Write to your morning song , this morning, we are not bad bed not sleepy, we enjoy getting up the sun , with a vibrant self! Reveille, recommended by psychologists, not only can you get up, but also fill you with positive energy, perhaps the antidote to your bed? (same field Gayon: Break the "Can't Get Up early" curse!) Six psycho-hypnosis to get you up early .

Usually your holiday starts like this.

The warmth of the sun, you and bedding continue to work together, say no one to get up first, you sleep soundly, dream of the Breath of the sun. Therefore, the beginning of the holiday, mostly from 12 o'clock noon or later calculation.

After a holiday, you usually start your work day like this.

Warm sunshine in, you still reluctant to leave the bed, but have to use extraordinary willpower to urge themselves to get up, your heart unwilling to brush aside brushing one's eyes, the day Holi Hu painted on the start. A colder day, digging himself out of bed, almost became an impossible task.

But maybe waking up can be a happier thing?

David M., a music psychologist at Cambridge University and New York University. Greenberg research shows that the music you listen to when you get up has a big impact on how you imagine today, the following three elements, your Reveille song, in addition to effectively repel the sleepy, but also give you a whole day of positive energy! (Recommended reading: How to make each day into 26 hours?) )

  1. Gradual rhythm: A song with a step-by-step rhythm is the most effective for defeating the bed. And the song started with a strong rhythm of music, because the energy came too fast, no good lay out effect, but will help get up the task greatly discounted.

  2. Positive energy: The lyrics with positive energy can not only eliminate the bad temper, but also make the mood good, let the new day full of power, full of vitality.

  3. Strong rhythm: Not only the lyrics, but also the rhythm of the song is very important. Songs between 100 and 130 BPM are most helpful in generating good emotions.

Try the Reveille song we prepared for you, this morning we can look forward to a different self!

Hey, good morning:) Did you say good morning to the important people today?