Women obsessed with the Witch Project , women, Huye, we invite different authors to watch the 2015 Women's Film Festival focus sheet! This "three Gu sex teaching desire" is a French sketch, from the old woman is not understood by the daughter of the second spring talk about, the old woman finally has the lens and the picture to talk about their own lust, successive and is the first time of adolescence defection, mother and first love lover's Again, Let's unhurriedly about lust.

How did puberty begin? A maiden jumps from the family to escape, the face sweeps over the faint makeup, the chest because runs ups and downs to be ready, the head also does not return the farewell young.

And how does aging come to the door? You stared at the mirror and found the first gray hair, still too late to break read and then found the face also collapsed down, you suddenly become an aunt, no one want to look at you, you feel that you suddenly have no courage to flee, aging vigorously knock like a small horn as sharp.

At this time, the distance between puberty and aging of the same distant little girl, lying on the grass looking at the clouds, Feet micro-Zhang, look forward to their first passion came.

You love so down and down, he loves so freely, you despise him so right-wing conservative, he does not understand why you are so left free, only the little girl leaning against the window, listening to her aunt Mouth foam fly speak, labia How to unfold the first bold adventure, your body is a huge nuclear reactor, you grow up to know more.

The beginning of the film "The third aunt's desire for sex" is spanning three generations of erotic scene, from the table spread to the bed of suspicion and ambiguous, more than 60-year-old mother and talk about love, the daughter of Agathe's little daughter Zouzou steal from the window to escape, seemingly life perfect Marie steal talk phone is going to cheat? Everyone is spying on other people, everyone is wondering about others, you say, how do you face the lust?

The sexual nature of an old woman and a little girl: no standard-answer lust

The story from the old woman's lust, mother's shy to announce their love again, three daughters but have embarrassed embarrassment, "how to believe that mom more than 60 years old and sexual desire, but also to sleep with people?" "The child's seemingly naïve concern is actually more brutal," You say, what do you like about this old man? Are you serious? 」

Mom's lover suddenly debut, dressed decently, but no one really remember his name, in the end is Jean-luc or Jean-pierre? No one but the runaway granddaughter really cared.

Our society is as cruel as old age, and no longer qualified to talk about love, no, even talk about sex has no weight. As you grow older, you are constantly going to sex, and your body no longer wants to touch, your lust no longer cares, the world is not your play.

"The three-gu sex" but the "old lust" to deal with the issue skillfully, mother son of Lust did not want to prove anything to who, no deliberately hot naked lens, no intentional " Our passions are also very much lost in the two-dollar confrontation, they were as clumsy as they were when they were young, sweaty, and lust was there, whether you admit it or not.

The camera turns, the little daughter's boudoir lust also Anchao surging, downstairs table on a owe years of discussion is beginning. For example, do we owe the organ a noun teaching, do you use "this" and that to make the lust invisible? Do we accidentally let children fear sex and love? A little girl leaning over the window eavesdropping on the first sexual enlightenment, those unfamiliar nouns Double B, Vulva, clitoris, another granddaughter is a dynamic practice pie Juliet, from the window even a jump, to chase the poor performance of Romeo.

Lust is never only a canon of imagination, old woman "late" confession, small granddaughter "precocious" lust, the desire of the elder daughter to the young lover, two daughter to cheat on the ego, three daughter to never confess the defect, desire has different shape, human body is the carrier, lust never should have standard answer. (Recommended reading: when "sex" comes from a bed to a friend's conversation: "The right sex concept" doesn't exist )

The old woman and the little granddaughter secretly conspire to laugh, they are connected with the disease, they first know each other's secret.

Simplified male sexuality, forced disappearance of the sexual organ noun

When the practice of Juliet ran out of her adolescence, the young Romeo lying on the pile of straw, in order to frustrated the "first" sad, the book clearly told him men should be very fierce, the first time is also very good, how the reality is not so? The other two men who entered the middle age were talking about hair and baldness, or wearing wigs? I heard that the former who is wearing a wig, naturally very ...

The male passions of the screen are often rounded, with only the convention simplified and the Mechanical Act reckless, as if a man should know how to have sex. "Three gu jiao" to talk about the sexual desire of the age, the other gender. How do men face adolescence and the advent of aging, will they have similar concerns? Why are they always outside the conversation?

"Three gu sex teach desire" put the man's mood to lift face, this group of men three-dimensional up. They are not only very young or very old, ugly or very handsome, strong or weak two yuan choice, they are so worried about all kinds of trifles, in fact, they are always afraid.

Another in the film is pulled out of the discussion, in life is often forced to disappear, is the sexual organ discussion. In those years, "you" or "below", with vague words, the older daughter complained to her, "I've never learned how to teach my daughter." "When they heard the clitoris up to 11 centimeters, all the people in the family stared. Sexual discussion, starting from the table, through the mouth of the little girl ran to the neighborhood, everyone suddenly is a little girl, the first time to imagine their clitoris to start the adventure, slightly trembling, because the lust 臃 rose up, the road is so out of the original.

Three generations apart, the last two daughters teach their children to read organs, this is the eye, this is the eyebrows, this is the clitoris, that is the mouth, that is the shoulder, that is the penis, the sex organ is not a black hole in the language, it carries you wet and dry sometimes of the lust, it is you should know the organ, should not be forgotten.

France is too good at making sketches, probably because they have a little more suspicion of life than others. Is the world really like this? Is the lust really a hot hollywood sex scene without any embarrassment? "Three gu Sex teach desire", did not want to guard type of teach you what, he just let those forgotten, be neglected, be simplified, rejected the lust and emotion are honest, by the parties said export.

"Three Gu sex teaching desire" is not a sex education class, the textbook always has the standard answer, but you cannot find in oneself body. In the pursuit of Zouzou, in fact, everyone is looking for their own. The story is complete, but love is never taken for granted.