single The diary uses 500 words to write tempting's single worry. You always hate others always urge you to get out of single as early as possible, as if single will live desolate, but perhaps you should not be angry with the family, but should always sell "marriage equals happiness" social revolution, after all, happiness should never be another person's responsibility. (Recommended reading: single diary: You like yourself, more than you love anyone )

(Figure/Yi Chuang Art)

You take the holiday back to your hometown, and occasionally you want to be an adult, a spoiled child. Family really rare reunion, grandma early cooking busy busy out, while urging you to call all the way to the table sister-in-law home for dinner. At six o'clock in the evening, a group of people are already crowded and ready to eat, as if in advance.

Grandpa took a bite of the fish for you, casually asked your father, "Sister is going to get married?" 」

"Is there any good object?" said Grandma eagerly. I heard that the neighbors ' children are about the same age as you and have a wife and a fat doll. 」

You are single, let Grandpa Grandma worry for you. Questions like this, colleagues, parents, close friends have asked you why you have been single? In the past, you always look dissatisfied with the mouth: "I am single, not dead." I take care of myself better than anyone else, what's your problem? 」

But the smiling face of Grandpa Liang makes the anger in your body soft. You know they're just worried about you, like the little girl they were worried about the first time they went to school.

They worry that you are not good at the sight of them, but they are not.
They worry that one day they will not be able to recites around you and ask you to take care of yourself a little more.

The only way they can think of is to find someone to take their place with you, and it means that they are meant to be, to guard each other's lives and make sure they are happy. You have figured out that your family is a roundabout love you should not revolution with them.

You think, you are not really celibate, but you would rather believe that happiness, never should be someone else's responsibility.