single Diary is a new unit of female fans, with 500 words to write tempting's single thoughts. They say why you've been single, are you always sticking to Ningquewulan 's Creed? You say that you do not only believe Ningquewulan, you believe in love, you believe that a lifetime only love a person's possibility, so even riding a donkey looking for a horse is a waste. (same field Gayon: single Diary: You patiently wait for a person worthy of your heart )

They say you must not believe in love, will be single.

They say you just live so strong that you're too much of a person to have someone else around you.

They say you probably forget what is called enthusiasts, what is called struggling to love, what is called two people's world, because your world has been only one person.

They said.

And you say, you do not believe in love, you are too dead to believe in love. There is only one person in your world, but you have been imagining two of people.

Modern people really know what is called love, in their mouths love is too cheap, love is a flower, a candlelight dinner, a trip to exotic travel, a can happen with anyone accident, a bad deal with the return quickly.

You are not fresh meat, you do not have to love in the butcher shop with people weighing two, squeeze a life-and-death, for the sake of a good price.

Your love is not, say you silly that also can. Your love is a period of limitation, you believe in the limited time and space, there will be such a person, you meet each other and live. Your love is a period of time, missed the No, people live so short, good love a person is too extravagant.

For this, you feel wasted riding a donkey to find a horse. What's more, your donkey may be someone else's horse, what you do is better to let it go.

You are so true to believe in love, so solid miss life only love a person's years. If we share less snacks, the world of two people will be very small, and two people will spend more time together than eternity.

You do not believe in love, you are too unreasonable to believe in love.