Katherine Switzer , the first female contestant to participate in the Boston Marathon , said, "When I run a marathon, my shoulders are wet-women fall in my arms and cry, because running changes their lives." They feel an unprecedented power. " What is the reason for the marathon runner to keep moving forward, defying hardships? What is the experience that can make people change their fate in the course of running? (same field Gayon: every start is reborn!) Jin: Running made me realize that I was stronger than I thought.

"Update" 10/6 Tuesday evening, the invitation to the September female fans big guest Jin to share her experience of finding herself by running. From a girl who hates sports, to run 13 overseas marathons in a year, and learn to cherish and love yourself in the process. I believe that after this evening, you will appreciate Jin this once walked the bottom of life, but by running back to find a strong woman happy.

Jin, who was interviewed by a woman, said:

"It was a run that made me realize that I was stronger than I thought ⋯ all the sense of accomplishment is given to me, even if you are at the end of the last second to get to the finish line, you can tell yourself ' great, I did it '.

Although, in the course of running, she also struggled: the whole body aches, the weather changes, the past unhappy recollection, all sorts of people want to give up the idea in every marathon always will emerge. (same field Gayon: Jin, every start is a rebirth. )

"Running is no more than a series of argument between the part of your brain that wants to stop, and the part that WA NTS to keep going "running is nothing but an endless debate in your head: the part that wants to stop breathing, and the part that keeps trying to move forward. ”

But the thought of beginner's mind, who wants to prove himself and surpass himself, is always better than the idea of wanting to stop and give up in the mind. In the course of running a marathon, she will always be inspired by the people along the road: The runners who have turned their feet and continue to run forward, the beautiful scenery along the way and the spectators who cheered loudly. (You will also like: Do you really love the road run?) Can not miss the world's Top ten marathon )

Finally, when crossing the finish line, in the moment of "impossible task", the past hurts and negative thoughts are all healed by great joy and fulfillment. (Recommended reading: Lin Yijie x Zhang Jiajie x Van Yisen running philosophy )

Also because of the depression of their own experience, Jin more understand how happy now is so valuable. In the past, she often had to shop and eat, but it was sometimes unhealthy, because it usually regretted her impulses afterwards.

As a result, she is now more hopeful that the positive energy and happiness that she feels during her run is being extended to all girls.

What is the fun of running a marathon? The unhappy person, is how can learn to find the vitality of laughter?

10/6 face-to-face with Jin, listening to her share of life's transitions and the love of the marathon. Uphold the woman fan one more thing spirit, an hour to share will end, together set out to Daan Forest Park, experience "Together Gan ba dish" charm.