A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Written in the 1111 singles Day, as you press the order, think of the subtle relationship between love and shopping, you love and you do Not love, love you and do not love you, how many times love in fact do not talk about conditions, willing to miss your people, put him in the shopping cart, do not order it.

You've been a little sleepy since last night. From 11/10 to 11/11, you never thought that one day singles would be the world's carnival in the name of Singles Day, businessman anxious in front of you give a discount, casually asked you to buy something, I see you live a lot less things ah, and so you purchase finished, and then urgent to you say "you will be happy."

Taobao and cat shopping city and brush down the astronomical figure of tens of billions of, you imagine click on the number behind the target, what mood do we shop?

We carry the desire of the shopping cart in the huge virtual mall pick, meet the next, then a don't, thank you again contact, like you have experienced before the feelings, but you are put back on the shelf of that.

The mall is as cold as the world. relationship for some people is the silver goods versus, body parts weighing two, together at that time you feel awkward, compared to the lover you more like his auction, you live more inferiority is afraid of their own impairment, and you do not now, you do not.

Isn't shopping very much like love? Old take the condition pressure on your head of the past lovers, put it bluntly not so love you, they have no one eye instantaneous impulse, so care about your appearances more than kiss your soul.

But the source of love and shopping is not bear to miss, you want to find even the body skirt but impulse to buy a scarf and jeans, you want to find a tall he but with you and so high, you do not care, but love happy. You want to have him, also want to be possessed by him, regardless of condition, do not assume if.

The person who is willing to miss you, forgot him in the shopping cart, This is the love truth which you realize in the shopping city.