A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Is ambiguity often the biggest worry in your single day? Ambiguous like the rainy season of wet sticky, always let you have more lonely possibility. (Recommended reading: single diary: Loneliness Makes you a stronger person)

When you are single, there are always people to stir up your love nerves, but also only want to be a passer-by.

Those people are always like this:

Good morning to you, goodnight message, but you don't even know you're sleeping all night.
Like to drive to the company door to pick you up, never walk with you through the long street in the city late at night
Like to hold your shoulder in front of his brother, but never pay attention to the cold of your hands
When a new movie comes out, you go and see it, and there's a chill emptiness behind it.
He borrowed your jacket in the winter, just like this relationship is lying in your house unclaimed

You are like a long tea, not hot to drink, can only wait for sour. You worry more about the night of the tenderness, the future will be more and miss the debt; he was afraid of not going into your heart, so roundabout around the wall to spin round.

But why don't you move on? Or is he just your "tasteless, discard"?

"The more alienated they are, the more they drown their own principles/words translated verbatim, the original we always love ourselves--Chen Shanni, relationship between two people"

In fact, you have never waited for him, you have always been himself. When you come from the past, and so they are willing to love silly once, and so attention to a gentle look through your people, and so who can gently pat your emotional history of dust. You wait for a time when you are not embarrassed when you are not talking , a time of love as free as solitude.

They are all very good, good like the thermostat perfunctory. You decide to evade the tenderness they write for you, and wait for another kind of boiling.

(Welcome to the end of the message to write your single diary, we write to celebrate the Singles Day is coming!) )