A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. From the madness of two to one person's freedom, this time we talk about our predecessors . Dear, do not want to put down, let him become the weight of your life. (Recommended reading: single diary: Loneliness Makes you a stronger person)

You've been single for a while, or you like to go to your old place for a little weekend to have a drink and have a little hope of meeting him.
you put all his contacts in the way sealed off, still accustomed to take a friend mobile phone slide his dynamic, guess which sentence is saying you.
You hate the traces of past street corners, hate a song to make You cry, hate the key he left you.
You miss the time when you were in love with Plato, and it was too touching dawn.

Sometimes, we are weak because of a song, a movie on the tears, and sometimes, we suddenly look back, we have walked alone that long way. You try to lift his face book blockade, on the birthday gently sent a happy birthday, or really will let you recover, not to avoid, but to reconcile, quiet waiting for the time to meet again. (Extended reading: write a letter to the past have shed tears, have been injured himself )

I want to see you
But please remember I won't ask to see you
It's not pride, you know I'm not proud to be in front of you
But because when you want to see me, it makes sense to meet--Simon Pova

You deeply believe that in a parallel time and space, you cherish each other's spirit is always together forever.

I recall the love of Simompova and Saudi Arabia, which never rejected any woman's temptation, but Simompova was the only one in his heart. They do not love, not marriage, "we are like-minded, our harmony will be as long as our lives." "Simompova wrote.

As far as you love him in your emotional annals of irreplaceable.

"The tacit understanding of life is hard to say, no matter where, still traction with each other." --Wei "Okay, okay?"