A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. That day began, you changed the status of FB, to cope with people around the gossip, you or cry or laugh forward, learn to like yourself more . The first chapter, single you, only need to be responsible for oneself is enough. (Welcome to the end of the message to write your single diary, we write to celebrate the Singles Day is coming!) )

Is it okay to be single? Many times you don't have an answer.

One morning you open your eyes, looked at the position around, found AH original single, still too late to think that this is a good thing, too many people have to stand up for you. First of all, some unfamiliar relatives use Taiwanese language to recites you a few words, and then your parents can not help but sad face, they originally want to embrace the sun Ah ; You then hung up on the friend's concern telephone, refused to see the invitation bar, feel single whether it is socially recognized infectious disease?

You stare at the I am single in the front of the screen, waiting for the world to ask you a question with a ruthless face.

"You are so high standard, who will take care of you later?" 」
"Isn't that good?" Would you worry about not getting married? 」
"Young couple quarrel can't tolerate?" 」

Are you still wondering if you're not alone for one or two weeks? You seem to be alone all your life for others. But many times, when you end a relationship, although it will be sad, but the heart is free, you do not go through a muddle of their own uncertain way, because everyone went in that direction.

The faint voice in your heart whispers, you like to be single, but you don't know who to tell.

You are not willful, just want to be honest with yourself; you do not want to love and be loved, but you feel the body of love in a moment dried up, there is no way to give love to more people outside themselves.

This is your first single diary, and you decide to take care of yourself more than anyone else.