Independent woman Characteristics: You believe in Ningquewulan , compared to two people drag you are accustomed to a person at ease, you believe that economic independence can make you grow up and free, you hate to trouble others, not even easy to believe that partners. Are you such a girl? Together found five to love a step closer to the secret, independent, can also be very happy. (Recommended reading: Each relationship is a practice!) Seven love exercises to embrace happiness )

"That's the way people are, where you're strong, and where your weakness is." --Bi- yu " massage "

This sentence is very suitable for an independent woman, the people around you say you are smart, but exudes a "not sincere don't disturb" temperament. About to get to know someone from the fellowship you have been lazy, you believe that you are a good person, really do not need who to disrupt. You like to buy a bag after six months of hard work to reward yourself and not let the pursuer carry the pride for you.

You support your ideal of life with financial independence, and support you in your love to maintain the integrity of the individual. However, where you are strong, weakness is where, love for you a bit like Arabian Nights, in fact, you hurt enough heart, finally forced to learn to do their best lover. (Extended reading: to my Chinese ex-boyfriend: I want a democratic and independent love )

You know too well that you are willing to go through fire and fire, would rather be naked, but also all the feathers of the body to cover each other unreservedly, in love, you are such a woman, so most of the time, you decide to fly alone.

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A person is also very good, does not mean that you do not need love.

But there are always times, many hope that there is a pair of clear eyes can gently see through our beautiful barren, hope that the most transparent of the heart of the clean and good can be taken seriously, look forward to those who occasionally night lights a person's confusion who to accompany.

But you prevent yourself from falling deep into the mire of possible stumbles, refusing to be too enthusiastic about love makes you miss yourself, but carelessly, all possible like ephemeral, you met the old man at the wedding of the past he felt disappointed; you remember the first kiss on the familiar street corner; you feel lonely with popcorn every Christmas.

Hey, you can't be in love, you're not too strong so nobody loves. Five love practice to independent of you, about yourself, you may know better than anyone, but when it comes to love, you have to be more stupid. (Extended reading: Stupid Love, happy life )

Losing "independence" doesn't mean losing yourself.

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Promises often make people feel sacrificed, "to keep themselves in love" is the horseshoes of the thousands of miles of balance lesson. When there is a little bit of weakness in love, you start to feel flustered, "he must love Me more", "I can't form the habit of relying on him", and these thoughts make you always figuring out who the winner is in love.

Are you afraid of losing your "independence"? Dependence is not the life of a stall in the other half, care is not the focus of life only each other. Losing a little independence doesn't mean you'll lose yourself. Admit it, you just like in his big arms of peace of mind, you just like to have a person to eat breakfast, you will always for someone to send you an umbrella and moved.

there is no "best independent Award" in the world. Occasionally, you should ask for a lovelorn vacation and learn to drink some drunken tears in front of your old friends. The best love, will let you be willing to rest assured rascal, greedy, the best love, also can let you know to let go, the same nest also can fly. The best love, let you know that you can not be independent, can also have their own. (You will like: really understand you, is to love you )

You should remove the "Independent women" title.

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Those who wear the crown of "successful women" and "independent women" are often cast to a higher level of anticipation. They think you are invincible, can endless overtime work, customer staff a hood, rush to stay up too cold, love must be put in the last place, they look forward to you, until you are so expecting yourself.

Our relationship with life can not only work, we complete their own way can not just meet the expectations of others. This way you have a kind of doubt: why I can change the obstacles in my work, but can not change the love of him?

Yes, you're too used to changing people, changing your partner's proposal, your boss's formality, changing your performance, and changing your seniority. So you think that love should also be easy for you to change, for you to shake. Love is not a game, can meet again and again, more harvest. It is just a constant river, very quiet, not noisy flow in your heart.

Sanmao said: "True love, is not nervous, you can in front of his reckless hiccups, fart, digging ears, runny nose, the person who really loves you, is that you can not wash your face, do not comb, do not wear makeup to see the person." 」

True love, is not nervous. Hey, you don't need to carve out the flaws of love and give yourself a "resilient" life! Let the heart have more lines to give other relationships.

Don't always want to control all

As an independent woman you are used to dealing with anything with your "set". "I'll pay for my own money," "he said today," he should wear that suit today "," if you follow the map, will you get lost? " You always take a little pride to the relationship, as if every step to follow your advice to go the most reliable.

Hey, once in a while let him eat a meal why not, everyone has self-esteem, rather than in front of the counter put off, as a big face to him! Also agreed: "This time you invited me, the next time I Oh!" 」。 Of course, let him take you to get lost, maybe there will be more interesting things happen! (Would you like:"female-weary" women and the love of their own problems?) The ubiquitous trap of the weary woman )

As another companion, you should learn to lay down your professional and dependable, no longer use the "logic" to structure a love, but let the heart to decide, like Shakespeare in "Romeo and Juliet" wrote: "Love is a gentle thing, if you drag it down together, it is too embarrassing it." "Sometimes confused, love easier."

Accept your frailty, and accept his frailty.

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Many independent women are accustomed to building up their own strengths and independence so that they tend to attract "dependent men" who share a common trait: they are particularly unsure of themselves and want to be looked after. Sometimes you will have the illusion that your unconditional giving and helping is love, but for a long time, you seem more like a mother than a girlfriend. (same field Gayon: Three kinds of attachment patterns that affect love!) To use psychology to find the feeling of security )

You don't have to act as if you don't need anyone, and you can be a good person. Accept the fragile first step: put down the rudder paddle on your hand. Love is full of risks, you don't have to be in a safe boat, you can surf, dive, and float. Give the power back to love itself, and let it take you to see each other's frailty and hurt.

Are you afraid that you are at a disadvantage in love because you are weak? Frankly fragile courage is more than one person bear everything, I think every wound is like a door, if he crosses together, to your heart a step closer.

Prepare for becoming a "us": A companion is not the whole of life

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You are afraid of falling in love because you do not want to go through such a shattering breakup, a long night of healing, so you do not enjoy love again. This idea behind, in fact, you need to care more than anyone, because once the factor of love into your life is always spilt over, you even fear because of love, you can not "do yourself".

Hey, don't worry about putting yourself in a relationship, being too cautious will only make you more nervous. "Keep your autonomy" is to lead him to see the things that make you happy, you may travel to experience the world, he will because you do not feel the adventure. You still live your life frankly, he's because you have a new happiness.

You are "we" and are also an independent "I". There is bound to be disagreement between you, please do not stop him to pursue life, as you do not want to be love overturned dream.

"The most essential core of love is freedom." 」


What really hurts us is not love, but the feeling of being hurt within a region of non love, and the Greed of love, the desire to be satisfied, and the expectations that are used to make you happy, not a complete love. So step by step for each other to set up the rules of the game, Love began not free, do not flow.

To the Dear independent woman, I like your independence, you also must learn to like oneself in the love not independent appearance. I like you because of longing for freedom and full of dreams of pride side face, I like you for love confused but also risked a love again love brave. I like the way you yearn to fly in love, sometimes you fly to a flame, sometimes you like a migratory bird along a path of the signal peace of mind.

I wish that day would come soon: he could understand the desolation beneath you, and touch your soul with a gentle vibration; someone willing to accompany you to the ups and downs, quiet, flying.

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