Women obsessed with the first pelvic Sports Salon series in Paradise is over! Thank you, professional physiotherapist/woman fan. Finnish overseas writer Miao-Claire, this summer brings us three full pelvic exercises. Do not sign up for you, do not worry, we will continue in the future in the park to continue to promote the physical and mental health of practical courses. Follow the X Lab intern Chia's Little notes , hit "Exercise your pelvic muscles, stay away from menstrual cramps," and share the pelvic movement you can do at home to make you happy every day. (same field Gayon: The body also has the freedom of happiness!) Physical therapist Claire exercises to teach you to solve your lower-body problems

Honey, do you have pain in your menstrual cramps? A few days a month, belly tightness swelling, your discomfort we all understand! Now, let's follow the three stages of the pelvic movement carefully arranged by Claire teacher, starting with a good relationship with your body, feeling each breath interacting with your body, and activating your pelvic blood in time to help ease your discomfort every month.

Welcome to: Women's paradise on the third floor, our city Oasis

This body salon is the first open event in the "Limb Workshop" space on the third floor of the women's paradise. Here there is a wall covered with full-body mirrors, the whole space is light pink purple, in addition to suitable for all kinds of body classes and small workshops, is also a body can be filled with energy of meditation space. (same field Gayon:"When we are together, this is home" the woman is obsessed with the concept of physical space )

Before the course begins, my salon information on the network in advance to browse the curriculum, has begun to be full of anticipation: The first Class "Know the Body", the second class "Breathing and you", the third class "soothing pain", what exactly Claire teacher will bring us what kind of sports feel? So, I held the yoga mat, with a little excitement, a little anticipation, and attended the salon students to enter this healing space together.

Each class is a solid one hour and a half, Claire will lead us to pelvic movement and core exercise, and in each of the sports groups, she will walk to each student, depending on the individual differences to adjust our posture, help everyone feel their limbs, find the muscles in each action of the most appropriate position. After completing the progress of each class, Claire will use the video to explain each of the body muscles we used during the exercise, as well as some exercise physiology related knowledge, to strengthen our understanding of our bodies.

Oh, and then there is! Continuation of female fans always insist on one more thing spirit, the end of each class is never really the end. At the end of the weekly course, Claire will designate a few sports training that can be done at home or in the office every day as our homework and be examined in the next class. Let students even after the end of the course, can also exercise their own, daily continuous maintenance for the body.

The beginning of the "first lesson": Opening up the most important local muscle of women

The first class, the students are very punctual to the third floor of paradise, I can see that everyone and I look forward to this salon will bring us what different sports feel. After laying the yoga mat, Claire gave us the first instruction,

"Lie down, imagine your head is 12 points, the foot is six points, the right is three points, the left is nine points." 」

She instructed us to lie down, "try to move the pelvis toward the head, to the right, to the foot, to the left." Then back to the head, the pelvis is like a bowl, rolling on the floor with the clock. 」

So, we follow the instructions, let the pelvis up, starting from 12 point, slowly toward the direction of the clock to draw a circle. Next, let the pelvis draw circles in the direction of the reverse clock. A circular motion with this slow pelvis can help us find where the pelvis should be and return it to the center of the body. After that we also practiced the pelvic movement in the side lying position.

Claire, a physical therapist, says women's pelvic movement can increase blood flow and relieve stress, preventing uterine lesions from worsening and relieving pain. If you are so severe that you can't make big moves, or if you want to improve your uterus after the postpartum period, you can rest in bed, do pelvic clock movement, improve the blood circulation of the pelvic muscles, relieve the discomfort of the body.

Secretly admitted that in the Claire want us to lie down in the present, my heart burst a cheer: Lie down, is the world's most comfortable posture! In the movement of the pelvis as the clock draws round, the movements are slow but extremely stable. For me to sit in the office all day long enough to feel the connection between the pelvis, muscles and bones, and to experience the process of exercising the pelvic floor, which is the best proof of trying to have a serious conversation with one's body.

"Second lesson" breathing with you: The simplest is the hardest to do

This lesson, a continuation of the understanding of the pelvic and development exercise, but in the exercise of the inclusion of "breathing" elements. Breathing, is we leave the mother's belly did not stop doing things, and you also because it is taken for granted, and did not feel a good sense of every breath in and out of the body? (Recommended reading: Release Stress love health, a breath and spit is free )

So, when everyone is lying on the yoga mat, Claire lets us try different ways of moving and breathing: lift your legs as you inhale, and lift your legs when you exhale. Claire also explained to us that the reason for choosing these actions is that, in general, when inhaling, it can help us to make the posture of leg lift, while exhaling, it is easier to make the leg down action.

Claire also reminds us that in the course of action can maintain natural breathing, do not hold your breath, so as to avoid breath breathing (valsava), elevated blood pressure, chest pressure will also rise.

"Next, we are going to practice the bridge type. "claire's face suddenly a shallow smile:" Want to butt a little bit more people can do this action. " "In other words, if you want a peach butt that fits a summer bikini, you can use the bridge and exercise your hips, back, anterior thigh muscles and nuclear heart muscle mass:

  1. Lie flat on the ground, knees and shoulders wide, palms of hands down to the sides of the body.
  2. Inhale and prepare, exhale and push the floor, naturally lift the body, weight between the shoulder blades.
  3. Stop at the top, inhale, exhale, and slowly drop the pelvis back to its original position.

In the process of the bridge-type second step hips lifting, Claire comes over, one by one gently helps our pelvis, gently reminding: "You have to feel, feel every spine, a section of the ground, slowly away from the floor." 」

As a result, I tried to isolate all distractions in the spine, and, with each deep inhalation and exhalation, returned to the body's most relaxed posture: to appreciate each action after the body's feelings, each breath of vomit and physical body of the subtle changes.

"The third lesson" sweeps the air to accumulate the pressure: the body also has the joyful freedom

The last class, into the body classroom, can see the whole body mirror before, has helped each student to arrange each person a chair. The first two classes, more action is done on the floor, this Hall, let us learn how to use the home or office props-Chairs-– help us to complete more advanced action.

Claire this time to explain the cause of menstrual pain, and use the film to carefully describe the female reproductive organs, including the uterus, bladder and rectum, and the surrounding will affect the uterine contraction of the muscles, including pelvic floor muscle, abdominal muscles, etc., explains why the active pelvis, induced by these muscles, can improve menstrual pain and discomfort problems.

Claire refers to a period of time to affect the key: stress, because the pressure caused by muscle tension, strengthen the menstrual period when the discomfort, if you can reduce the pressure, indeed can reduce pain, so the Claire also brought into the office can do some of the pressure relief action.

One of these is the upper back-strengthening exercise that strengthens the muscles around the scapula, helps to activate the back muscles, and makes your upper back relax. Shoulder neck ache, back stiff, believe for a lot of students or must sedentary office workers, are long-term posture bad result.

"Now, everyone sits down on the chair. "claire reminded:" Sit well, don't hump. " "So the original sitting on the chair, showing a variety of relaxed posture of us, the moment is very tacit understanding of the shoulder after shrinking, back forward quite." After adjusting the seated posture, we followed Claire's instructions and began to do the upper-back reinforcement exercise step after stage:

  1. Body to sit, both hands on the back of the head position, slightly folded chin, shoulder relaxed.
  2. The body leans forward, exhale, and elbows slowly close to the door.
  3. Then, when you get up and back, go with the inhale, slowly open the elbow, chest toward the ceiling.

I don't know if my neck is too tight, this seemingly simple movement, in performing the third step, I try to tilt the upper body back, but only to see part of the ceiling. I secretly looked at the BENFA password side with us to do the action of the Claire, whether it is forward or backward, her every action looks relaxed and smooth.

With this action, it also makes me realize that the sedentary posture has accumulated a lot of pressure on my body. With each extension of the back, you can gradually feel the back of the muscles slowly "wake up." After the last lesson of the upper body stretching, neck and shoulders long-lost comfortable is also a warning. (You will also like: no more hunchback!) Six points to maintain correct posture )

In the unconscious state, the daily "do not pay attention" gradually accumulated into "uncomfortable." Therefore, before the class, I am wary of their own in the course of every day to observe the state of the body, from time to time for the important it to clean up the pressure, so that the body anytime and anywhere to enjoy the freedom of happiness.

The body maintenance that can do at home also, simple have good color

At the end of the three courses, it is not easy to find every seemingly relaxing movement. Thanks to Claire for bringing us a solid three classes, step-by-step lead us from the pelvic floor to begin with, one step-by-step to strengthen our core muscle group, enhance the body's balance ability, help improve the damage caused by bad posture. If the body's lymphatic system can be well cycled, not only can enhance our immunity, but also make blood circulation better, make you look healthier.

It 's sweet. Claire also shared a few moves at home that allowed girls who didn't attend a body lesson to practice at home to be considerate:

Lesson One: Superficial

Starting position: Lying, hands on both sides of the body, feet raised, legs parallel to the floor.

Action: Inhale preparation, exhale when one foot down, inhale when lift, keep the pelvis does not move, keep the knee angle unchanged, imagine your feet in the water gently point, repeated eight times.

Lesson Two: The Pendulum

Start position: Lie on side, bend lower foot, lift above foot, height and pelvis.

Action: Inhale preparation, exhale when the top foot toward the front, feet forward hook, exhale back, cushion toe, imagine your foot is pendulum, swing back and forth, the process of the body upper and pelvis remain motionless, repeated eight times.

Lesson Three: Cat yawn

Starting position: four foot kneeling posture


1 Inhale and prepare, exhale the pelvis backward, bend back forward, like a cat arching back.

2 Inhale the pelvis forward, belly down, chest open, like a cat stretching. Repeated four times.

Women's Body Salon series The first, three pelvic movement, the use of small and exquisite form, the teacher can interact with students in real time, to give advice and help posture adjustment, so that every participant can feel our intimate and caring. Hope that through this sharing and curriculum, so that we can deepen their understanding of the body, learn the limits of the body, and know how to protect and maintain it. Because women fans, not only want to do your spiritual pillars, but also want to take good care of your health, so that you from the inside out, can have a special belong to your freedom and happiness!

Responsible Editor: Jia Jun