Barbecue, moon cakes, boiled dumplings, guessing poetry riddle, Mid-Autumn festival, small reunion, we leave time to important people, how are you going to live?

"There is a feast, is to chat with friends wine." They are the group of people who don't often meet each other, but when they have time, you want to give them a free pass. "(Recommended to you: Seven reasons why you should contact your old friends )

"There is a kind of festival, is to have a meal with family." Family always nagging you, think you forget to take good care of yourself, and occasionally a nagging, but in the heart than anyone worried about you. "(Recommended to you:" Ding Juan Column "and the family agreed to moralize tacit understanding )

"There is a festival that turns every holiday into Valentine's Day." Two people in the world, but it makes you feel very broad. "(Recommended to you: every day for a moment you, is happiness )

"There is a festival, is separated by the distance but the same warm, belong to the Wanderer, belong to long-distance lover and friend." If there is a holiday, you will feel very happy when someone puts your heart on your mind. "(Recommended to you:" Five years did not come home for the Spring Festival "Overseas Wanderer's Miss season )

"There is a feast, the moon when there is, wine asked the sky, is your company is not lonely." "(Recommended reading: turn around, is to meet yourself )

Finally there is a kind of holiday, we put your heart. Want to tell you, no matter who you are with this mid-Autumn festival, every kind of reunion, is worth celebrating. Write down to the people around the mid-Autumn Festival blessing, reunion, also not only the privilege of mid-Autumn Festival yo! (Women fans invite you to sing poetry together on the Mid-Autumn Festival: Why not write poetry on the Mid-Autumn Festival?) )