Entrepreneurship is the journey of love with the soul and the dream. The SME department commissioned the Zhongshan Foundation of the Flying Geese plan, an interview with 17 " female entrepreneurial Flying geese plan " female entrepreneurs, we talk about entrepreneurial stories, but also talk. What kind of female force characteristics , so that they can be on the road to forge ahead on the entrepreneurial path? Let's see, to "people" as the basis, to understand others also understand their own Cai Changki , how to say her story! (You will want to know:"Women's Obsession Week diary" from design thinking to see women fans )

Custom Publishing client's Dream Achievement team ideal, I am proud of the Midas touch.

Brand Integration marketing experience more than 10 years of Cai Changki, from the beginning of the small work part-time, to now the position of senior managers, from the actual combat experience in the stack of solid integrated marketing strength, and rich media public relations. The title of bright light, enviable quality of life, but can not bring Cai Changki satisfaction and sense of achievement, there is a voice in the mind echoed: "This is really what I want?" Is my work in line with the ideals I have sought? "To fill the heart of that emptiness, entrepreneurship, is her answer to their own." (Recommended to you: dream for children!) Interview Lin Yi-jun: Love, is the starting point of entrepreneurship

Turn doubt into a driving force to find the mission of the Enterprise

Fed up with the business of the intrigues, the heart of a call called "mission" of all the worries and cowardice in a moment of naught, Cai Changki decided to return to zero life, in a new direction. Although in the course of the departure, there are "should be satisfied with the status quo" idea, but also in the dream step by step in practice to find the answer to not adhere to.

"To be puzzled, to do is to answer." A person's strength may be thin, but as long as I stick to the advance, even if only 1% per day to complete the progress, one year can be converted to 365% change. 」

Believe that there are more possibilities in life, 2010 decided to join the "reading to soften the human nature, increase the thickness of life," the creation of the industry, combined with their own cumulative integration of marketing business experience, to the customer system into a starting point, the creation can take all the dream of the Midas Touch of the book industry

The entrepreneur is not a fool, but a bit crazy person. Cai Changki by virtue of a stupidity peculiar and let go a stroke of reckless, a planted into their own hands to build the ideal kingdom. Uneasy with the status of personality and cumulative market sensitivity over the years, let her look at the network as a media integration company, looking forward to Taiwan's literary creation, publishing and reading environment to inject new vitality, customized publishing also bring to every one of the dream to be realized a development stage.

"We hope to enrich every unique life by the power of words to fill the lost sweetness of modern life," he said. The use of literature and reading interaction, to promote high-quality, gentle social change, through reading back to modern people, as human basic dignity and survival of human rights, back to be a person's greatest happiness and smile. This is my dream of ideal practice! 」

To regain the touch of every waking dream

Behind every great enterprise, there must be a huge soul. Such a huge soul, supporting the Cai Changki through the entrepreneurial journey of every ebb. She treats all setbacks as paving the road for success, with a passion for ideals and careers, and adjusting the emotional ups and downs of the process. (Hug oneself: lovelorn, frustrated, low tide how to do?) Five exercises to embrace negative emotions

"Every day I open my eyes to know that I can work, I feel full of happiness!" 」

Speaking of work, Cai Changki is full of thanksgiving and moved, because in the completion of the client's dream, she is also fulfilling her dream. Whether the team burn laughter, or with the enthusiasm of the diffusion of positive energy, have become the nutrition of the company's growth. Seeing the team working with her, giving her the glow of confidence, she made sure that it was the right way to go!

To think outside the negative mood with a change of position

For frustration and low ebb, Cai Changki has his own unique insight: "I have always thought that the so-called setbacks and lows, but it is different from the original expectations." 」

Because and expectations are different, so people can easily fall into the cycle of negative emotions, unable to extricate themselves. At this point, if you can pull yourself out of the current situation, with a third party perspective, it will be easier to find the blind spot of things, and then try to find a new solution.

Cai Changki added to find the blind spot at the same time, but also to ask themselves: "Do your best?" "If you work hard enough, you can readjust your direction with a clear conscience, and if there is room for effort, you have no time to worry and you have to invest in it in a shorter time," he said. Entrepreneurial every moment there is no time to squander, dream so beautiful, how willing to stop?

People-oriented leadership concept: If you do not understand people, do nothing is difficult to succeed

For Cai Changki, there are no successful leaders, only "fit the team" leaders. "People-oriented" is placed above all conditions.

A man can still be successful if he can't read, but he will accomplish nothing without understanding human nature. Every thing in the world is related to people, and if you don't know people, you can't succeed in doing anything.

It is Cai Changki's expectation that people will be in their heart to know others and to know themselves. Understanding the strengths of team members is fundamental, so that each "selected new blood" can become a pair of wings of the company, allowing the team to operate more smoothly. In the high-pressure environment of the new industry, more important than the skill is the mood of support. Only when everyone in the team sees the same goal, and at the same time identify with the core concept, can everyone advance together, the enterprise can be strong, and achieve sustainable survival.

Every woman is her own female entrepreneur.

Maybe someone will limit the entrepreneur to the real "enterprise", but Cai Changki thinks: "Regardless of business owners or housewives, every woman is a female entrepreneur, but the operating business is different, the business owner is the Enterprise, and housewives run the family, children's achievements and so on." 」

Ask the "female" entrepreneurial difficulties, a society against women's weak perception, Cai Changki but that women's perseverance, meticulous, tolerant, and even after the criticism turned elegant, are men difficult to match the intellectual charm. This kind of intelligence can also be used to solve the plight of professional women's career and family burning at both ends. (Extended reading: give professional women a love of encouragement!) Family and career approach )

"Clarify the sequence of your life, and indeed achieve communication and coordination." 」

As a single mother of Cai Changki, support her to come all the way apart from the dream, is the son's support. Her role as a mother before putting up the company's title is to make her son fully aware of why she wants to do so before she is put into work. "He became the first person to support me when he knew what I was doing and why I couldn't be with him at some point." 」

We all hope that the support of those who can be taken seriously, whether it be parents, another partner, children or friends, if the resistance can be helped by communication and co-ordination, it is really not difficult.

No matter what role we are in, we should be the one who knows us best. From the original resolutely away from the stability of the brand marketing, into the literary integration of this road, to now every day is adventure, every second is happiness. We understand people, so sensible, because sensible, can accomplish. The Midas touch, in addition to bringing applause for Cai Changki, also bring a dream of the people a platform to take off.

"The Midas touch Wen Chuang Zhi Industry Co., Ltd.: Point Stone Innovation Gold and then move, stable standing on the highest peak"

When the world is in the "well-known economy" era, the message is equal to Money, when you have your own brand image, you have market value. To see the trend of Midas, the book as a long-term enterprise and personal marketing propaganda, regardless of individuals, enterprises, lecturers, novelists, politicians need to build their own image and personal brand, so that "people" become searchable market legitimacy information and brand, can be seen by the public, and then produce value. Through the new solution and application of Net-camp technology, the Midas to reorganize the mechanism strategy of subversion of traditional architecture, to establish the breadth of industry propaganda and the depth of enterprise culture for customers, and to innovate thinking and management mode, from personnel background, sales channel to financial planning, all have meticulous advance advantage, to create the market opportunity of the new mode.

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