In Alice's fantasy world, everything is full of absurd dialogue and plot, but there is the most real life flavor! Read the Parable of an absurd fairy tale that brings us back to Alice's childlike heart. (Recommended reading: in my heart, living a little girl )

After the publication of Alice in Wonderland, many people said it was absurd literature. Because the story is like a fantasy without the narrative structure of the adventure, perhaps so much more like life. more than 100 years of fame, is still one of the most influential classic children's books.

Every adult has a rabbit hole in his heart.

Alice followed only her visible rabbit into the rabbit hole, no doubt fell into her subconscious. She was looking for "Who am I" in her own script. In the theory of psychology Lacanian Psychoanalysis, the subconscious is language, the human desire vocabulary is realized in the dream, and Alice is bored and bored with the real world, and then she has the illusion in the dream.

We reread the fairy tale and feel it again grow up to see the different world after adults, back to the naked eye, to feel Alice in Wonderland sweet crazy! Walk into Wonderland you will pass through the entrance of life, if you are ready, now jump into the rabbit hole with us!

Tears are the entrance to the world: Sadness will tell you "who I am"

Alice: "If I am no longer the same, then the question is, who am I?" Alas, that's a big puzzle! "

Alice in the story with Mr. Rabbit came to the mouth of the cave, not to enter the door she was afraid that she could not get into the fantasy world of Mr. Rabbit Shed tears, the door lock, he instructed Alice to drink water, so she became very small, with tears floating into wonderland.

As she tears, she flows into the magical world with tears. Just before entering this world, she has gone through three times to become bigger and smaller, frightened to cry, panic when she kept talking to herself. we all feel flawless between the great universe and the tiny ego. Alice is not clear about the size of their own, or whether they are really "themselves." Alice urged herself not to shed tears and stop wandering in her own eyes. Everyone has this kind of Alice, when you accuse yourself of not making a mistake, it is better to accept the ups and downs of the absurdity of life. The tears are precious, the good oneself or the hateful oneself are all unique, is the tear lets us know oneself more, the sadness will take us to go to the better place. (Recommended reading: Tears are the ultimate memory of feelings, but also the most warm detox )

Don't be afraid of the unknown: As long as you go, always go somewhere

On Alice's adventure, the only thing that comforted her was a smiley cat (Cheshire cat), the name of which came from the author's hometown, Cheshire. The Cheshire Cat was the Master of Enlightenment, when Alice tilted her head and asked, "Where should I go?" He only coolly replied:

"If you don't know where you're going, it doesn't matter where you are now," he said. As long as you keep walking, you will always go somewhere. 」

For most of our lives, we answer, "What is a dream?" What are you going to be after ten years? "Feel timid, that looks like the scenery in the mist, you have to go forward to meet, you have to stare at yourself to see." Don't worry about being lost, don't worry about the way you walk with others, like Thoreau wrote:"If a man doesn't march with his peers, maybe it's because he hears a different drum." "Even if no one in the world is betting on you, you have something clearly worth waiting for and looking for."

Who will be the guide? Sometimes you don't even have to knock.

The servant sent for the Queen's invitation and asked Alice to move forward. But Alice stood at the door, knocking at the door and no one promised. The servant said: "No one will open the door, there are two reasons: first, because I like you, are outside the door, second, they noisy inside, do not hear a knock." If this door is between us, you knock, it might make sense. Alice kept asking how she was going to enter the door, but the servant kept on talking, and she pushed herself into the open door.

The meaning of knocking at the door is that there are people outside. But if there is no one in the door, why humbly ask someone to open the door? As in the face of "fear and the Unknown", we often stand in a dare not to do, not to complete the dream before hesitated, but life on the road there is no striker, no one will open the door for you, you just break in, perhaps a noisy billow Queen Croquet Stadium. Do you have the courage to push the door open? Instead of spending time thinking about who will guide you into the next entrance, you need more power to take the initiative and break the dream. (Recommended reading: The so-called dream: follow the way you like, you will find the light )

The meaning of time: nothing is the best

The time in the story is different latitude and longitude, as long as they go forward, time is moving in parallel between the dimensions, at will reverse. Alice listens to the story in the Mad Hatter and the March Hare's Crazy Tea Party, the Hatter said that when he sang "A Flash, a flash ..." before he sang a song, the Queen jumped up and shouted, "he cut off his head at the time of the murder!" "

In sleepwalking, the world of adult power does not allow time to exist in an instant (a flash of "Twinkle" means instant). We are afraid of time being stolen, too late to appreciate the bitter. The author sets a time when the theory of relativity is determined by the individual, and your time is only meaningful to yourself, long or short, only in how you are willing to define the time. At the end of the Tea Party, March Hare asked Alice to drink a little more tea. Alice said: "I have not even a mouthful of drink, how to drink more?" 」

Crazy Hatter replied: "Nothing is better than nothing, you have the ability to have more!" (It ' s very easy to take more than nothing.) )」

In the sense of time, every moment we are back to zero, we think not to get the last moment is a kind of loss, in fact, there is no better than nothing to earn! If you have nothing now, please do not burden your tomorrow, because at this moment, you can have more. (Extended reading: do not subconsciously walk the comfortable road!) Five psychological exercises for procrastination patients )

Do not need to understand: simply enjoy the beautiful bar!

The Queen of Hearts: "There is truth in everything, as long as you can feel it." Oh, love, love, make the world run! 」
Alice: It has been said that the way to make the world work is to sweep the snow from the front. 」
The queen of Hearts : "Ah, the meaning is similar, that Maxim is" the same way. 」
The queen of Hearts : "There's a big mustard mine around here, and the motto is," The more I have, the less you have. " 」

The Queen of Hearts and Alice play a word game, they think about what each thing represents the truth, even a mine should have a reason. Her presence reminds Alice that everything is hard to generalize, but not to enjoy pure beauty.

Alice is constantly trying to identify who she is, what it means to be here, and which way to go. We live in a world where we are too worried about mistakes and have to ask for everything, and we feel this moment so little and completely. When Alice told the Cheshire Cat: "It's all crazy." I'm crazy, and you're crazy. The Cheshire Cat replied: "You are not mad, you will not come here." 」

It's so sweet and crazy. Go back to your Alice Sleepwalking, grow small in the potion cookie, learn to accept my existence between the vastness of the universe and the small, open the door to the courage to enter an unknown, and not ask why and meaning, clumsy walking. Dear Alice, are you ready to jump into your rabbit hole?