Sometimes compared with the sweet spring breeze, we need more than a painful hit the punch. Positive words for a long time, it is not easy to leave the comfort zone . Are you sure you're good enough? Do you think you're satisfied? What words, you always buried in the heart dare not say, let " every day to point negative energy" to help you speak out. (Recommended reading:"Uncomfortable, it is the beginning of growth" to write a letter to the work of your hesitation )

"Every day to point negative energy, beneficial to the physical and mental health, the person does not fake, treats people more sincerely." 」

Recently face book "A little bit of negative energy every day " fan professional stickers are often friends crazy paste. Point in a look, the façade of the plaque on the big stab said "a fair negative energy, negative negative to the right mood." Understand the real negative energy in order to understand the world. 」

What's good about negative energy? Sales of the heart of happiness in the contemporary is absolutely unwilling to sell negative energy this commodity. The world has a kind of optimistic worship, our understanding of happiness is all to people up and hope, to motivate people to constantly pursue, let life become a complete happiness of power and feelings. All of us who can drive happiness are positive, negative energy errors.

"Positive Thinking quotes", "Do not see regret!" Inspiring entrepreneurs saying, "Good thing dragged grinding for a kind of preaching, worship, perhaps occasionally than the sweet spring breeze, we need more than a painful hit."

Negative energy let you understand the world, it will bring you what good? Along with each day to point negative energy Classic good sentence, open the life of negative negative positive!

Negative energy Honest one: effort is not necessarily a gain

"Positive energy care is suitable for the smooth flower, while the negative energy stimulation is suitable for the cliff climber." 」

Always hypnotize yourself will succeed, in the end you may feel worse because of gain and loss.

Psychologist Dan Daniel Wegner, a famous White bear experiment, asked college students not to think about white bears when they thought, and this group of students who could not have thought of white bear was full of white bear. The experiment says: "Control does not think about something, it will improve the rate of thought of this matter." He called it the "contradictory Bounce theory" (Ironic process theory).

Try to say repressed thoughts, which are less likely to be burned by negative energies controlled by positive emotions. In other words, allowing oneself to have negative desires, accept the emergence of bad things, but can reduce the likelihood of the emergence of desire. (Extended reading: Do you hate your looks?) Accept yourself, and your heart is free.

Do you really think positively, or are you just resisting the feeling of powerlessness that may fail? Never turn the idea of what we want into a "deserved" reward. It is better to admit the failure and the unsatisfactory outcome, first of all the worst plan to rehearse it!

Negative Golden sentence: "Many people always feel that efforts must be harvested, but not lazy also counted in the inside." 」

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Negative energy honest words two: don't really want to! Get rid of your dream list

"Another day has passed." How are you today, the dream is farther? 」

Janet Polivy and Peter Herman found that people are most often determined to change themselves when they are experiencing a low ebb. Each time a goal is changed, when we regain the illusion of "change", and in fact we are in the loop of guilt, many will give up the accumulation of the last phase of effort in order to reach the next goal, constantly changing their desires and goals, making them, and fighting and walking. This vicious cycle of wishing, defeating, and wishing is called the "false Aspiration syndrome" (false hope syndrome), because these desires never really change, but are narcotic drugs that make a bad mood.

People with the wrong desire syndrome tend to enter beyond the natural direction of the field, his bookcase may only be "secret", "Law of Attraction," a kind of self-help books. It is dangerous to believe that there is absolute truth in the world, and if you are always imagining "when you truly desire something, the whole universe will unite to help you accomplish it", then your dream will always stop thinking.

Set goals to make people feel better, rather than constantly changing the direction of life, rather than set a real to make you happy life value.

Some people love to say, my own value I understand, just to cover up. Others are not interested in understanding your cheap value. 」

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Negative energy honest speech three: practice pessimism, life does not work

"When you stand at the bottom of your life, you go up in that direction," he said. 」

Psychology Norem put forward "defensive pessimism" (defensive pessimism), the defensive pessimistic people like to predict the negative consequences, "psychological drills" to help them in the small theater rehearsal various possible, imagine the corresponding strategies. Such people are accustomed to a rainy day, more favorable to make his rehearsal in the small theater hundreds of times decision-making, more able to adapt to difficult circumstances.

This is why some of your co-workers are always nervous and worried about their work, but they are especially outstanding afterwards. Pessimism is a management anxiety strategy, the focus of attention shifted to the above, to eliminate the panic in mind.

Negative gold sentence: "Looking back, I found myself youth lost many precious things, but I am not sad, because I know, later I will lose more." 」

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Embrace optimism at the same time, do you subconsciously crowd out negative emotions and turn away from your unhappiness?

We smile at these negative but pertinent golden sentences, because we sometimes have such voices in our hearts, but we are afraid to think so badly that we do not want to admit the idea of "not being noble", so we throw a little sadness into a bottomless tree hole. Forget to pay attention to their feelings, the expression of life is also distorted. (Recommended reading: You don't need to always be strong: Five ways to face vulnerability )

Any sad fact, is to be understood, accept their own negative energy, but also close to the happiness of a lesson. Not every day drink chicken soup, also don't always bitter, let negative energy drive you forward, let positive energy accompany you rest.