Write in Jolin Tsai concert, remember the rose teenager Ye Yongji, we want to leave a moment to miss him, imagine the world of gender Freer.

That's the story of the Rose Boy, his name is Ye Yongji. He came from Pingdong, who died in the April of 2000.

Ye Yongji every day to go to the toilet, because of fear of classmates laugh his sissy, take off his trousers forcibly checked. April 20, 2000, he was early in music class five minutes before the end of a person to go to the toilet, after class was found lying in a pool of blood, sent to the hospital died. This before, Ye Yong once to leaf mother said: "Mother you want to save me, someone wants to hit me, why they want to bully me?" 」

This is Jolin on the November 6 concert scene broadcast documentary, Houdijan directed, the world stopped to reread Ye Yongji life. Leaf mother looked at the camera said the dead child, she said the child is very careful, always more than anyone worried about her, always puzzled why the world to treat him so cruel. (same field Gayon: written in Jolin Tsai concert: Everyone needs to "frankly face themselves" courage )

He died at that time, the diagnosis is a heart attack, leaves mother trembling defy, she said, "You look at his health insurance card, from small to large have seen this section?" "The child's Anatomy, she could not bear to see, felt this child, was abandoned by the world."

Jolin Tsai in the concert said: "Thank ye mother, because this rose-yong Tengelmore life is very short, but it gives us a great educational significance." In fact, including myself, from small to large, we are looking for everyone's approval, this society agree with me, the teacher agree with me, my friends agree with me, my family agree with me? Then, we are taught what is normal and what is right. However, it is rarely taught that we should have an inclusive heart and learn to accept. Starting with accepting yourself, and then accepting all the possibilities, maybe something special happened around you doesn't mean you're weird, when you have someone to talk to, that's the moment you start accepting yourself. 」

I believe that Yong Tengelmore when he told his mother about what happened at school, he was actually doubting himself. So his story also wants to encourage everyone, a more inclusive heart, first agree with yourself, maybe you really different, but, so what.

I really appreciate the protagonist in every story, for everyone, including myself, a lot of reminders, especially as entertainers, need everyone's approval, but, when I do not agree with myself, I will lose direction, I hope, if you have these friends around you need help, please open your heart, Reach out your hands. (Recommended reading:"as a comrade out of the closet, I was the most not missing is to strike")

Mother leaves lost Ye Yongji, also began to hear the story of other children. Mother Yeh said in the film: "I will ask, are they guilty?" My children are gone, but I want to save children like them. "Always feel the same, they were the other students cold, their parents were interviewed by the teacher, the teacher said" take your child to see a doctor, they are not normal ", and then turned to stop ignoring the situation. Ye Yongji's life is a distant coordinates, those children are the longitude and latitude of the later generations, mother Yeh want to see those children alive for Ye Yongji.

In 2010, mother Yeh took part in the parade of Comrade Kaohsiung, she stood on stage, she said "children, you must be brave, heaven and earth to create people like you, there must be a dawn, let you go to fight for human rights." To be yourself, don't be afraid. She continued: "Do not cry, we are not wrong." We must go to the sunshine and fight for our rights. "(Recommended to you:2015 Taipei Comrade Big Parade Live notes )

The world has lost its Ye Yongji. And we still have a lot of Ye Yongji.

World, is to untie the shackles of normal and abnormal, we see the story of Ye Yongji silently tears, because think of their body has been labeled "abnormal" volume of that piece, we think of how many people are walking in the Ye Yongji of the old road, one step to be the social "normal" mechanism to push down, will be swallowed by the dark. But their "different" is not guilty, and no one needs to be like everyone else. (same field Gayon: gay Parade costumes?) "Normal" framework that makes the world sick

Because people are like this ah, everyone has a special piece, masculine or feminine temperament does not belong to any gender, we have their own life and love shape, we can and others are not the same, we but all want to live more freedom for themselves.

To the world affixed to the people who are not normal stamp, we have to the sun, let the light reveal how different we are, because we are not the same, too beautiful too beautiful.

I want to speak for our different voices, I want to speak for the different of all, and start with the pain of sexual violence . Let's do this together, okay? :)