In the workplace this road, we remember discomfort is the beginning of growth , we keep asking ourselves the meaning of work, we look for work and life Rhythm , we spur gradually lazy ourselves. If you are tired of the work at hand, perhaps you have long forgotten to love a job moved. Write to your old butt in the workplace or your old butt.

Hey, honey, you.

You've been working a couple of years and you've been on the heels of a couple of years of initial reckless confusion, you have been able to negotiate with foreign customers without a trace of fear, you have been accustomed to a few people began to shout you what sister, and you, but in one day after the business lunch greeting, looked up at the sky, miss the Santhio defying the tiger's own.

At that time you are afraid of anything, you will not want to break the rules, the original you have been so far from their own.

Over the years, you have another state of mind about tiredness. Before your tiredness is straight to the environment, obviously you do not know how to adjust the pace of work and life, you feel that the whole world is negative you; Now you are tired is not enough to believe that the naïve a pity, after a few years, you rarely doubt, you follow the old way of doing things, fast and stable, close your eyes also have inertia.

You seem to forget the first time you sent a proposal. the heart beats faster; you seem to have forgotten the melancholy of your first night of staying up late; you seem to have forgotten your trembling voice, your cold body, and the thrill of your goal.

In the workplace days like Love, you will cry will smile because you love, if you feel that you suddenly fall into the stable period of not gung-a, let us like the time of their own learning, find the workplace heartbeat. (same field recommendation: work is like falling in love, challenges are after the passionate period )

Breaking the rules is your forward gene.

You are the last person to compromise, you want to break the rules to find a better way, how now you bow to the inertia of their own, let the years grind you forward momentum.

Just enter the workplace every day you are on the edge of the comfort zone, you walk on thin ice, every day is uncomfortable; when you mix up your old job butt, you forget that breaking the rules is your forward gene. You remind the rookie not to be a frog in the boiling, but you forget to force yourself to climb a higher mountain.

French says "Le seul possible est en nous." The only possibility is on us. Breaking the established order and rules is the way for the world to continue to advance. (Recommended to you: Get out !) The real world outside of the comfort zone

A little more scared! Don't compromise yourself to a good enough

Hey, did you compromise yourself to a less-than-good self? Did you forget that you promised to be a better person? But when you think about it, it was you who didn't want to compromise yourself with the world to make you go this far.

May be tired these years, now you are really lazy. You are too little to be afraid of, you too often only touch things you like or good at, you too little badgered remind yourself that "the knife has been blunt," you too often let yourself.

Don't be afraid to face a problem without answers, don't be afraid to create a path that no one has ever trod, you should know that fear is good, admit that you are not good, because you can quickly meet the future more powerful yourself. (Recommended to you: Do you remember when you were afraid?) )

No one should be responsible for your growth.

No one is obligated to be responsible for your growth, no one has the time to wait for you to grow up. If your growth is stagnant, please find a way out for yourself.

You know you have an inert, deeply buried weakness, but you don't want to change it, you know you haven't tried your best, but you know you should try harder, but you tell yourself to forget, so you choose for yourself a lifetime.

No one is responsible for your growth, no one can be responsible for the life you want in the future. Do you want to stay stagnant for the next ten years or continue to grow? Refusing to grow is the beginning of self-destruction. (Recommended reading: do not subconsciously walk the comfortable road!) Five psychological exercises for procrastination patients )

Your fatigue index doesn't equal your productivity.

Work is not more than who stuck in front of the table for a long time, work is not more than who hung a darker eye, work is not more than who will say, work is not compared with others, is compared with their past.

You shout tired but things are not finished, so you comfort yourself "never mind I have been very hard." "Sometimes you fall into such a trap," because I'm very hard, so that's enough. "You sit in front of the table long and speechless, obviously can be done at the effective rate of things but dragged on."

When you equate exhaustion index with work efficiency, you are sorry and have betrayed your limited time.

What you need to think about is not the on and off boundaries of work and life, but how to use your time energy efficiently to find the most suitable work and life rhythm. Manage yourself as a person's energy, respect the body's circulation, for their own life to continue to find more power forward. (same field recommendation: Its management time, not as management pressure )

Don't just want to be a loved one

You do not want to be hated, you want to be liked, so you are too afraid to give others pressure, over time you also fear to give yourself pressure. Your team is so comfortable with you that you forget what is called progress.

Comfort is a resting state of ease, but to work with a group of powerful people is a flow of happiness, and you know from the heart that you are getting better. But the first question of "happiness" is that we can't just do what we want to be loved by one another. Not stingy to feedback people, not stingy with their more stringent people, can develop a better team. (Recommended reading: the courage to be hated!) Adler's psychology brings us six small revolutions in our lives.

Want to be liked is too easy, but motivate the people around, the wake-up, but also to work together partners responsible. If you just want to be a loved one, eventually you will not like this boring yourself.

The workplace is where you know yourself again and again. You cross a hill, and you find another one, you take a break, and you have the strength to climb up the hill. Climbing up the process you doubt yourself, you have not climbed strong enough, but you know once you stand on the hill, you will see the past have never imagined the scenery.

This view, you earned for yourself, is more precious than any salary. To those who still have expectations for themselves, all efforts will come back to you, and all the tears you've struggled to do will be appreciated.

The one who is climbing the mountain