huangxiaoming and Angelababy century wedding just ended, "Let me protect you" again become synonymous with romance, but we really look forward to, like and should be protected? The observation of a Hong Kong girl to Taiwan's roundabout has begun with the discovery that she has suddenly been "cared for" in Taiwan ... (Recommended reading:"Looking for good men to care" behind the female dilemma )

"Do you Taiwanese have a special" care "for girls? "Sit across the K side of me and chew the coloring and ask me." K is my Hong Kong friend, we study in Lyon, France, often together to cook dinner, and then back to their hometown. She was recently riding a bicycle round the island in the east of Taiwan, saying abruptly.

When she took the baggage, someone hurried to help her carry it, and when she rode on the east coast on her bicycle, someone shouted to her, "Come on, you're great"; when she took the bike to catch the train, an old man looked at her as a girl, eager to help her find a fellow boy, kindly told her "I'll help you find a way to take care of your people." 」

"At first I felt like I was being taken care of." Very fresh, you know, in Hong Kong a girl walking on the road carrying heavy objects, no one will be special to you. But over time, I feel like there's something strange ... Is that what you think? It seemed that she had suddenly come to a place where all the people were enthusiastic.

I thought for a moment that I had lived in such "zeal" since I was a child. For example, when you were a student, girls do not have to lift the lunch box, because the bento is too heavy, so men are born good; then you start to work, many elders to care about the posture to remind you, girls do not have to work too hard, do not need to chengxiong in the cause of the fight ruthless, marry a good people enjoying relaxed.

Girls do not too tired, "Let me protect You" of the story, a lot of "straight thinking" of the enthusiasm, from time to time let me at a loss, as if my "weak" how natural, I have to let others spend more attention to take care of me.

"In fact, I think I do not need that kind of" care ", that kind of" care "will make me a little uncomfortable"k scratch scratching, "as if as a girl this thing for them, is weaker also need to be cared for." 」

I suddenly think of huangxiaoming wash version of the wedding vows "Let me protect you, you are my life, the Little princess, let me spoil you so that others can not rob you." "But perhaps for more girls, we do not expect such" protection ", do not want to be held in the palm of the little princess. (Recommended reading: written after huangxiaoming and Angelababy century wedding: Marriage, what exactly to protect?) )

"A girl is so brave," the refueling spell.

K said another thing that bothered her, "Why do so many people watch me a girl riding a bicycle roundabout, praise me Brave?" I don't feel brave at all, I'm just traveling by myself. 」

You are no stranger to this. A girl travel is brave, a girl to go abroad is brave, a girl in public to speak in public is brave, a girl decided to make their own decisions, will win the medal of Bravery.

"I am still more accustomed to the environment of Hong Kong, boys and girls can be a contest, rather than boys must be" courteous "girls. "k said. The equality of Hong Kong is not the pursuit of abreast equality, but it is to downplay the gender of boys and girls as a good "person" to look at.

You remember very clearly, you do a little thing, a lot of people say to you refueling, great, too good you. Do you find it baffling that these actions are considered courageous only because people have never thought that girls can do that?

The ability of girls in Taiwan is often packaged as "heterogeneous", female president, female director, female CEO, as if in the positive field, she actually grabbed a place, how not easy and outstanding. But you look at the friends around, feel that a lot of people are like this, they are not particularly brave, they do not feel that they are playing a gender war, they are also regard themselves as "people" to see, not particularly resistant to questioning, not afraid to face criticism. (Recommended to you:"Female leadership column" three exercises to help you embrace fear )

It is a long time before you know that the original year's "You dare not", not because "you can not".

But I'm the kind of woman who's in Hong Kong.

"Hong Kong girls have been suffering from the term" Hong Kong women ", which is a negative word that often mocks girls. "k narrowed his eyes and said," I used to admit that I have a relationship with Hong Kong women, I think why so tricky, I do not want to be such a girl, I am really afraid that the boys will not me. " "k laughed.

As a woman, we seem to learn from an early age not to rob people, not too capable, or obediently good. Education never tells you that you can be strong, you can be good, you can be strong, women have power is a beautiful thing.

You have only been with the classmate beside the smile of Empress Wu, finally ended up like that bleak end, is not a woman covet power of tired? You just learned to stoop, to shrink your sexuality, to hide your toughness, to be soft and submissive, and to think that this is the way of life for a woman.

Hong Kong women are described as provocative and outrageous enough to be more powerful than boys. But now I figured out, in fact, I am a Hong Kong woman ah, I like very powerful look, yes, when the Hong Kong woman what bad? (same field Gayon: refuse to be a good girl!) Hong Kong women's free and Easy Charm )

I think that said K good beautiful. We are looking for the sharp hidden in our veins, knowing that your power is there, jumping and jumping, and not being afraid to be a man of strength.

We are such a woman.