A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Seven the "tool Man" description in the recent "single Seven Things I teach" ad has aroused heated discussion, what is the mood of being single? Maybe it's not so sad, is it? Bachelor Diary Fifth: Maybe you are not still in love with him, you just miss the feeling of love. (Recommended reading: single diary short review )

You don't actually love your ex-boyfriend.

You only occasionally miss someone who has been intimately with you, your life as a homemade breakfast, a couple of impulse tickets, a running shoe to buy for the right, and a desire for you to share a cat. "We don't have children, we have cats and children. "You remember what he said sweetly.

You just miss it once in a while and some people worry about you more than you worry about yourself.
You only occasionally miss, someone was you in the world is not lonely reason.
You only occasionally miss the way you have been so loved without reservation, and have been so fearless of the injury to love someone.

You guys are still breaking up.

You suddenly feel that the reason for breaking up is never good or bad, "we are not suitable for" no more than "I fell in love with others do not hurt people," the play trailer "and" quick "to change the tears of the same weight, all the reasons are after interpretation, carefully erased the prior traces of love. For the time being, you hate each other or do not contact each other for a while, to escape a person's life with the quickest speed.

"I hope you will remember me and remember that I have been there before." Forest of Norway

Straight son said to Watanabe, you will remember me? In retrospect, Love died, but the memory survived. For those who can no longer love, we make a wish to be remembered, and determine that one person occasionally misses or is happy.

Being single is not as sad as advertising, your life is really going on, you decide for yourself, you go for yourself, you're pretty sure this time you'll be the reason you're not alone anymore.