A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. "It's not easy to be alone," he said. "You sigh so say, most of the time with a little pride, because you cherish this is not easy, cherish the single day , you deeply believe, would rather a person occasionally tears , also don't casually find a person married family sad." (same field Gayon: single Diary: Don't let the unfit person, take away the best you )

"I don't mind being alone, sometimes it's more comfortable than love." 」

A person is not easy, risky marriage is a family difficult, you are willing to love the displaced, also do not love tentacles available.

Some people say you are more negative, adults say you are too stupid, or find someone to marry. love should not be, you know they say mature is only sophisticated, just live too long to be polished corners, the so-called actual to find a good family, it is not mature, but the spirit of decay, because can not find their own ideals, only to find a good family.

No matter, you are willing to wait, you have always been as quiet as time and modesty. During this time, perhaps you will have a few feelings, regrets a few relationships, walk to those roads, you finally understand a person's day, far more than the panic of love much better.

"If you're the last, it's really okay to be late." "You say that to the cold air, you know someone like you generally believe that this thing is good, tonight a person walking home is very good, waiting very good."

Have you ever heard of a lot of friends in the feeling of eating tasteless, discard's helpless; The good sister changed a few boyfriends, but she never really loved who; you know there's a kind of APP that's going to crowd out single patients for love, but you can't celebrate with them, they find a keyboard Know my people, you want a person who can make you know the world better.

Who says you're obstructive to yourself? You're the real Love winner.

"I know that there is a person like me in the waiting, he can understand the bitterness of my life, I want to keep this mood continues to boil, eventually there will be my stability." 」