"Chew Weekly" is our new attempt! We know that time is always fragmentary, so the "Chew Weekly" unit strives for light but deep, a weight that allows you to take away easily; an issue that makes you chew slowly. Today, we are going to argue from the face Book of the pro-Communist Party that the sex discrimination and single discrimination in Taiwan's politics. (Extended reading:"CEO column" What's the relationship between women and politics?) )

Last night, the Facebook fan page of the network news station of the pro-Communist party, appeared such a picture and text: "How can two single women understand the needs of a family?" A photo of Hung Sau Pillar and Tsai is also included in the figure, with the words "care for Taiwan, please transfer forcefully" in brackets.

Is it wrong to not get married?

Taiwan's female leaders, such as Lu, and so on, single people are almost always questioned about sexuality and ability, as if a woman in political success or not, must first be able to be at home as a "Good Wife", "good Mother."

A female political elite, who has been affirmed in the subject of politics, is often summoned to the role of wife and mother, who must take care of her career and family, but male politicians have never had the "need to look after the family first in order to have a good political performance" requirement.

We always think of women as the family and the workplace, but "everything" may be the greatest ever set up a woman's trap, to women in the public and private areas are appropriate, perfect family life has become an endorsement of the ability.

Society's demand for single women has never been less, with the view that "life is a normal marriage", the "single is a heterogeneous" perspective is still in the shadow of life. Female politicians are criticized for being single when they are elected, and the starting point of questioning is not "political opinion" but "marriage" or not, and society cannot respect each person's different choice of lifestyle. (same field Gayon: half of the world's people are single or late marriage!) Marriage is no longer a lifetime event.

The dilemma of female leadership under single discrimination

Ferraro, who served as former US Democratic vice president and Senator, said:

"If a female politician has a child, society accuses her of developing a political career and ignoring the child, and if a female politician remains single, society will speculate whether she is a lesbian or not." 」

(Photo source: Hong Xuoju Face book)

Female politicians can only be forced to move toward marriage, not only to get married, but also to manage both marriage and family life well. Looking back on Taiwan's society, when all the mainstream ideology, values unanimously praised the "paired", have asked "When can I receive your bomb?" "And to bless you as soon as you find the right man", single is not a kind of career planning that can be justly uttered, but is regarded as an unspeakable life-like state .

But paradoxically, when we expect women politicians to go into perfect marriage, we also find that because of stereotypes about women, single female politicians tend to be labeled "tough", " Not like a woman "label, and that they are not the right person to marry, can not be gentle and obliging to please men, so will end up without a man's fate."

We are dictating to women politicians, to get them into marriage, when they can not find the right object because of the social stereotype, such as personal choice or "check a certain", they are cynical to say that they are unqualified women, and that women who have no men's love and desire will be treated as discards in the marriage market. (Extended reading: written in love after the death of the Great Victoria, snow: Thank you for being my partner, so that I can come forward bravely )

Why "single" and "Family" have always been the proposition of women in the working field

" behind a successful man, there is always a good wife. But for women in politics, it's just the opposite. Successful women in politics, do not expect a good wife, just don't have a yin inside "resistance." Fan Yun, professor of social department at Taiwan University, once said so.

The mainstream of the society has a double standard of gender and power, and believes that men's ambition to power is "a successful man should have ambition", but often unconsciously demonize or even "demonize" women's power desire. So we have a woman in power, will link to the Empress Wu, Empress Dowager Cixi and Chiang Ching, such as the "bad", "calculation" of the image of women, in such cases, women politicians are often more difficult to find a partner who can understand and respect their ambitions, this family becomes a woman's responsibility, Instead, women are less able to pursue excellence on the job market.

former director of the policy preparatory office of the U.S. State Department Anne-marie Slaughter in when he decided to leave the political circle, he wrote the classic text in the Atlantic Monthly . Why Women still Can ' t Have It All ? Slaughter The main reason for his resign in the article , because she always remembers her two teenage sons during a meeting. Every week from Monday 4:30 A.M. to Friday night 5:30, She did not have time to accompany the child's growth, which undoubtedly led to problems in parent-child communication, and eventually she had to admit that the success of the career and family is a conflict between.

Some joked that the former president Chen Shui-bian's female administrative officer, each "is not single, is widowed", although the loss of decency, but also shows that women are often male politicians behind the scenes, but most men are unwilling to cooperate with the other half of the same responsibility, so women in politics is almost difficult to cause, family, But society has turned a blind eye to their plight and has repeatedly weighed them with the success of their families. (Extended reading:"female-weary" women and the love of their own what is the problem?) The ubiquitous trap of the weary woman )

Women's ability to be questioned only because of "wearing skirts"?

In addition to the Kang Kan-min of James Soong's propaganda about the distrust of single women, such as the political discrimination of the DPP's big old, there is controversy. He once said that the only female candidate who was "not fit to be commander-in-chief of the armed forces" and questioned the chairman of the party in 2008 would be able to hand over the DPP's future to a woman who was not married. , and repeatedly stated publicly that "Taiwanese society is not mature enough to accept women as national leaders".

(Image source: Cai English face book)

The consciousness of gender discrimination does not divide the blue-green, in male-dominated political circles, male political figures will unknowingly reveal the male-oriented thinking, women's ability is often suspected, that women's ability to work less than men.

Taiwan's 25-44-year-old women with a college education of up to 41%, have been higher than 38% of men of the same age, but in the political field, women are still oblivious to accusations of uselessness, lack of ability, affirmation and respect; for men, most people don't question their abilities first, but when women are high, Will first be cast with an eye for distrust.

There is still a long way to go in respect of women, Cai English and Hong Xuoju are just a few cases of rising up, and women candidates do not mean that society is already equal. Being single is a choice, not a question. Do not take "gender" and "family" as a woman's success criteria, the age of women, we will wait and see. (Recommended reading: See Taiwan from Europe and America!) Women in politics make Society better )