the age of 33, Ann decided to give up his annual salary and go abroad to read the book.How do you have the courage to make such a decision?

Going abroad has always been her dream. Ten years after her work, she hasn't had enough money to pay for a while, but she hasn't been able to stay with her family and daughter for a while.In this way, Ann boldly left the job and went to Hawaii for two years.

"Go back to the point of origin to see yourself, how to do it, and to act boldly," Ann used her constant tone of voice to tell us.Never set a limit on oneself, and know what is right and seize the opportunity to do it. This is Ann.

do my

" A lot of people are better than me, I'm not particularly smart, I just do everything in my mind, not to think about it."Ann has been most happy with the experience of the people, that is, to take over this hot potato in the 100-to-ten-million-day liability."As a matter of attitude, she has all her heart and heart, and even used her own house to become a mortgage, starting with her own house and raising the ethical standards of her staff, she has finally been elected as an agent of the storm.

asks how she manages a company such as Angis?"No matter what the environment works, the most important thing is to maintain the basic principles of being a person," she said. "It is not always the best thing to do," she said.In her office, we felt that inclusion, felt the positive energy, felt the charisma of the leader that she had brought to her employees.

Finally, we ask Ann to share one sentence to the people of womany: "Let's look at things in the long run, and truly be honest and honest.""

In this interview, Ann we see is not a very serious general manager, but rather straightforward, undoing.Self-confidence, self-confidence, and self-confidence, so they are happy to learn anything; they are optimistic and positive, because she knows how to get back to the point of origin and do what they do.I'm really sincere, and thank you very much for everything we've seen, Ann.She knows very well that she has a different personality and knows what she wants to do, and that she doesn't hesitate to do it, and she lives every day seriously.

Trust yourself, there's no limit!"

After the interview, we smile and have the courage to say so.What about this?

brave and believe in your dreams and footsteps!

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