What is the job for you? Is it a means of pursuing food and clothing? Is it the ladder to realize dreams? Is it just a fantasy to realize value at work?

Know what you want, not normal, but a rare and difficult psychological achievement.


"Know what you want, not normal, but a rare and difficult psychological achievement."In Allen de Botton psychologist in the key landscapes that affect our lives.

The Need-hierarchy theory, which is widely available in psychology, indicates that people will also want to achieve a sense of belonging and self-fulfilment after meeting basic physiological and security needs.However, this may be the subject of most people's lives. The physiological and security needs of each person may be similar, but the sources of achievement cannot be the same, and only by themselves can give their own answers.When I heard this remark, it was really comforting. It turned out that I was not the only one who felt lost in my "career".

years, the study of happiness economics has led to the recognition that our happiness is not just income; many high-income people think that they are unhappy, and that many people who are poor tend to be happy. But the poorer people tend to be more likely to have a slight improvement in their lives, and more importantly, "the happiness of non-wealth-generation is more than the happiness of income and wealth."

So maybe you should ask yourself, what do you have in your work, other than your salary?

< Job!Work!The key landscapes that affect our are not a motivational book.And Allen didn't tell us how to be a happy employee, and it's always hard work, like love.

He didn't tell us how to get out of the current situation and find a career that would make it happier, but we might be able to figure out what's going on in the future of rocket science, biscuit manufacturing, accounting, painting, and even startun. In the future, besides salary, we want to find what value and position in the job.

womany's Sweet notes:

  • Know what you want, not normal, but a rare and difficult psychological achievement."
  • Work is essentially a matter of requiring our dedication to work
  • Working at least to deflect our attention, provide an illusion bubble that allows us to focus on the ideal of perfection that will allow us to focus on a few of the limited and unmet goals of a limited number of people.
  • Work allows us to master and control the things in a certain field, so that we can fill our stomachs with the respect of others.We are not in a much worse predicament because of our work