Wang Qi's body and image aroused concern.She says that she is out of date, and that she is tired of women's social life, and that Wang Qi is going to be a loitering self.So a girl, you don't have to read her, but you want to know him.

[Woman's Room 001] Wang Chi

Walk into Wang Yee's room, she poured her a cup of tea and put it in exquisite porcelain.Gently, silently, and scalding the throat, like Wang Qi's enthusiasm and boiling.

Many people know Wang Ki's film from the KTV taxi driver Xu Qingliang, who is from Taipei City.At that time Wang Yi was so ashamed that he had a good song about his throat, which caused discussion.Some people are shocked to hear her voice say that this is the Taiwan Adelle, and some people have been criticizing her in her body.Later on Wednesday, the "One" magazine "confessed" that the ugly duckling was a fart, Wang Qi was labeled a bold one.I walked into Wang's room today, and she said that the brave and optimistic pronouns never were on her, and she hugged more and more vulnerable.

(Cover by Wang/cat)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone.# There's no accompaniment # Sing it!This is a very,# Thanks to my classmates for giving me the support of a student who has been giving me the support of my classmates, and I am grateful for the support of

classmates from Wang Qi/

In the room, an unpainted lake is green and purple.Purple is the deep and untested of her love, and the dark green of the lake is a dubious and brightly-brightfully hutun.Wang Qi is a person of this color. You can see her, touch her, feel her, but you never have to read her.

Perineum Good Long Event: I'm finally not going to please you.

I asked Wang, "How do you interpret yourself," she said, "anachronistic, hard to be honest, and stabbed."From time to time, she was unable to breathe in the rhythm of the world. From time to time modulation was required to return to his own subprime.Wang's creators also say, "creative dishonesty is meaningless."Why do I say that I'm trying to be honest, because people have blind spots, and you can't be honest about the blind spots that you can't even see.My personality does not accept lies, and I often feel that I live in a world of many lies, and I often feel insecure."

Wang Qi's insecurity comes from the distance from people: " I actually don't have the so-called best friend.I can tell anybody about me, I don't have any secrets, but they can only accompany me to a front door, and then I can't go in and repair themselves, and repair themselves is my own homework.The only difference is a relationship, and I have a friend who describes me as a rose: "With love, it's like being in the ground."No love, like hanging in the air, doesn't know when it's going to disappear." " (Dear: Love is worth it!A moment of love is the most beautiful moment of life )

"Reliance on me is a terrible thing. If I want to rely on it, I want to open my soul and fuse this person in."If he was gone, he had my heart removed." Wang Qi has been through too much since he was small.There was a friendship that gave her the sturdy weight: " On the day I decided to leave, I was relieved, and I was always ready to lose this day, and I finally didn't have to worry about him leaving me.Wang Chi says that after junior high school she had made herself a delightful person, and after a few months of school, she made a rumor that she was not wearing any underwear, and she was all over the floor.This rumor has made Wang Qi a target of being pushed out. Not only did his classmates crowd out his classmates, but the teacher ignored it. She suddenly said, "I'm finally not going to please you."She has not participated in any one of the same associations since her life.

Love is immortal: I love you as a concept.

Now my friends have come from the next nine to the elite, and the wonderful thing is that these people don't think of me when they go to play, that is, they think of me when they want to talk about heart, " Wang said."My life is so lonely," she said. "I cherish the moments when someone tells me these stories. This is a moment when I am so close to human beings."You're relying on me, the wings are good, you go somewhere else."

Wang Chi said that he was not a person with positive energy, and they used sorrow to warm up.Her love is particularly true and fragile: " I have always had a sense of inferiility in my heart, and I don't deserve to be that good."What kind of world does it feel like it's not worth being treated well?"" I am weak.I will tell myself that they still have to go back to their lives.Wang Yi's sonorous words were cowardly and cowardly, and her love was like a duckweed without a sustenance.Who's going to make a living, but she's always a vagrant.(Recommended reading: We've always been loved )

The most stable of life is there is no doubt about a relationship of bone.Even when she broke up, the spirit of love remained with her: " I will love you as a concept.It's like a sweetener supply, and I want to slow down."

When you talk about your former lover's eye, she wrote a epitaph: " If you ever liked me, please take me with a hair.If you ever loved me for a while, please take my fingernails.If you ever loved me for a long time, please take my limbs and eyes.If we continue to love me until now, please take my heart, and all the remaining parts.She's chatting, like a spell, to seal all the love of love in the world.When I listened to her voice, I felt a flutter of her heart, and we almost all shed tears, and I was deeply in love with the world.

"painful memories of the past, even if dirty, disgusting, I wanted to keep it together, hoping that they would be with me."— — Wang Kqi

Wang Chi's love is so vast, it can only be so much.The way she looks, from time to time, I can give it to you.She reminds me of a French writer who wrote: "Love is for me, not a skin of a skin. It's not a vegetable. It's an unimmortal desire. It's a heroic dream of a decadence life.""

That love transcended the appetite, and it was also in the near-violent.

Spurs are valuable, valuate your differences

" I'm a toxic person."Wang Yi seemed to be a thorn in the side of the side, and she wanted, but she was afraid. I asked Wang Qi to talk about the thorn in her body:" On the contrary, I felt that my thorn was unplugged.You can still remember that there are always "strange" people in elementary school, and I am one of them.I miss myself when I was a kid, and I had anger in my eyes, like the "Magnifiz" was cursed by the curse.I don't think I'm going to ruin everything that I think is unfair.(Sibling: A life of unthankless practice, Oprah: "It is no longer true that no one will ever do it!"" )

When it comes to this, the background of Wang Qi's room is , and I imagine that no one in her mind can enter the room, sweet and crazy, and will always welcome you, as long as you dare.

" I've been there until recently to think that these spines are precious, and I value the thorn I have left."

" I think too many people in the world like to tell people how it would be better, that this thing unplugged my thorn, even if they were doing it for me, I hope I don't have a bit of ambiguity, I'd like to be that kind of person, but more and more scared to accumulate in the body.Life seems to have a rebelliable limit, you can't exceed that line."

I'm not the answer, and you have to question everything in the world.

Our template of life is not beyond the imagination of happiness. The world is talking about happiness so narrow and so that everyone is looking for a recognized "normal" way.Wang Yi, an unconventional posturing of the Internet era, "made me feel that my existence was recognized, and of course there was a sense of vanity, meaning that I had even greater influence to do better."It turns out that there are only angry men who are angry at me, and now at least some small girls are affected by this.I want to be a distraction, and I can think of my image when they're out of the way."

existence of Wang Qi seems to have given a silver lining to the sea of the Internet.More people in the face of the red-faced bibliation message are in doubt.She said, " Someone asked me if she had a child in a very bad relationship.I dare not respond.How could I have known all of her life in just 20 minutes?I am not qualified to give them advice, even though we know that happiness seems to have a way to follow.But life, I say, will not be your life."

What is Wang Qi's life?At this moment, Wang Qi's account has three digits left, as she took only one of ’ remaining properties to tribute to Amy Winehouse Her life is a kind of inflexibility.

She doesn't want to be the answer, the only thing you want to do is tell everyone: "You have to question everything, don't take me as a Bible."Looking back at the root of my own, I am not doing myself. We often treat ourselves as acting. I only show myself what I know."

Wavaweary society: You just scold me, you didn't attack my heart

often made a film in the face, published a film, and her makeup and her appearance were attacked by public opinion. "Few comments can annoyme me, you just curse me, you don't attack my heart."Unless you have a physical woman, a Chinese saying goes, " You all say that this thing is self-confident, what do your girlfriends think about it?Ugly B, big fat pigs, I've seen them all, but his "this thing" annoy me.The comments made me very angry.(Recommended reading: Look at the feminism of Tsai Yilin: Is the woman in popular culture more or more narrow-minded?)

world is too fond of labelling, and there are too many ridiculous stereotypes.Wang Chi-chi says: Everyone is a director, and he likes to cut into his own subjective judgment, so that he can do what other people should do.Fatso's got to eat his leg, and the old man would have to be at the lofty heights.We look at things with our own eyes."

Out of others' acting world, Wang Qi needed more patience to focus on himself.So she sings and writes.Wang Chi University has a drama department, she plays in the theater, and has high pitches between words and music, and every field she plays is like a magic show, a witch's path.Then you walk into Wang Yee's room to look at three objects that matter in her life.

Wang Qi's Room Key: Magic Magic

Recording device

The music is Wang Chi's spell, and the first room is a microphone.Because the " Bjork Bjork dissects the depth of the music without a temperature, because the musician Li Dao has seen the spirit of the soul.


" It's not a fake suit, which makes me a more complete person."Let me be closer to my imagination."


Wang-chi's room has a halloween when she was little, and she liked the world where the imaging didn't have to be complete.It's always full of surprises. It can always be different.

Diary left behind

Wang Chi-ki's diary, which was left by his previous lover, recounts a string of poems, like solitude and confession, as if I had become independent of her speech, " I am not in love with you, but I love a concept, a ghost of the past." For Wang Qi, as long as love is loved, love will always exist.

Wang Qi reminds me of the French writer Hujas.Her love was a strong, intoxicating, desperate need to occupy the whole of the night.Ealienation is also a passion for love, which is used to depict the unfailing passion of Jujas, which is exactly the same as her.(You would like: Do you know them?Three female writers who love to advance to a higher level )

Most wanted room

I asked Wang Qiche's most wanted room today, and she said:

" I want to go to Aileen's room most, and I want to see the space where she was held when she was a child, and she wanted to look at the space she had lived with, and also wanted to see her lonely and lonely room.She made a good commitment to her life, and sent him the money after the derailment of Huran.I wonder what kind of a woman's space would be like."

this way, Chang Ai-ling, a woman who is a cold woman, reads the cold eyes of life and reads, and understands her love for the human heat.I think Wang Qi's yearning for the room, how many of them are some of her expectations.She says that she loves Chang Ai-ling's book, "I'm a young girl, and this is a rare book that she didn't write too many people to death. Many people were separated from the war. For me, that was the little heart of Zhang Aileen's heart, and a little sun in her cold life."" (Recommended you: [Woman with a fragrance] Hu Lan's love-drama, she's got Zhang Ailing, a Chinese robe crawling all over the body ).)

Round back Wang Chi's small room, orange lights, and cold wall colors.Like her ambiguous and ambiguous situation, she alienation from the world of love, and it is absolutely narray;Nina Simone's from the time of the departure, I'm listening to this song, and I think it is Wang Qi's favorite climate. She loves the cool and rainy days of the island. It's like the distance between you and the Loves You Porgy > and the sweetness and sweetness of the people who want to bury it in their hearts and the room of Wang Qi.