In the past, "marriage" was considered a turning point in the child as a child; however, the current mainstream was Postponed marriage until their respective lives were on track (including education, work, travel, financial planning, and premarital psychological preparation).As the age increases, the higher the psychological maturity and the economic stability can prevent divorce; indeed, the longer the marriage relationship begins, the more lasting the marriage can be.

The important turning point in human history is that the sale of marriage and the generation of descendants are no longer necessary.Our culture believes that maintaining singles is an extravagant luxury of anthropology, and that is why many women (from the age of 20 to 30 years of age, charming and enviable work) have tried their best to avoid being single, and to be prepared to be the ideal target for men.But will there ever be an opportunity like this for you to experience your own life alone?

Single is a transient state that is worth a fine-grained taste, rather than a sinister sin of being avoided.Now it's time for you to enjoy the fun of singles!You can refer to the six main reasons we've been collating for you:

1. Unbearable light in life

Inevitably, most people live together and then have children; indeed, most of the women who are reading this article will spend a lot of time coming to be a competent mommy and a wife.You might be married, you might get married, and maybe you're going to do these two things.

In fact, life can only provide a few days of hard-earned time for you to enjoy.Some of the older ladies now only have the illusion of freedom and ease that they never imagined when they were young.

2. Saving less than saving oneself

All to find Mr. Elton. Right, with the struggle and the misery that would mislead your life, this attitude makes you sultry, sharp, narrow, and uncharming.No matter how you want to hide, it's up to the heart -- whether it's a love complaint, the wrinkles on your face, or the unhealthy body, which reflects the imbalance between your physical and psychological processes.

The recommendation is that if you really need to be saved, it's just you who can help.

3. Don't become a lover.

Don't be afraid to share love with men and enjoy a new love experience-as long as they don't give too much hope to them.It is unfair to demand that one person be honest and honest. You and he only know a short period of time (whether for a week or a year), and you have no obligation to engage with others.

If you're passionate about romantic love, full engagement, and the attraction of primitive animal attraction-please remain calm, as it is more sexy than insisting on your desire to be more sexy.

4. No one will eat paints.

You don't need to help clean up your arse, just as you don't need to explain to the four-year-old little girl what it's like to eat a paint.Now, you only need to focus on your own needs, and then you can meet it in a big not to teach you how to cultivate good life habits or interests to become successful people, but you might as well know how to move forward after being hurt, such as taking classes that have always wanted to study, enriching the language skills, and liawith with friends who have been forgotten when you are in love with you.

5. Role Playing

does not have a better chance of developing a close friend than it is now.In the long run, there is no limit to your relationship, but the same is true for the party and the friends.As long as it's worth your time and effort, don't refuse to ask: Who knows what these invitees will bring you?Each cocktail party, every lunch date, and every offer we go for a walk in the park is likely to benefit in the future that you can't predict.

6. The art of picking men.

The city is your playground (including the men who live in it). Do you still remember the best days when the school went over the teeterboard to play on the swing set?If this metaphor is not clear enough, let me just say: play all the facilities in all playgrounds, of course it's very interesting, but if you don't want your face to be smashed in the ball, it's best to avoid getting close to the tennis courts. Is this the way to solve it?If you ask yourself to go out and say, "No, thank you" is a matter of course.The "game of the game" law mentioned earlier does not apply to dull men. It does not have to be a lonely and difficult one to put up with something that is not good enough.

In the middle of the night, riding bicycles and coworkers, or dancing with a friend to the middle of the night, no matter what you do, don't let tedious people come near you, unless you just want to play.The higher the eye is, the higher it is, the better it will prevent you from feeling confused.

Enjoy your single life!
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