Woman fan for you to read the poem unit for half a year, we look forward to this moment for a long time--with you enter the poet's heart. I like quoting Chiang Hsun. "24 hours a day is so long, can we leave 18 minutes for a poem?" "Reading a poem is 18 minutes, in which the soul, perhaps the poet of the 18 years so deep." Today, we know the important hand of the Taiwanese poetic culture, Hong-hong.

You may know him, you may not know him, and if you are a person who reads poetry, you must be influenced by him anyway. Because he is a not trivial poet, in addition to writing, he is more active in the promotion of Taiwanese literature, cross-domain artistic creation. He is Hong, the founder of Black-eyed culture, a poetry reader of "toilet paper", black-eyed publishing, black-eyed troupe, the curator of the Taipei Poetry Festival, and the curator of the new Bei Film Festival. I really do not know what to say he is good, Hong this word, I think itself with a little of the meaning of a synthesizer.

Met Hong before, I thought that the poem is the time to pick up the small indeed fortunately, into his world dimension, I saw how the poem carved his life of the macro-history, he put poetry as a soul carrying, such as the vessel unwieldy dragged into this great era of profound description. I walked into the office of the black eyes, hung hung up and sat, we began to Pangu Shi how to take root in Taiwan this piece of soil.

There are words in everyone's life: let Literature go back to life

"15 years ago, Taipei was very much in need of literary activity, when literature did not seem to have so many growth space. In 2004, I took over the Taipei Poetry Festival and transformed it into a "poetry-centered cross-field festival", focusing on the social significance and social role of literature, and we hope that literature comes from life and back to life. 」

Let literature return to life, so a nearly ten years, Hong said that Taipei Poetry Festival in addition to service Wenqing, the most important is to open up the people and literature contact. Who says literature is far from the horizon? He made literature more populist, with performance, art, closer to the reader.

This year is the poetry of the revolution, the design of the poet Night Shop, breakfast sports, there is a democratic wall, so that people can also participate in the creation of poetry, hope that all people can become the creator of poetry, readers, and share. 」

Hong thought that poetry should be cross-border, multi media, public, and even this year in the MRT underground street performing art "Dance behind You" to contact a lot of people, network levy "plural into poetry" more to conserve all forms of poetic creation for beginner's mind, he is eager to poetry has more contact with the world's interface, even if read a line, be appreciated a word is good. Poetry for Hong is a way of sharing life, he likes to communicate, think poetry is the most rapid understanding of a stranger carrier.

On Europe and China: the various Pentium of poetry in the city

"An open and free city will have a poem in it," he said. 」

Hong also participated in foreign poetry activities, he talked about his experience in China to participate in poetry festival: "China is the only" few countries that have no democratic speech, they produced a mechanism, their own poetry printed, not official public trafficking, poetry in the Gucheng generation is very enthusiastic. Capitalism after the compression of the function of poetry, in recent years there is reflux, we make money after discovering the heart emptiness, back to find sustenance poetry. 」

There are many poetry festivals in China are founded by wealthy real estate businessmen, earning money to repay the development of literature. He went to China to communicate, and it was hard for the people to imagine that Taiwan's poetry festival would be held by the authorities and not be controlled by ideology.

There are two forms of the saving of the poetry of Hong-hong Su Si Europe, one is the communion between poets and the other is the spread of the masses. He said that the Berlin Poetry Festival was a special joy. "I very much appreciate the Berlin Poetry Festival, the stage under thousands of people, a poem on the stage in the mother tongue to read poetry, the following people turned the booklet to see the Germans like to hear people recite, some writers can not rely on the fee to survive, will participate in recitation activities." They will also invite artists from different regions to collaborate in the field of poetry, and European writers know how to express themselves because they are more often oriented towards the masses. 」

Hong said that envy of their culture at the same time, also hope to become the media: "I hope to convey good poetry to more people, so I often go to foreign poetry to communicate, understand the new poets, understand different emotions, each exchange feel is very good learning." (Extended reading: The Taiwanese who love to emphasize the international view are actually "cultural retards"?) Cultural prejudices keep you away from the world

Poetry, is the most without the threshold of literature

"Any art has a threshold, and the poem is not accidental, it seems to be a very elitist philology, but I think they are actually the best way to get started, I often exchange activities abroad, poetry as a medium of communication, is very rapid, for the people of poetry is in their lives around, you think poetry is just a lot of concise sentences. 」

The magic of poetry is that it can write the most intimate emotions, but also the public sphere of justice. Hong also said that modern poetry to do many formal experiments, aesthetic breakthroughs, initially not easy to be accepted, so they do activities to do is "reinterpretation", narrowing the distance between people and poetry, so that everyone can feel the essence of reading the beautiful.

Therefore, the Taipei Poetry Festival attaches great importance to cross-border and international, and aims to lengthen the reading of poetry, so that readers can contact more different poets, and broaden their horizons.

Hong on Taiwan's external promotion of literature and culture, still look forward to a relative cultural center. "Paris, New York, has a cultural center dedicated to the promotion of urban culture. Our cultural center is a team that is rich in Taiwanese characteristics. The promotion of poetry has not always been the focus of the people do not have the ability to do this, they just talk about a book of poetry translation of copyright is very hard. "Hong-hung wishes to set up a poet's house, not only to bring internationalization into Taiwan, but also to push Taiwanese poets to the world."

Don't disappoint the pen on the hand: You can speak, you must write for people who can not make a sound

"As creators try not to be divorced from reality, I hope that we can continue to interact with society and understand the needs of society." 」

I thought the poet was alone, but Hong "WTO" is surprising. He not only promotes literature, but also participates in social affairs more actively. Hong is known to take the pen to the street, the poet who wrote the history of Taiwan, he said: "Participation in social movements for me is the opportunity to learn, the society is very complex and more than yuan, as I have grown up with the text of the people, can understand very little, this is my support for the community of the pipeline." Every time I'm on the street, I feel like I've got a lot of things. Silence itself is not normal, to understand a lot of public issues, understand why they stand here. It makes me a sober person. (Recommended reading: Taiwanese, why are you so busy?) )

He said it made it clear that life is always full of visions, confirming that you are on the right path.

Hong shoulder of a world to be pleasantly surprised, he willingly said: "I am doing what I like, I am a very lucky person." Have the opportunity to do so much, can slowly build up to make the world a little better. 」

"Before the Wang teacher taught me to write, he has a sentence I have been in the past few years to understand:" You have a pen, is to be for those who can not make a sound writing, or to disappoint the pen. "I thought it was his philosophy, and after more than 10 or 20 years, it suddenly occurred to me that it was really the case." 」

Hong to talk about his multiple roles, there is only one purpose: "All these things are created, you do one thing, make the world different." Writing a poem makes a person feel a little bit and is encouraged. My book is the smallest of all the books, will not sell money and no one to do, theater I think there is the need for existence, indeed can profoundly affect a person. 」

I also like the small, but only the small is not enough

Hong is dubbed Taiwan's most senior Wenqing, contemporary Wenqing, angry youth is often misunderstood as derogatory, he said that this is a neutral word, the community can not be without Wenqing and angry youth. "Wenqing Everybody most criticized is his life experience is insufficient, Wenqing the advantage is he has a kind of yearning, to certain age, as long as has the opportunity to dissected it, Wenqing very likely becomes the social power, nourishes Wenqing's work not to be groundless." 」

"The Angry Youth is this society more has the action power person." Wenqing to read a few more books to choose a position. The world needs to be angry. We need people who don't think carefully to save the society. Sometimes thinking, is delay. 」

Those who read poetry should not be selves here, but more thoughtful and action.

"I can not only praise small indeed happy, I also like the small indeed, but to know that this is not enough." 」

Hong the poem of Erich Fouri, an Austrian Jewish poet, to a generation of contemporary Wenqing. The poem criticizes Gibran, the prophet, who teaches patience and silence, saying that silence makes the reserve of the Times difficult. "This poem shook Me, you speak of beauty is not enough, you have to have anger, appreciate the beauty of things is small indeed, but can not forget to fight for their own, for others, I may have a small indeed lucky enough, but some people do not even have the basic right to live. "(Extended reading: Taiwan's" small true happiness "behind the big pattern, real ambition, hard to emboldened )

He wants not only personal happiness, but also the world of justice awe-inspiring. So he took the pen, heavy and deep, and followed the times.

Life only needs a kind of persistence: the courage to continue fighting tomorrow

Hong the enthusiasm and simplicity of writing, but also moving, all pure for the sake of the righteousness of life, his love in the role of rational sensibility between the conversion, is willing to do a poem, but also a poetry of the transport belt; willing to be a poet, but also willing to be a poet into the community bridge.

I ask Hong to send a poem to the reader of a woman's obsession, and bless everyone's life with a frenzy that you believe in. He shared the words and poems written in his wedding anniversary: "A year ago today, we went to register for marriage." Looking back on this year, the changes are not very much. But we are all glad to have each other's company. Only a small poem, written in the He Jing window "cat Fat Home Run" card back, dedicated to his wife and himself. 」

(Image source: Hong Hong)

Wedding anniversary

The day of our wedding anniversary.
There are showers and sunshine.
I rode my bike in the storm
It's 39 dollars, yellow raincoat, breathable.
You're in the crematorium with the kids in your belly.
Waiting for my old friend to be cremated
into a gray
We went to a lot of places this year.
But it's more under the peeling roof.
Listen to the record in a circle
Wait for the clothes to dry
Wait for the hot soup to cool
Waiting for the stubborn cat to soften
We move the position.
and one more child.
And one more homeless cat.
To raise some plants that are bitter or sweet
And in dreams, far and near.
Dolphin singing
And some more anniversaries.

The day of our wedding anniversary.
A group of middle school students rushed into the ministry
Was handcuffed by the police.
Drag on the ground.
Be mentioned by the Minister
They want it to be simple.
They don't want more than we do.
Like a cloud that can breathe, a soap box that can be padded with a telescope.
The same is the freedom to take off the wrong hat and wave his own banner.
Rather than stare at the reflection, in yesterday's Lies
Dream of Tomorrow's life
The kids in your belly kick and beat.
He did not come to a
With hands tied to the world
(Although it is appreciated
The stunt of a backhand)
Have a glass of dragon juice first
Let him rest peacefully.
Tomorrow, and next tomorrow, we all need
The courage to keep fighting

life has a kind of attachment to meet, tomorrow, and the next tomorrow, we all need, the courage to continue fighting.

(a poem: reading Poems and reading poets )