A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Most of the time single is not just a state, but a mentality, you can not find a complete love of a person's possibility. Until you see Zheng Yinong and Yang Dazheng confession , they gently take you are other people think embarrassed, you think of that you can not love his body, forgive you, love, not necessarily forever. (Recommended reading: There is a love called Zheng Yinong and Yang Dazheng: I love you, do not have to have you )

Can you love a person's soul, but cannot imagine intimate with his body? Can desire a person's body, but can not find touched the soul of the pores?

Such a love, is not love? You are often confused and embarrassed by your repeated thoughts, and you are afraid to ask why no one else feels it is extremely difficult to love your soul and body at the same time. No matter what the relationship, you always feel like a single, you can not find a complete hobby of a person's possibility, very lonely.

Then you look at the news of Zheng Yinong and Yang Dazheng and cry out on the other side of the computer, your tears steadfast to you. You see them with nine years of deep love, struggle, injury, confession, for you to untie the boundaries of love, gently delimit the typical relationship, you forgive the singular yourself, you forgive those who you do not have the feelings of others.

You are convinced that the confession that belongs to them must be painful and never easy. They fled from the parable of "holding the hand of the son and the son", not to deceive the struggle of the heart, went to a more free place, they confessed on the way, but also gentle holding you forward.

You remember the day you were lying on the same lawn with him, looking at the same piece of the sky, pasted very close, you want to warm him, you want to talk to him, you want to rub his hair, and you know at the same time, you have no sexual desire for his body, at that time, you are very sad.

He's so good, you can't even love his body. Later you forgive yourself, also forgive you, there is no hate between you, you have to love to try hard, how good.

We promised never to be forever.