It seems that at the beginning of each year you always ask yourself the same question:
What accomplishments have
accomplished in the past year?
What targets must be achieved in the new year?
Is the new year more compliant than the old year?

Yes, so long as we sit down and think about the plan for the next year, the answer is no doubt sure.However
there is absolutely no difference in the size of the plan. Whether it be small to a weight-loss program, a refresher course, a new language, or an investment in money management, as long as the target can be completed within a year, the compensation received is definitely substantial, and the value of it is not merely quantifiable.

No matter what you plan to do, the first step is the most important first step. God is fair, giving everyone a fair amount of time, 365 days a year, and the time is definitely your biggest bargaining chip, the sooner you get out of it.

Back to the origin, how do you get a perfect start?
people know that it is hard to get up and down, and the good start is half the success, and these are all the things that have been talked about.
But there are some key points to follow.

1. List Plan List

Lists the most interesting part of the start of all plans.There are no restrictions, no rules, you can sit on your computer, write all the list of programs you want to complete, write in your private blog, you can take out a schedule, you can put it in order, but remember one thing, don't be too greedy, control the amount and difficulty of your plan, and don't go beyond your own load.

2. Learn

When you finish listing the list, you must start learning about your knowledge about your theme.This step is extremely important and will be ignored by most people.If you want to study photography, you have to understand the difference between the changes in the light, the difference between the contrast, or the angle of view, rather than using the method to get countless failures before you get to know the right course of work.

3. Practical points, not being overambitious,

looking at the list and honestly asking yourself a few questions: Are these plans really, really, really I want to do? Is it really possible to complete all projects in the new year?Are there any plans that are beyond the capability and are not practical? It may take a day to think calmly, remove some of the heavenly targets, and be too ambitious and ambitious, as has been said before, and the plan is not about the size, but whether it can be realized.

4. Collect available resources

Before you mention learning, the source can be a personnel matter.The library is the treasury of knowledge, and when you go to dig, ask friends or elders with deep experience, it is definitely the best catalyst in the plan, and it is also very good to add value to the development of the human pulse and broaden the experience.

5. Teamwork

No one has said that the plan can only be accomplished by itself, and with some partners, not only can you maintain your enthusiasm, but you can also monitor and encourage each other. In the process, you can also exchange intelligence and information, and speed up the progress of the program.For women, the most simple example is that the question of weight loss is never too cold. The most important thing is that the group needs to work together to achieve its goals. Together with the gym and control of the diet, there is a role that is both a comrades and a monitor, and that is the best way to lose weight.

6. There is nothing to lose

There is no white lunch in the world. It is a welcome thing to achieve the goal, but in the process there are bound to be some questions that need to be weighed.If you want to lose weight, if you want to lose weight, your friends' dinner will have to be sacrificed. Big fish meat is definitely not a positive force for losing weight. At this point, there must be a spirit of braw-wrists, refusal, and focus on diet control efforts.

7. Don't deceive yourself and others

Yes, don't deceive yourself and others.This is one of the most likely mistakes of the people. At the same time as the step-by-step implementation of the plan, we have to do what we have to do, and we should be sincere and clear.Although the period will encounter different temptations, it is also testing your own self-control, never looking for excuses to be enamelled or perfunctory. The success or failure of a project is a matter of determination, and if you don't want to again regret it by the end of 2011, remember, never make a compromise.

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