This is the first lesson for fresh people in the workplace, but also the rookie veteran should listen to the workplace. P&g, vice president of communications and public relations in Greater China Xu Youjie Rene and women fans co-founder Zhang Wei Xuan Shuan, talk about their first step in the workplace road, also talk about how to find a lifetime zhi industry; they want to tell you that there is no perfect job, There is only one willing to work hard with it. (Recommended reading: improper work slaves!) The most important thing in each stage of life, only you can decide .

Life is dark unless there is desire, and all desires are blind, unless there is knowledge, and all knowledge is vain, except for work; all work is empty, unless there is love. -Gibran "The Prophet"

Good workplace, can witness your growth, accompany life to go a long way. Students leave campus, the first job into the workplace how to choose? If you are confused and hesitant, there are so two people want to share their experience with you, he is p&g Greater China communications and public Relations Vice President Xu Youjie Rene, she is a woman fan co-founder Zhang Wei Xuan Shuan, listen to them two details of the workplace that life survival: we all have to work, But how do we make a work of our own influence that makes the world different because of you?

The screws of big companies: what you do may not change the world, but it can change a person's world.

Stay in P&g 30 years of Xu Youjie, from brand management all the way to vice president of communications and public relations, looking back on the road, he specifically mentioned so far accomplished the most proud thing: "p&g 6 minutes to protect life. "It was a charity project that was 30 as evergreen as hunger, and he hoped to develop a long-term influence on society," he said. More than 20 years ago, the number one killer of Taiwanese women was cervical cancer, but only 10% of women had regular check-ups.

"My cousin died when she was five years old, and if he had 6 minutes to protect his life, he might have a chance to know how good his mother was." "The contribution to the company's business will be forgotten, but the impact on one person may be a lifetime," Xu Youjie said. With such a desire to continue to affect the mood of the world, in every little thing to inject your influence, it is not a trivial matter, only you want to make it big.

(Illustrated: In P&g 30, Xu Youjie to exert his influence)

"Young man, please choose a company that will help you grow and thrive." 」

The young man asked himself, "Should I choose a big company with a system, or a small company that starts from scratch?" Xu Youjie smiled and said that the problem was too early for the new couple, the size of the company is not important; you have to think about whether you can build a stable foundation, and if the company will help you become stronger: "Young man, choose a company that will make you grow and thrive." 」

The core of young people's doubts is what you want to be. Wei Xuan said: "Try to imagine, five years later what kind of self will make you happy?" Let's start with something that we can feel happy about. "The motivation to sustain our work in the workplace often has a clear goal," he said. One of his own examples: "I hope the economy will be independent in four or five years, engaged in a combination of creative and business work, hoping to get out of the Philippines to the Chinese people to root." "Once you have defined your goals, you may not be able to do everything, and you will not handing, as long as you are moving towards it."

"The workplace is to define your goals. No matter what to do, just go in that direction, may not do everything, but also will not handing. 」

After more than 30 years in the business, Jay often looked back at himself, he advised young people to choose the company, from these four points to think:

  1. Company values: Your company has not let you violate your conscience and the principle of personhood
  2. Growth opportunities: Can your team learn from each other to help
  3. Keep pace with the times: you work every day, is not always feel inadequate
  4. Beautify your life: does it make some people's lives better because of your efforts?

"No bad boss, there must be a place for you to learn." 」

You will be a stronger man every road that is covered with thorns. There is a saying in the line: The boss can give you heaven, also can take you to hell. There is Jay laugh back, really go to hell is not a bad thing, as long as the process to learn something worthwhile, "because the most severe boss, but learn the most." Wei Xuan went on to say: "Meet the bad person, you must keep reminding oneself, hereafter do not like him." "The bad to throw away, good to stay, is the workplace on the road to pick up all the way to discard the rule." (The boss is not your nanny!) don't wait for the boss to remind you that a good employee is one or two paces ahead of the boss .

The science of doing little things

(Illustrated: Wei Xuan talk about 24-year-old like movies, like the sex of their own.) )

Abandoning the old age thinking, the new generation of young people do not want to perfunctory life, we are looking for what we really want to do, everyone wants to be himself. But do you have to let the world, let the company, get a job because you are so little different? "Wei Xuan throws out a question, the time flows back to she just graduated from the London School of Economics and politics to return the day."

At the time, 24-Year-old Wei Xuan for the first time in fear of life. Non-business schools, who think they're not fit to work for a big company, only know she likes movies and sex. So she decided to start with something she liked. She enlisted in the American Fox Film Company, but began by moving movie posters, ordering goods, and building film tickets.

"I was wearing high heels to carry a very heavy poster, but I began to think how to move faster, the movie ticket how to cover faster." Wei Xuan smiled and said, she is not afraid to do small things, because even the smallest thing, she has the confidence to let the boss see her. Later, she became the first person to cloud the work, 2.5 of the middle school, she is the new salary growth of the fastest employees.

"Every thing is best, and everything is not in vain." 」

"When you do all the things, you will learn all the things." "This sentence shows her passion and desire, young people to believe that they do not waste, do not care about short-term pain, one day will return to you."

Basic skills in workplace survival: communication and self-marketing

This day, Jie and Wei Xuan do not talk about tools, not talk about work skills, only to emphasize very basic also important soft power. Like to get along with young people have Jay said, have a thought enough, to be able to write out, write out enough, to be able to speak well.

"The difference between a generation and a peer is whether you can communicate, do you have a clear, powerful way to present your ideas?" The school thinks that the longer the report, the better, but the job hope you will finish on one page. Young people should remember that the person who decides to read your mind is not you, but the other. Thinking, writing, speaking mind how to think, how to write out, and then how to say, good expression, this is the ability to communicate with people. 」

Don't be afraid to be good, but don't be arrogant

When Jay talked about the implicit culture in Asian culture, the Chinese people were afraid of showing off too much and everyone was humble. "Do very much, if you want to be humble, you can try to share experience from the point of view to talk about your study, and then bring results." We are very good at things, but always forget to do a little bit of self marketing. 」

Wei Xuan deeply has a sense to lift the example of Jolin Tsai: "Wood show in the forest, the wind will destroy it." I had been called by other department heads to scold me for not saying what I had done at the meeting and not worrying about the feelings of other colleagues. Not no longer performance, but when you are higher than everyone's time, you will be high to everyone can not surpass you, can only admire you. Jolin Tsai debut 16, criticism has never been less than before, but she has been trying to become strong, now she is so strong that no one can criticize her, can only be far from admiration for her. "That is a happy, do not bow not to yield, earned a solid victory." ("Female Leadership column": we are not born with self-confidence, but can exercise confidence in ourselves )

(Illustrated: "Don't be afraid to be seen, please let yourself be seen.") "In a group of people, do you have the courage to raise your hand?" Do you have the courage to let yourself be seen?

Workplace Survival psychology: no perfect job, like no perfect person

"In the past, in the Fox movie, I occasionally encountered movies that I didn't like." At that time, a senior told me: "There is no bad film, every movie has his point and people to communicate." "It makes me understand that all work is frustrated, but you have to find the soul point." Think about it in a different way, and find meaning and soul point in everything. 」

"There's no perfect job, just like there's no perfect person." 」

Wei Xuan used a vivid metaphor. "We are not going to pursue a perfect job, but to find a job that you are willing to work for." "We always want to find a good love object, talk about a successful love, but no matter how perfect, after all, there are shortcomings, we should not be persistent perfect lover, but find each other the appropriate way to get along with each other" as if, work will have you do not like the trivia, this is your own adjustment good. " "Wei Xuan said.

"Make sure you're capable of holding on to enthusiasm." Because enthusiasm can be consumed, you have to have enough "material" to make you burn passion. "There is a sense of Jay also said:" Enthusiasm, should be a marathon, not a sprint. "But what happens when passion disappears?" Not just fresh people, I think it's all about the work and life balance.

The workplace is not time management, but energy management.

"First of all define your balance, the balance is not 50:50." At different stages, the proportions will vary. I do not believe in time management, I am more convinced of energy management. "There is Jei said, Wei Xuan can not help but analogy:" Energy has a high and low, like the tide, there is a volt. Be highly invested in high energy and hold your highs. When energy is low, listen to your body and soul, put yourself on a vacation, and do a few things that make you feel fulfilled. 」

"Through diet, exercise, you have more energy to face the role you play every day, invest in your body, don't run your time, but run your energy." Jerry finally stressed: "Never give Up your love and interest because of your work." Wei Xuan smiled and said: "Like I will be fixed to play Taijiquan every week." 」

Outside of the workplace: all your choices are about who you are.

From brand management to vice president of communications and public relations, from the age of only typewriters, to the current daily use of micro-blogging and young people to communicate, there is Jay in the enterprise to exert their influence, and do a continuous update and learning. From zero marketing experience to the founder of women fans, Wei Xuan, all the way rely on self-confidence and passion, not easily let go of their own, do not follow the rules of the road of entrepreneurship. (A letter to the new workplace:"Go your own way and let your work be with You")

2.5 hours to talk, I'm honored to be the witness of two people talking. Survival in the workplace, the focus is not how to find the first job, how to maintain their enthusiasm, all this is about: you want to be what kind of person.

The business you choose determines who you are, your choice, and who you are.

This is not so much a new job for the survival of the workplace, but also a rookie veteran are applicable to life experience talk about how we become the pursuit of their own life, how to find their own life for the enjoys dedication of the chi industry.

This interview to share with you, whether you are rookie veteran, unemployed or stuck in the bottleneck, so that they become a change in the world, the work on the road more and more strong. Our choice, as long as the "Meet the better of ourselves," the idea of starting, the future will be more and more good.