A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. There is a person, no matter how long you miss, he is like the ghosts of the day, lurking in the deepest caves of your soul. Single diary, to the old lovers , we are still fragile like a child .

A person's day, can do a lot of things, but always feel slow. It's afternoon when the sun is red in the winter of the deep quilt fantasy, memory process, was clinging to the snake-like touch of the feeling, it is like waiting for a long, like forever and ever more dormant in there, in each small hole drilled to go around, memories are the most humid home lonely.

Some overcast days, under the drums of a music, a familiar street corner, you will think of a person, where, and what to do. Love a person A long time later, he still like the hair in the air, turn over quilts, Pat old bookcase, turned up old pages of the nose acid, head hemp, heart hot, like allergies.

You are curious, is there anyone and you miss that day afternoon sunshine? When all the details have been precipitated for the story, who will collect for you? Very distant care of his news, imagine he is now very good, perhaps after a few fall out of love, perhaps a few times, perhaps heart broken, you are still not his most memorable lover? You can't help thinking.

"If the past is also worthy of attachment, do not too quickly animosity." Who reconciled to this, each other without hanging or holding. We owe each other, we have to entangled. 」

The best time is to be betrayed, the most miss of the people, have been wasted, and then a beautiful smile, also cried for you, hand to say goodbye to the palm, finally want to hold, a faded picture, but let you remember the color. The love that has been mercilessly ruined has a best time.

All that is over, it's over, and you're dying to look forward to encounter with him again.