A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. VCDs is a single woman's good companion, those days, you always love and hate to look at the VCDs, count the success or failure of their love shadow. VCDs lets you believe that true love exists again and again, and review the eyes of your first love. (same field Gayon: love Is falling in love, which need any reason?) VCDs Five psychological topics on the five-night nine

When you are single, VCDs often accompanies you. You see " five nights Nine"from "Tokyo Love Story", the role of VCDs is often a step ahead of your happiness. You talk about a few bumps in love, a few times you do your best, there are several times you give up halfway, you forget to cry the weight, are left to the VCDs.

You are like Li Xiang, like her in the "Tokyo Love Story" said "Love Ah, as long as it is the beginning of meaning, even if there is no end." "You for Li Xiang love to finish the eyes of the Cure Liang moved, love people desperate, Li Xiang with the end of the cure did not walk together, but love and be loved memories, has been good in there."

At that time, you think it is not too difficult to fall in love with someone you want to see.

Later you like the "Five nights Nine" Run Miss, Love has become a little extravagant things. You calculate the amount of love and age, with a soft shell wrapped in their fear of the injured heart, you admit that you hide in front of the despicable, but can not afford to be disappointed.

You watch the play, while recalling that the original love can be a big spicy straight ball, do not ask the conditions for reasons, do not hide the mood do not play hard to get, not afraid of being rejected or pain.

When the star Chuan Monk said: "Where to play with you, just think of these let me happy." When will you come? When waiting for you, is also happy. 」

You do not look up to cry, VCDs melts your crusts, you think of love is to meet the happy long time. "I like you, you all I like" the day he met, you should be so silly to tell him.