We are 23 years old, just farewell to the familiar student identity, the future embrace of expectations, but do not know where to go, looking for the process of their own tears have not been less, but also with the right to collide with the world, but my dear, as long as the idea of picking up the original intention and time dialogue

Write to my dear 23 years old,

Do you remember how long you haven't had a good time watching a movie? You're desperate to catch a traffic light, save a lunch, and stay up for two more hours. Save the time, to write a proposal, make more phone calls to customers, more than others to send a few e-mail.

These "little more" make your heart seem less. you no longer thank for a good cup of coffee, no longer for one eye tears. Really lonely is, sitting in the theater of life, everyone watching the plot tears, only you do not understand that sadness

Leave the campus half a year, you do a lot of homework, less the reality of life. You want to grow and grow. You do not run in the back, chasing the 30-year-old tail regret youth, so the moment to enter the workplace, do not leave the retreat to do their best. You can't even make a mistake and worry about what's dragging your growth rate. (Extended reading: write to us who are still growing up: Learn to tease yourself and live a gentle life )

But why are you so anxious to grow up?

Gentle, is anxious not to

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The village Haruki in the dance! Dance! Dance! wrote: "You are going to be an indifferent adult." No emotion, no sneaking thoughts, no looking back. To live another life of my own. You have to be obedient, not all the fish will live in the same sea. 」

For many adults, growing up is lost, grow up is to lose the sadness, also lost the naïve faith. We ask ourselves, "What kind of person do you want to be?" "The desire for influence, the sense of being, the weight of the world and the life of others?" Before we grow up, we don't even have time to think: what does "growing up" mean?

Perhaps your 23-year-old needs to be more slow and gentle, to understand your needs, rather than to replicate the success of others.

Grow up is not anxious to occupy, but know humility, like the night to let the stars shine, but deep bosom universe as the story of the vast. Growing up is not to surrender to the power, but to be willing to understand, like the island generally, can tolerate life such as waves of ferocity, can let the people in need to park.

than The beauty of life, the more to live the quality. we want to gentle, need to pass through the time of the riverbed sharpening, to inward vertical pursuit of depth, parallel to detect the breadth of life. and gentle, always it's not urgent.

You don't need so many unhappy achievements.

Last week, a woman was the author of Nick 's lecture, a girl stood up and said: "The university just graduated, my dream is to enter a big business PR, I am 25 years old, now also achieve the dream, I think, my next step in the end is what?" "The girl, said the confusion in our hearts." Where should the goal of life be founded? Performance of the standard, applause more and more loud, the task entrusted by the Director more and more important. But why are you not happy at all? (Recommended reading: to a little lost more than 20 years old )

Perhaps because we are too young, will be very happy to say: "Refueling oh", "to try Yo", or what "I Like You", "We will support you", "I want to be with you forever" this can not bear. I always thought that growing up is to accumulate and have, never thought, grow up probably also means to continuously lose. "Dangerous Mind"

Perhaps we've all lost something more important-- happiness and contentment--during the year's salary increase. "Working hard to get money, money let us live without risk, to stand in a more powerful position, can not be replaced." "We work hard, stay up late, and most of the time just don't want to lose to others." This is a competition is easy to "homogenization" of the era, we look at TED, read the 30 years ago before the 10 things to imitate similar success and ambition, but forget each holding a unique texture of the soul.

Dream, should make people feel happy, and age. A job with a good title doesn't make you happy, but a job with a sense of accomplishment; vanity doesn't make you happy, but a friend who shares the harvest with you. (Recommended reading: The biggest goal in life is not success, but someone to share your happiness )

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There are old friends and new stories to say

You do not want your life, only to talk about the business side of the complaining friends, and can only miss the past friends, so you need to do two things.

listen to yourself in a murmur : Growing up in the world, gossip and numbers are the easiest to communicate with each other for more than 10 minutes. You have to take the critical thinking that is not superior , criticize not to hurt people, but to introspection. Keep a clear view of the world and not be diverted by "other people's dislike". You will need the right amount of lively parties, but also the right amount of evade communication occasions. Many a night to drink, would rather stay for two hours to read to themselves.

second, let oneself have a new story can say : growth process You will constantly have new friends, but only constantly update their life dynamics, can leave good friends. In addition to youth regret, life must have more things to share, do not stop learning and exploration, each develop their own life map, meet again, with the unique experience of life, there are wonderful stories to say. (same field Gayon: become a producer, not a consumer: a true friend doesn't just consume you )

23 years old, when you are most likely to lose yourself, it is best to have a person to help remember you, you together, do not need to do surface Kung Fu, can have no time to talk, can talk about the imagination of life. You are familiar with each other's history, but also look at each other at ease to go to the future.

You're not trying to please the world.

An important friend of mine who shared the spiritual teachings of India at the age of 23 was always in my heart, and looked up at me when I panicked. Now, I would like to give this sentence to each of the 23-year-old: "No matter what happens, it is the only thing that will happen." 」

23 years old, you may experience a breakup, unemployment, you start to feel uneasy about the deposit, the previous splurge bought dress is now slow to start, and friends with a hangover now prefer to take a good sleep, you will experience a lot of crying, doubt, see the future of insecurity.

Every time the tears are over, please do not lose the one who still believe in goodness, write to 23 years old you, or once 23 years old you. Please remember this time you don't want to be anyone, copy who's success expectations. There is no one who is more suitable to you than your nature.

23 years old, holding a lot of uncertainty, we need is not a dead-head, but while the heart is hot, stepping on a desperate way, even if lost, are no more than hesitated time waste. Please don't be afraid to make mistakes, the small universe is starting from the outbreak, not because of the conversion of the runway lost self-confidence, learn to give up at the right time, leaving is closer to the ideal appearance; Please do not be afraid to deny that there is no need for romantic understanding in the workplace, but an environment that inspires you to try your best . You have to be clear at all times, rather than blind focus. (same field Gayon: Some of the distance is necessary!) Negative energy Psychology of accepting frustration )

You don't have to go as fast as you can.

Standing in the bustling crowd, perhaps you are not so humble, have not much, go not fast, you are not the most gifted the most brilliant eyes. But the important thing is, you always follow your own footsteps, leisurely progress, slow a little imitation, as long as you do not give up do not retreat, will eventually arrive where you want to go.

There is only one real heroism in the world, and that is to love life after recognizing the truth of life.

Romain Rolland

"Dwell on it, there will be echoes." "Life is very painful, we have to give up the desire to get a solution, do not easily tied to others, and they are in a more comfortable state, spend more time waiting for themselves." In fact, you are not in a hurry to grow up, when you throw a lot of doubts about the world, in fact, no one knows better than you, what it should be like. (Recommended reading: Some of the distance is necessary!) Negative energy Psychology of accepting frustration )

Thanks to confusion, your confusion comes from you have not been changed by the world, expect us, in the next 10 years, 20 years, bearing in mind the 23-year-old confusion.