Entrepreneurship is the journey of love with the soul and the dream. The SME department commissioned the Zhongshan Foundation of the Flying Geese plan, an interview with 17 " female entrepreneurial flying geese plan " female entrepreneurs, we talk about entrepreneurial stories, but also talk. What kind of female force characteristics , so that they can be on the road to forge ahead on the entrepreneurial path? Let's see, in order to children, in each grain of rice "insist" Fan Yi couple, is how in the Taidong pool to break a day of it. (Recommended reading:Food Day food days-arouse your attention to food issues )

"The most fascinating thing about agriculture is the glamour of chance, and you'll never get the exact same flavor again." From the Pacific Ocean Breeze Wind and rain, and the difference between the soil mystery, creating can not reproduce the natural rice, can not replace the flavor and taste. We can only respectfully, bend down, harvest the earth. --Brother Luo, a farmer in Taitung pool

"Source Natural pool on rice", produced from the East Longitudinal Valley of the highest elevation of "Chichong", every morning, Rice followed the first dawn of the Pacific Ocean to get up, sleep under the stars, a bird's-eye view of the whole East Longitudinal valley, they have black and fertile pure Land nourishing, in the Pacific Ocean breeze to absorb the essence. This kind of growth environment, makes the source natural rice natural and unique.

And such a unique quality of rice, is actually a Fan Yi couple for the children, together to create a miracle. The husband and wife who were originally working in Shanghai, felt the complementary food to infants and children in the market, most of the milk and wheat products occupy, so that many modern children have lactose discomfort and gluten allergy phenomenon, they reflect that decades ago, the elders are fed rice bran wheat gluten feeding baby, rice is also all infants and children with the lowest sensitization, So why not buy rice food for the children?

For their children, in order to find a more natural way to nourishing more children, Fan Yi decided to give up their own high-paying jobs in Shanghai back to the pool, Fu Yu fallow more than 30 years of Zu Tian, with natural farming method of farming, and ecological coexistence. (same field Gayon: planting rice is his second dream!) He puts down his high salary and finds the sweetness of life again.

"What we are doing is the next generation's diet revolution!" Fan Yi said excitedly.

From the Bounty of nature! Eat at ease and healthy, starting with the purple rice

In the process of seeking natural and healthy rice food, Fan Yi couples learned that "purple rice" with the blood nourish, appetizers, such as the role of eyesight, so they searched for the varieties of purple rice, find the current plant purple rice, with purple rice has its own absorption of ultraviolet rays, strengthen the rice itself anthocyanin and production increment advantage, Let the source natural purple rice deep consumer favorite, beyond the source of natural pool on the rice to become the main commodity.

Set out to make a diet revolution, Fan Yi from the development of purple rice as the main axis of infant complementary food series set out with nutritional supplements, she said firmly that the revolution from the children's first bite to the beginning of the supplementary food, to the child's every bowl of rice, biscuits, beverages, must have peace of mind the choice of purple rice products.

"We have to start with the basics of changing our diet so that our next generation can fight against the harsh environment and competition in the future." Fan Yi, who worries about the next generation, says.

"The company is my first child!" "Support for natural and two children with a happy and arduous journey

Embark on this road, everything from scratch, whether it is to find resources, find a pulse, to find funds, all need to invest a lot of effort and attention to the line. The mother of two children, Fan Yi said, from 2012 startups, to 2013, 20,142 children have been born, in the face of "three children" growth, they wholeheartedly support, unwilling to give up any one. All the way through the process, and then test their husband and wife's cooperation and efforts.

Fan Yi smiled and said: "At work, often disturbed by children, this is my normal work." "But when the child is ill, it will let her work and life between the two burning, on the one hand, worried about the child's condition, on the one hand, busy working, a few times even a few nights all night to take care of children, the next day directly to work.

Although the process of hard work is always frustrating frustrated, but Fan Yi also said from the guests mother's understanding, as well as family support and division of labor, all help her very much. And because the industry belongs to agriculture, in the life of the deployment of more flexibility, so although busy for a few days, after still have the opportunity to sleep.

I am a more direct person, busy time will be a sigh, busy after a big sleep also good. So I often release the pressure (laughter), and will not accumulate too much low tide period.

It is worth the time to work hard: from the "person" of the bit moved

If entrepreneurship is a struggle with their will, that link with others, is the most beautiful catalyst in the struggle process.

Fan Yi Feel the happiest moment, is to look at the source of natural and two children's growth. When the child begins to walk and talk, the company begins to receive attention from the client, and these times are particularly fulfilling. (same field Gayon: believe in your children!) Five happy communication with a child as a good friend

Especially when a mother customer told her: "When I bought your home in the pool of rice, I think my cooking has become better, cooking will not fail, the children love to eat." "Or the old farmers in the pool to buy, and excitedly said:" I have been farming for a lifetime, thank you for the rice in such a beautiful way wrapped up, let me see the most beautiful rice. "Fan Yi will feel particularly happy and moved:

"It's like making your own culinary progress and you can be happy for a few days." 」

Entrepreneurship all the way, Fan Yi think a good leader, is to have "adhere to, consistent" principle. Adhere to the quality of the product, the number of certified in production, adhere to the integrity of communication with customers adhere to the work and life of the three of children to adhere to. Is this bit by bit continuously "insists" the strength, lets the Fan Yi be able in the pioneering work each step all to stabilize the footstep, unceasingly moves forward. (Study together: to the hard life of you: life has 100 kinds of pain, but only one persistence )

"Hold on a little more, do a little more, and push it a little further after perfection." "is to insist. If the devil is always hidden in the details, then everything we do, it will be because of this "a little bit more" insistence, let the result completely different. To you, let us practice with the same Fan Yi, from every little thing in life, so that their own every day a little different.

"Source Natural Agriculture Co., Ltd. Title: From the natural purple rice power, to detonate a new trend of health"

Source of Natural is the founder of a couple for children to set up the brand, all over the search for Taiwan's purple rice varieties, and finally found the special Purple indica glutinous rice, in addition to the blood nourish, appetizers and other functions, can achieve absorption of ultraviolet rays, enhance the rice itself anthocyanin and production increment advantage. Source of natural purple rice deep consumer favorite, has exceeded the source of natural pool on the rice to become the main commodity. Source of natural commitment to sustainable development of agriculture, rice grain is our careful care of the work, to link you my carrier, focusing on the rehabilitation of land and caring for the humanities. We combine traditional farming with the creation of artists in the field, listening to the resonance between people and land, and recreating the aesthetics of life. Let the good rural economy, can inherit a long history of generations.

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