It's only when you're watching a movie that you can think of an old flame so blatantly. You often see a lens just know, originally you have not forgotten this person . Take stock of three movies to once deeply loved people, we did not walk together, but separated into a strong people. (Recommended reading: from five love movies, learn I love you to sentence )

"The existence of tears is to prove that sadness is not an illusion." "---Roland Batt

After loving him, you become a person who is not easily afraid of pain. You want to hate him but always powerless, for him you still fail to make a few tears, but you are finally grateful. After breaking up, you know better how to be good to yourself. The love of the people particularly stupid, crying people particularly soft, inventory three deeply loved people will understand the film.

To the loved ones in life, to commemorate the relationship between love, even if the last did not come together, we spent those times will not be in vain. (same field Gayon: Every relationship is an exercise!) Seven love exercises to embrace happiness )

To the person who cannot put down in the life: Spring Jiao and Zhi Ming

"I admit, I can't let you down, I often ask myself, what you have done for me, I can not think of it." Yes, I like it very much, really like you, like to myself are afraid. I really like you, but what's it going to be? "The---of Spring and Zhi Ming"

Everything is from Hong Kong a paper to quit smoking, smoke dense there is another romantic scene, tonight do not talk about fairy tales well, the urban jungle dragged the adult fable, each huaiguitai can also love. n 55iw I think you password, but "I taller than You" sweet, in his most read you, you are not so sure, then you find yourself solid like him, he has a new sweetheart.

Life around, we have been Zhi Ming or Chun Jiao, you know that some people in life, you will not be able to put down eventually. How much you expect you to not only write the missing stories.

"I was so influenced by you that I could not find myself, I want to get rid of you, I found that I have become another Zhang Zhiming." 」

Want to forget a person, you only found that he has been in your breathing, you laugh has his shadow, you sad when you put him with you heard the record, you unknowingly walked to the scenery you stopped, talking about the jokes he said. You have to divide yourself humbly into two people, assuming he is still with you. (Recommended to you: after the breakup of the heartache attack: Overnight break trust )

To the people in the life, I still have to frankly admit you in my heart, this is my last honest account of this relationship, I do not regret loving you.

To those who are no longer soul mates: the Flower God Café

"I've never known another man, I've never kissed another man's lips, I've only loved one person in my life," he said. So absolute love, once lost, I do not have too many choices. I am anxious to find an explanation, or to be suicidal. Do you understand? "---The flower God Café "

The relationship of the break is imperceptible, all the breakup can not get to the bottom of the matter, leaving, you already no longer have the past thought of all the future, your friend love has not counted. Break up is a cruel thing, is you look at a person's back, know that he will never turn around, and you put yourself in situ, a person to cherish the past.

When you are deeply in love with a person, you think you may meet a soul mate, in this world, you can't find the person you like better. You think the relationship is absolute, only one person can give you such a hug temperature, so understanding of the eyes. Until another person shows up and tells you you're wrong.

"The twin Flames meet, the soul in the return of the journey to find their other half." At this point the reincarnation will end, and two souls can move towards the full eternity. 」

When you meet a soul mate, you may fall in love with another person? Few people think of such a cruel question after falling in love. That feeling is very desperate, some world, you will never get in, you are always outside. But for some moments you remind yourself that the essence of love is flowing, no longer having each other, does not mean that the memory is discrete. (same field Gayon: to the former lovers: For a moment, we are the most honest people in the world. )

To the person who is no longer a soul mate, once we are so in love, I still have to believe that there is another person in the world for me, when I met him I will understand.

To the last lost lover: Cloud Lover

"Love is a crazy thing, like the insanity of social identity." "---The lover of Clouds "

The beginning of love is psychedelic, like warm yang through the mist, in Holi Hu Tu, suddenly a person gently hold your hand, you like thedore feel not alone, you suddenly become strong, you suddenly feel that life seems to be more than the weight of speech.

The loving person is especially unreasonable, he whispers in your ear, you are not afraid to walk alone. But one day you find that you are only one of his 641 emotional projection terminals, he is not not love you, but he also loved others, and finally he disappeared, as if the world did not have his traces. The past is just a story we tell ourselves and can't forget. (Recommended to you: like you, but not the courage to be with you people )

"I've never loved anyone as much as I love you." "Me too, now we know." 」

I have no hesitation to believe that "we", I have with you have been madly in love with the code, I had no reason to say that you are cute, I have so loved a person who is proud of, we have a quiet good time and space, separate is not a pity. Love is so, every pain of the feelings have decided to love the strength, we have loved so much more understand their own, how to calculate all worthwhile. (Recommended to you: Cloud Lover, near future love exploration )

To the last lost lover, there'll be a piece of your in me always. If we were in love, we would leave a part of each other.