single Diary is a new unit of female fans, with 500 words to write tempting's single thoughts. after breaking up , I do not force myself to forget you, we have loved the memory, let me in the storm of lovelorn can still crawl forward. And that's probably the only thing I can do for us. (Recommended reading: single Diary: When meeting, do each other's life of good people )

That year you leave me, the window under the hasty rain, our memories damp up, I have nowhere to hide, had to soak themselves in the bathtub, to cry, know that they have no place to go, in addition to this side of our warm love of the land.

Once we feel warm room, for a moment like cold day snow, is not our common home. And before you leave, I know that we're not in love anymore.

You see my eyes lost gentleness, I put the days of two people live uninteresting, for you my wayward no longer cute. Then you thought for a long time and frowned and said, let's just forget it. My body began to rain, too.

I said yes, I understand. In fact, I was reluctant to let us not happy, reluctant to the former lover live into a hate strangers, we have a day even a bit of the memory of love is not left, so or break up, in the memory still beautiful time. At least we'll be happier after we leave.

In fact, I do not understand, at what moment did we not love? And at what point did we decide to let go of the future? That's not important.

You're escaping from our world, and I can't stay here. But I do not force myself to forget, because the real forget is not necessary effort.

After you left, I was not good, but I work hard, although life is inevitably displaced. I miss us while still thinking, carrying my only love over the temperature, crawling slowly in the snow. I wish you well, and I no longer need to know your news.

"I wait, no longer waiting for you that day." 」