A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. In our teenage days, we may have had a crush on the NANA. At that time adolescence we, with the love of speculation, the first taste of the contours of love. Until today, serialization is not over, although we are covered with injuries, still want to have the love of the clumsy and courage . (Recommended reading: single diary: Our injury, one day will be good )

If you have time to destroy other people's garden, let your own flowers go!


Our teenage days loved a film and a comic book, convinced that there was another one of my thoughts in the world that was being collected in a place that had not yet collapsed in my heart. We want to try to believe in the fetters from the inside, believe that there is a person to fit their own soul, and you are to complete someone, give happiness, come to this world.

"I am not mature enough to forgive betrayal, I still do not love him wholeheartedly, love to hurt still can hug with him tightly, I lost." 」

you always remember Nana shed tears so that we are infatuated with these old plot, perhaps because, try not to give up love of goodness and absolute. If the mature love is so worldly, you will not. You want a naïve person like you, even if the whole world despise true love still clumsy waiting. (same field Gayon: single Diary: When meet, do each other's life of the Good )

You want to live like nana, arrogant and free like a cat, no one can decide where you should go. You have to take care of lonely living loneliness, you will love, will also hurt. No matter how hurt, how painful, still want to do a dream, from the bottom of my heart love a person. I think that is like "NANA" people, the tacit understanding of love.

"Always be brave, happiness will slip away." 」

Comics Serial For several years, never ending, as our youth lost. Very much like life, we followed Nana and Nana together grew up, experienced the pain, betrayal, reconciliation, understand that love does not have the right answer. Love is not to be brave, love is frankly admit, every hate, hidden deep love. We look back frequently, but also silently blessing. The loved ones, the wounded, I hope you are all well.