A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. If this person makes you feel good enough, maybe you should end it. love should not be, should not be forced, really let you fall in love with the person, you will be willing to boil for him, but also with him to make a cup of warm water. (Recommended reading: The healing of love is to be inserted in the Book of paintings: The life is clumsy with you. )

Friend C at the age of 30 married, her husband is her first love, two people talk about five years of love, noisy anger is more than half sweet, and finally became. Sisters often in the back of her broken mouth, said such a beautiful smart girl, why not walk a few more pits, not to marry this large block of wood.

I remember the time when he proposed to C, sweating his stuttering words to say a good line; I know that every time we go out to eat and drink, he secretly calculates the first few cups of C. This piece of wood is not really a very good man, but he treats the girl's heart is the most true. For a long time, the couple, once in the roadside saw them holding hands, slowly go to the back of the garbage, I do not want to say hello, the happiness of people dare not disturb.

We may have thought that, life only love one person, is not a pity? Would it be easy for me to live with him for the rest of my iife?

The first hands on the right, it is luck, we are more humble love, familiar feeling more palm, it is a blessing, people love to be covered with a wound is the essence. How many people have loved, has nothing to do with the maturity of love. It is not a pity to love a person all one's life, and it is not immoral to love many people for a lifetime. Each kind of love has its own posture, we only can fall in love with us to be worth.

It'll make you worry about "giving him the rest of his life". Not because your partner is not good enough, but because you are not ready to accept the real love. Love is a shared world of fireworks, if you can not make a cup of warm water, you will be willing to sting in love boiling.

"Short is always romantic, long always dissatisfied, burn good youth to change a wife." --Eason Chan, "Love Transfer"