Have you heard the four-minute theory? Heard that through the four-minute theory can not only narrow the distance between each other, but also may let two strangers fall in love Oh! In the Tanabata Valentine's Day, dedicated to single and in love with you, together to experience a look at this magical four-minute theory! (Not predestined: love is not accidental!) 36 psychological problems that make you fall in love with a stranger

"The most exciting moment is when I look at you and you are watching me." 」

The Window of Soul.

Sherry and Xiaojingteng singing "One Eye Moment", will be a variety of emotions from the eye of the exchange of the list undoubtedly. Remember when I was a child lying, my mother will grasp my shoulder said: "Look at my eyes," this time I will be very afraid and she looked, deep fear of careless eyes will betray my little secret. From the fundus can reach your heart, no wonder Mencius will say: "Look at their eyes, people how thin?" 」

Eyes can bring you and me closer

In the New York Times, there was a very interesting report: Mandy Len Catron, a professor at Vancouver, had a hands-on experiment with the "interpersonal Intimacy Test" presented by psychologist Alan (Arthur Aron) and his team, resulting in College students who were just nodding acquaintances fell in love. The theory is a 36-step problem and a 4-minute gaze after the end of the conversation to bring the distance between two people and create a sense of intimacy.

it seems reasonable to pull the relationship up with 36 gradual questions! Because the close relationship between the two people from both sides of the steady, progressive self disclosure. By asking for answers and asking questions, you can not only learn from the other person, but also as a way of exploring yourself. From each other's constant dialogue, it is easy to resonate with common points, thereby increasing each other's sense of identity and intimacy. But what about the 4-minute gaze? Can the gaze really narrow the distance between each other?

Four-minute theory

Soulpancake is a video-manufacturing team on YouTube. They were curious and puzzled about the four-minute theory, and decided to test the magic four-minute theory. In the film, six couples are invited to different relationships: grandparents with a knot 缡 55 years, and strangers who have just met for 10 minutes.

"Four minutes As long as eternity! "I feel so nervous!" Can I blink? "I don't think it's natural." "Nothing to do in four minutes, not to speak, but to gaze at each other's eyes and make most people feel anxious." Usually too accustomed to express ourselves in words, in the face of the most primitive, most naked eye contact, unexpectedly feel panic. But anxiety and embarrassment are just temporary emotions, and over time, there seems to be some chemical change in the air. From the look in the eyes, as if to see the Invisible dialog box in the air, Shilai, passing the usual did not say the words. (You never thought:"Science teaches you to fall in love" in the Eye )

More than words.

Back to the original question: Can the four-minute theory really pull each other apart? I think so. If the eyes are the window of the soul, I will say that the eye is the communion of the soul. We see each other from each other's eyes, and we see ourselves. There is no body contact packaging, there is no language to disguise, in 4 minutes to see the process is more unable to transfer the view of the real feelings of the outpouring of breathing. We get more than words.

I believe that there is a desire to be close to my race between man and man. But with the progress of the Times, people with technology, distrust and indifference to pull away. Even we don't want to say the warmest words to the closest people, and sometimes we have reservations.

The four minute theory is just a way to help you practice eye contact, and to be honest with people is the begotten to get closer to each other. The indifference of modern society makes us often forget the simplest smiles.

Mother Teresa said, "You never know how powerful a simple smile is." 」

Why don't you try starting with a smile? On the way to work in the morning, with a smile to the building manager whispered, "Early!" 」。 When you get to the office, smile and greet your co-workers next door. When you buy something, don't forget to give a warm thank you and a sincere smile to your hardworking service friends. At first it should be difficult to step out of the active smile, greeting this step, it is difficult to accept other people's strange vision: "This person is so strange oh he smiled at me!" "But believe me, five or six times, you will also receive a warm smile back, the distance between you will be a step closer to five days ago." (Love is a mirror: smile to see the world, and the world will smile to you )

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When was the last time you looked into the eyes of a person? Dear, do not be afraid too naked emotional expression. Today in the Tanabata Valentine's Day, try a four-minute theory!