2015 into the countdown, we take stock of the year we love the movies, thanks to them have been with us through a solid year. From the beginning of the "Imitation Game" to the end of the "Hunger Game: Freedom Dream", 11 movies Bring us 11 life proverbs, let us have the courage to face up to the face of tomorrow. (Recommended reading:2015 to listen to seven songs before the end!) Jolin Tsai, Lin Tai Jia, Tianfu Veltzke, soda Green to accompany you to embrace the courage of Tomorrow)

The French New Wave director has said: "The film is a second 24 lattice truth." The movie lets us peep into the human being magnified emotion and the survival situation, imagines the universe to exist another kind of utopia or the dystopian utopia, we crawl past history, imagines the future pattern, and after the movie finishes, stands firm footsteps to go back to now, hoped that oneself makes the better person.

If there is a film that can commemorate the 2015 you have lived hard, which one will it be?

Take stock of 2015 wonderful 11 movies to you, talk about gay issues, female strength, life width and believe in the possibility of good, each film is left to our long-term profound life issues.

"Imitation Game" Imitation Game:stay Weird Stay different

Sometimes, people who are forgotten by the world can accomplish things that they have never imagined. 」

"Imitation Game" says World War II hero Alan Allen. The story of Turing (Alan Turing), through the interpretation of the film, we return to the World War II decoding scene, 18 hours a day, to find out the only solution in 159 Jingzhao, he finally cracked the German Enigma, the world of his mystery has never been solved. Compaq Worship District Play Turing, with the identity of the comrades, the world and independence, the eyes are very heartbreaking.

At the Oscars, the award-winning writer, Graham Moore, took the stage to dedicate the award to all the self-conscious children, Stay Weird Stay different, and the world has our place. The film text and reality have the marvelous of intertextuality. Perhaps not the world has forgotten us, but we have forgotten too many volumes of the world, we embrace their own differences , determined to live for their steadfast. (Deep film review:"Love, is not let you solve the puzzle" Imitation Game film Review)

The age of Youth Boyhood: Now, there's no room for regret.

"Everyone is always talking about the moment, but I think it's the other way around, but it's the moment that grabs us." 」

"Young age" is a seemingly dull but very close to the reality of the film. The film spans 12 of years of filming dimensions, the protagonist Mason's growth years in front of the screen was flattened stretched, our life is full of so many messy, not the plot of the story. The images that have been cut off for orgasm are actually in our lives.

The line between film and life becomes blurred in the age of youth, the weight of time is put back in the film, we have no one is a prophet, the next moment what will happen, we never know, as the real life, we have to grasp the right to cherish the present, to confirm that at this moment there is no room for regret.

"Gold Spy" Kingsman:the Secret Service : True nobility is superior to the past of their own

"Polite achievement extraordinary person manners maketh the man."

In Mankengmangu's action movie, "Gold Spy" is an accident to kill their way out, the rhythm of the lively and elegant black comedy, but also from the boy to the man's atypical growth narrative, the protagonist Igussi is not James Bond is not a superhero, his cowardly timid and not decided, still can crooked the things to fix.

"Gold Spy" salute at the same time also ridiculed the past invincible heroes. The bigwigs will not always be dignitaries, especially in the network, after the collapse of identity, really decide who you are no longer the status of social class, but your self-cultivation and conduct, "superior to others, not noble, the true nobility should be superior to the past himself", Ernest Hemingway, is also the most profound modern fable in the film. (same field Gayon: woman's remarriage issue!) "Gold Spy" in two marriages reflect the woman screen image)

"I miss Myself" Still Alice: If the memory disappears, I remember I love you

"I don't feel like I'm suffering, I'm trying, trying to get involved in a lot of things, keeping up with the old me, I'm asking myself to live in the present, and now I'm living in the present." 」

If one day forgetting becomes everyday, if one day we can no longer locate who we are, will you still have faith in living? To get Julian Moore to take the 87th annual Oscar-winning "I Miss Myself" is about Alzheimer's, but it's very similar to our life. Sometimes we can't remember yesterday, but tomorrow is still far away.

If the memory disappears, do we still exist? The existence of the subject is a common knowledge of life, we live every day have to face the risk of loss and forgetting, every moment we are changes, "I miss myself" remind us to clearly remember every moment of appearance. (same field Gayon: from "I miss Myself" talking about Alzheimer's disease: Love Will never disappear)

"Crazy Max: Rage," mad Max: Finding Your way to the future

"We're looking for a way out for ourselves. 」

"Crazy Max: Rage Way", the remote mainland Changsha long, the oil car to find the last oasis, glamorous species of mothers and the arm of the Leosa run away from the old Joe's Patriarchal empire. It was the age of contention for water, the age when women were never just good, that was the little man shouting witness my death but seeking the glory of death, which was the wasteland of meaning vanishing at the end. We hold the hope, like the seeds of Aboriginal grandmother's hands.

"Crazy Max: Anger Way" There is full of flesh and activity of the free female body, Oasis may never be in the end, and in their path on the way, in the ugly totalitarian before actually we can not escape, must turn back and face the ugly, is the real way of salvation. " And that moment, we know that the birth of the future, are thanks to a group of people who are regarded as crazy by the present, do not fight, who will you take seriously? (Deep filmreview: "Queer movie Perspective" The male-activist anxiety, the woman's "Rage Way")

"Brain Teasers" Inside out: the weight of experiencing life problems

"Crying makes me slow down and focus on the weight of life problems." 」

Live in a world that emphasizes positive thinking, and occasionally our tears, sadness and anger seem too fragile. "Brain Teasers" reminds us of how good it is to have feelings, through the little girl Riley's eyes, Lele and worries of adventure travel, we no longer feel that life is only happy is necessary.

There's a time when you can't laugh, there is nothing to do when ah, or there can only be sad when ah, we do not need to laugh at all things, lele, anger, worry, surprise, annoying existence, remind us to be a more complete person, flesh and blood. Roland Batt said, "The existence of tears is to prove that sadness is not an illusion." "This is a sad moment that we all share." (same field Gayon: to the heart of the child "brain teasers": Growing up on the way we pick up, discard)

"Transtextuality Niang" the Assassin: Body and as a person, must bear the loneliness

"Taste 闻鸾 See class is ringing, why not hang the mirror to follow." He saw the shadow of the Lament, the Night dance mirror and never. 」

Adapted from the Tang Legend of the "Transtextuality Niang", the picture is as beautiful as the ancient ink painting, transtextuality Niang stagger out of the lens, people are really afraid of the lonely animals? Hou go farther, subvert our imagination of the Sword of Martial arts, details and lines are wiped away, the whole film is pure like martial arts road.

"Transtextuality Niang" way, is to talk about the survival of each person, in the kill and not kill, stay and not stay with ambiguous vague position, the whole piece of silence and the real environment of the noisy make reference, green Luan Dance mirror, Lament and die, no time, people as long as alive, must be responsible for all the choice, must bear the loneliness, must be in order to find similar and hard. (Extended reading: transtextuality Niang Special topic: A person, no similar )

"Senior Intern" The Intern: The road must be bumpy to be worth it.

"Stick to the right thing, never be wrong." You are are never wrong to doing the right thing."

"Senior Intern" let you see and cry and laugh, it is true portrayal of women walk between the workplace and family, we want to do everything well, and to bear the intangible pressure. After all these years, no one dares to say that women can Take it all.

"Senior Intern" in the Julia like you, or as you want the future. You are not afraid to agree with the chi industry stay up late, you do not worry with men in the workplace, you are convinced that the workplace higher order should have women's voice position, and at the same time you do not expect to live a smooth sailing, you know this road must be bumpy will be worth it. Fortunately there is such a film witness, we can not for who, just for themselves, strive to become better people. (Recommended reading: women miss such a man!) Senior intern, old-fashioned dating code makes love more classic .

"Jedi Rescue" The Martian: Total Trust, need the greatest courage

"Please take good care of this car, for it has saved my life," said the king. 」

Humans often imagine themselves abandoned on Desert island or desert, but if they are forgotten in the distant outer space? "Jedi Rescue" launches the longest-haul rescue plan from Earth to Mars. One night after the storm, the actor Mark found that he was waking up on Mars, probably no more solitary than this one. A disco that symbolizes the heat of life, accompanies the hero Mark's near-icy Martian years.

He calculated his chances of survival, the evil environment to stimulate the instinct to survive, he ate the first potato planted, know the feeling of living is the original. He had only one thought, and he must return to Earth. Believing will accompany him through the lonely days, he is no longer a lost man on Mars, but the first person to live more than 200 Martian days. It takes the greatest courage to believe in total.

"Little Prince" Little Prince: The terrible is to forget you once believed in goodness

"Growing up is not terrible, it is terrible to forget." 」

The "Little Prince" film continues the "Little Prince" in the original book did not say (or not expected to say) story, the faithful readers crawl the film thread busy contrast, but feel it more like another strange narrative. The little prince grew up to live a coward, rose withered wind blow on the scattered, the story of the little girl did not grow up but busy with adult days,"Little Prince" story through the old pilot's long mouth to the little girl, she therefore saw life another possibility, originally she can disobey mother, Be the one who decides the direction of your life.

the "Little Prince" film at first seems to be alienated, because we have never thought of the small prince of the General Assembly is like, he seemed to live forever in the world full of curiosity of age. But the little prince should never be a pretext for refusing to grow up, but a reminder that we should not think of adults as necessarily ugly. Terrible is not one day we will become adults, but forget once believed that the kind of their own. (Recommended reading: fall in love with a Rose of the wayward: The little Prince taught us six relationship topics)

Hunger Games: Dreams of Freedom Hunger Game: hope, stronger than fear

"Hope is the only conviction that is stronger than fear." 」

"Hunger Game: The Dream of Freedom" final chapter, Kenis a red shirt, it is the color of blood, but also the color of hope. The difficult challenge of the final chapter is no longer the flesh and blood of the arena, but the anchao of the raging human nature. How cruel the war, after overthrowing a hegemony, will not just meet the next hegemony, you doubt that freedom will ultimately be like a dream?

"Hunger Game: The Dream of freedom" as the last piece of 2015, when Kenis to carry the political language of Mockingjay, she understood that her every move will become the world's understanding of peace picture. When we look back at the upcoming elections and the real world after the terrorist attacks, it is always harder to understand the world's issues than the movies. But we refuse to surrender to the violence of the dark, and we do not want to pass on hope, like the arrow that Kenis the last shot. We no longer revolt, but we also aspire to freedom. (same field Gayon:"Hunger Game" Kenis teaches us three things: love is the reason for all existence)

11 Movies, 11 sentences to the future of life proverbs, there is the yearning for freedom, the loneliness from the place, to grow up thinking, to the present value, which one of the most close to your 2015 life track? Also leave a message to write down your favorite 2015 movie list!